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If anyone knows who we need to talk to, have interesting ideas, or just want to say hi, please let us know. Hi Robert, Thanks for writing!! Type at ya soon. We don't know the first step into setting up a tour in the east. I'll send you an email — there's a Goth event that would be perfect for you. Sorry I didn't receive your email Sorry about the lateness of the reply but I haven't checked back here because of our Kinetik festival show.

Hello, ill be going to tokyo for the first time ever in july, from the 5th to the 20th. Do you have any suggestions as for what to do while i there? I think ill be very lonely as i dont know anyone in tokyo besides my cousin, so if anyone is there and wants to shop for lolita things or go clubbing with me let me know.

And come to Midnight Mess, the best Goth party — everyone's so friendly! I am going to Tokyo for the first time from September 8th thru 15th. Are there any Gothic rock oriented nights that you can recommend? Hi DJ Patrick! Hi, Im trying to plan a trip to Japan form the UK for the first 2 weeks in April next year and will be spending a lot of time in Tokyo.

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Are there any nights likely to be on are they the first Saturday in the month for example? Hi, I was wondering two things. There are clubs here in Texas that you only have to be 17 to get in, but idk how Tokyo is. However you can get drinks at the convenience store without getting ID-ed hehe. Decadance Bar is open every night of the week. Hi, I would like to know which place or event you recomend to go the 31 December night.

Any bar to go before? Thanks in advanced. And one thing more, I am looking where to book the hotel, which area do you think is more cyber, underground and futuristic? Shinjuku, Harajuku or Shibuya?.

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Thanks in advance again. Currently I live in Sapporo Hokkaido but plan to move to Tokyo soon. I am into gothic and am considered to be the only foreigner in Sapporo who likes this unfortunately…. Hi again. Finally I am staying at Shinjuku.

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I will probably go tomorrow Friday to the Decadance Bar but I am not sure if it is a good option. If you can recomend me any place please tell me… Thankx again. I like it. By the way, in some of those bars only play Japanese artists? I would like to know if some other foreign artists play, like Noisuf-X, Amduscia, etc. EBM-Industrial ratherly. Is there anything decent on club wise? Hi dear! Check out all the articles in my Tokyo category for recent tips.

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Reactivate it to view this content. Naoshima Art Island travel guide! Yayoi Kusama pumpkins, tickets to Chichu museum, Hiroshima Goth shops. Naka Posted April 20, at am Permalink. Anonymous Posted December 27, at pm Permalink. Anonymous Posted December 28, at am Permalink. Emma Posted April 20, at am Permalink. Emma Posted April 20, at pm Permalink. I just shot a new episode in Tokyo!!! Coming right up.. Dragonswng Posted April 20, at pm Permalink. I'm fascinated by urban exploration. Tokyo would be a wild place for that! Dragonswng Posted April 21, at am Permalink.

Dragonswyng Posted April 28, at am Permalink. I wonder if there are folks who do that there. Posted April 21, at am Permalink. Is there really a lot of English on fliers and on signs? Silver jewellery Posted April 21, at am Permalink. Vicious Kurai Posted April 21, at pm Permalink.

My pleasure! I'll be posting more photos and club info soon! Vicious Kurai Posted April 22, at am Permalink. Lexi Posted April 22, at am Permalink. Lexi Posted April 22, at pm Permalink. Dragonswyng Posted April 27, at pm Permalink. I've just updated this post and added a How-To video for Midnight Mess.

Hi, thx for the info on your lovely page!

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You're welcome!! Say hi to Maya and the spooks for me :. Anonymous Posted February 15, at pm Permalink. Maleficarum Posted June 8, at am Permalink. Hello Japafreaks this is Peasants With Feathers see you soon. Marcus Sonsteby Posted June 17, at am Permalink. I would love to visit some of these clubs before they die out.

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Edgar Posted October 24, at pm Permalink. Edgar Posted October 25, at am Permalink. Anonymous Posted November 6, at am Permalink. Can you suggest anything? Or should i just hit some of the places in your post above? Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Tokyo Gothic.

An eruption of madness and murder exposes a legacy of evil whose roots lie in an unspeakable atrocity perpetrated during the darkest chapter of Japanese history. That evening, DJ Maschinenpriester from Germany pounded out a special set. I previously wrote about this bizarre horror bar here. The bondage baby and spine immediately set the dark yet fun mood of this tiny bar. Opening hours are generally 8pm to early morning.

Phone: We love coming here to sit under the rotting flesh cross, and watch splatter-gore movies play on the big screen. Obviously, Guinea Pig is not a bar for everyone. But if you love strange, obscure, weird Japan — this spot is for you. Cheers to Guinea Pig, which remains one of our regular drinking holes! Grab a glass of absinthe, and chill out on the comfortable couches. Here are more photos of Deca Bar Shinjuku , from my last visit.

Maya took me to Caribbean , an absinthe and rock bar in Kabukicho. He let DJ Maya control the song selection, resulting in the perfect Goth playlist. Have fun!

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