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Meanwhile he invites a number of criminals including Film Freak , the forces them at gunpoint to put on his special hats which puts them under his control. He sends Film Freak off to spy on Bane. Batman arrives and dispatches the Mad Hatter and his goons. Meanwhile Bane kills Film Freak. One of Tetch's latest plans consisted of implanting his devices in "free coffee and donuts" tickets he handed out in front of the police stations in Gotham.

Rasputin: The Story of the So-Called Mad Monk

That plan had him controlling most of the cops in the city. More recently, in Gotham Central 21 September , Tetch was trying to escape Arkham Asylum with the aid of a guard under mind control. The guard fired on police and was killed in return fire. Tetch as well was shot multiple times and left in critical condition. It was thought he might have died, but a small appearance in Detective Comics January , in which he was working for Black Mask , proves otherwise. Tetch was revealed to have been involved in the plot by the Great White Shark to frame Harvey Dent for murdering various Gotham villains in the Detective Comics storyline "Face The Face", although in what capacity he was involved is left vague.

A recording of Tetch came on a monitor screen and told them that the roof will be the final hat they will ever wear as it fell down on them — Robin and Boomerang narrowly made it out of the building. Aftwards he was approached by Catman , and he has joined the members of the Secret Six in opposition of the Secret Society of Super-Villains; they have recruited him in hopes of a defense against Doctor Psycho's mind control abilities.

When Ragdoll attacked the Secret Six under Dr. Psycho's control, Tetch put on what he called his "thinking cap" and went into a seizure. After the Six crash-landed, they were attacked by the Doom Patrol, who came close to apprehending the Six until Mad Hatter stepped in and used his mind control abilities to subdue the Doom Patrol singlehandedly, going so far as to almost make Elasti-Girl eat Beast Boy before Scandal stopped him.

The Six commented to themselves afterwards that even they had no idea Jervis could do this. Scandal tends to Hatter's wound, and Catman administers an antidote to Tetch. Psycho one on one, and emerges victorious despite his injuries, possibly killing Dr. Psycho with Cheshire's dagger. Hatter saves Scandal from falling to her death, and the Six tell Tetch that they are his friends, something Tetch has never had.

As Hatter stands atop Savage's destroyed base with Ragdoll, he expresses deep happiness and excitement about having friends. He says to Ragdoll that he will be a very good friend in return.

Ragdoll then pushes Hatter off the roof, seemingly to his death, saying there's only room for one dandy freak on the team. Miraculously, Tetch survived the fall. Heartbroken, he vowed revenge on the rest of the Six. Tetch often utilizes his technological mind-control devices to commit his crimes. He is also a master of hypnotism and mind control. The Mad Hatter also possesses unique knowledge with hats, especially one-of-a-kind headwear.

He uses these skills to carry out his obsessive fixation on Alice in Wonderland. He is obsessive-compulsive, highly delusional, suffers from psychotic manic depression, and can even sometimes be homicidal. It has been hinted in recent years that he is a pedophile, kidnapping little girls with the name "Alice". He won't eat a piece of food that doesn't have a hat on it.

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He exhibits delusions and thought processes typical of schizophrenia. Not only is he often known to quote and associate with Carroll's Wonderland novels, but he often fails to discern between these stories and reality. Joanna desperately wanted to go after her beloved husband but her mother, Queen Isabella, forbade it and had her locked up in the Castle La Mota at Medina del Campo. She spent days pacing around while babbling incoherently, refusing to eat or sleep. This proved to be a tremendous mistake as Philip had taken a mistress in her absence.

Unsatisfied, Joanna stabbed the woman in the face. To regain her husband's attention, she ordered her maids to mix love potions but this further drove Philip away as he considered it witchcraft.

The Tragic Story of the Mad Queen of Castile Who Slept Next to Her Husband's Corpse

Philip tried several times to usurp her power, but Joanna remained madly in love with him. In the midst of everything, Joanna gave birth to two more daughters, Mary and Catherine of Austria. On September 25, , Philip suddenly died after a five-day fever. She had him exhumed, and when Philip's coffin was reopened, she leaped to his side and kissed his feet. Most of the time, the coffin was closed. She would, however, occasionally open it to make sure the body was still there or talk and gaze at her beloved.

Joanna later was involved in a failed plot to regain the kingdom. For this, her son relegated her back in captivity where she lived out the rest of her life in solitude. Joanna wore black in mourning up until her death, 49 years after Philip passed. Historians have surmised that Joanna of Castile suffered from a range of mental problems including psychosis, schizophrenia, and manic depression. More from Townandcountry. Shares Share.

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After hosting three garden parties at Buckingham Palace, the Queen traveled to Scotland for one last summer celebration. By Chloe Foussianes. By Caroline Hallemann.

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Thanks to some on-point hair, make-up, and costumes, these actors came close to mirroring the real last Czars. By Hannah Lazatin. By Henna Yu for Spot.

Is Game of Thrones Really Setting up the Battle of the Mad Queens? | Vanity Fair

Boutwood seeks to collaborate with fellow culinary nomads in the dining industry and his first dinner is in partnership with Old Manila's chef de cuisine. By Alicia Colby Sy. William personally thanked well-wishers holding a vigil outside Kensington Palace, while Harry told Diana Award mentees that she would be "proud" of them.