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I don't believe any of the premillennial dispensationalist stuff, but it'd be fun to see what I think about these books now that I have the benefit of 2 degrees in Bible and theology. I got to work. Over 3 weeks, I read the 12 books of the main series, the 3 prequel novels, and the bizarre sequel that takes place in the millenni About 3 weeks ago, I decided, "Hey you know what would be fun? Over 3 weeks, I read the 12 books of the main series, the 3 prequel novels, and the bizarre sequel that takes place in the millennial kingdom. That's 16 books though I only counted the 4 collections toward my read total for the year.

When it's all totaled up, it adds up to nearly 7, pages of biblical fan fiction. I spent so much time reading I actually dreamed about the characters and situations in the book. These books are crap. Absolute crap.

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On every conceivable level, they are crap. Beyond that. These books are what Artillery Arthur Hobbs would call "The crap that crap craps. The idea of the havoc that would be wreaked if an entire segment of the population vanished suddenly is a very interesting one. But once you get past the interesting premise of the first book, you're left with 15 books so disgustingly terrible, they wouldn't be out of place in the bottom of the outhouse at Burning Man. There are so many issues with these books that I could not begin to address them all, but I will try and address 2 different categories.

As someone who reads, these books were bad literature. As a person of faith with a passion for biblical studies and theology, these books were absolute garbage. As anti-Christ as Nicolae Carpathia is supposed to be in this series. First, the bad literature. The pacing of these books is terrible. The POV changes so frequently I contracted whiplash. Which character am I supposed to be following? Where are they? What's their job again? This isn't like in a George R.

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Martin book where each character gets a chapter. The POV changes after a few paragraphs. Sometimes as frequently as after every paragraph. There's no discernible development of the characters.

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They're all kinda jerks until they become believers, and then they're largely perfect save the few times a newly-converted believer will swear under their breath and then apologize to anyone around that they're working on it. The books manage to trudge on despite the fact that the characters are not believable as actual people, because every time you start to figure out the characters are flat and wooden, you're distracted by the next "judgment".

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The judgments are usually gleefully violent but also poorly written. The various judgments usually serve to push the plot along just enough to keep you reading, but not enough to make you care. Also, in every book except the first one , what little flow there is to the narrative is regularly interrupted by a sermon or sermonizing blog post.

None of these sermons are particularly good see my tirade about the theology below , and usually just serve to make the already clunky narrative even clunkier. All of the bad literature pales in comparison to the bad theology though.

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  • I was horrified reading this and knowing that huge numbers of evangelical Christians actually believe much of this crap even if they're not premillennial dispensationalists like Lahaye and Jenkins. First off, any Christian who knows anything about the Bible at all can tell you that Jesus says the two Greatest Commands for all followers of God are, "Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    There are many encouragements for believers to pray to God. Many encouragements to believe the right things. Many encouragements to not wait until it's too late. But it isn't until you're neck deep into the very last book in the regular series Glorious Appearing, for those keeping track at home that the book even mentions that love of neighbor is supposed to be a part of the Christian faith. Incidentally, that particular mention comes right after spoiler alert Jesus slices the enemy army into ribbons literally by speaking King James English at them.

    So love your neighbor after you mutilate them. Love of God is not, to my knowledge, mentioned at all. Because for Lahaye and Jenkins, what is important is obedience. Those who don't obey are mutilated.

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    By the way, the mutilation of enemies in these books is not just present, it's gleeful. These books read like revenge fantasy. Which makes sense, considering Evangelical Christianity is pretty well known for acting like persecuted victims while also enjoying a position of extreme privilege and influence.

    In these books, the persecuted Christians get the last laugh while their enemies are mutilated, tortured, and destroyed in dozens of creative and deeply disturbing ways. After Reenie's body is found, the police pronounce her a suicide; Alison disagrees and begins to investigate her friend's life.

    The reader learns much about age and sex discrimination, spousal abuse, the effects of catastrophic illness on families and anonymous Internet communication. The result, though, is a polemical novel with poorly developed characters and predictable situations uncharacteristic of this talented author. View Full Version of PW.

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