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MediaWiki spam blocked by CleanTalk. I guess they don't believe people when they just say they have faith. Not really.

I think they want to make their faith "binding" or something like that. It's probably another superstitious ritual thing. A friend of mine once opined that Islam, a religion younger than the other Abrahamic faiths, was simply going through the same homicidal and suicidal phase that characterised both early Jews and Christians. The older faiths have had reformations that forced a tiny little degree of tolerance into their philosophies. Islam, according to my pal, was simply in the "normal" phase of any young faith, which is a murderous outrage and sense of ultimate entitlement to rightousness, resulting in the deaths of countless thousands.

Sadly, PZ, I don't think you read that requirement correctly and you actually don't qualify at all. You see they left out some words that are implicitedly understood by all fundamentalists:. They're either not good at proofreading or at math. June to Sept is only 4 months. And how do they do it backwards in time? We have one in Connecticut Leading the way against gay marriage.

They're pathetic. That's because when these people use "family" as an adjective in these titles and in related expressions, e. What's surprising isn't that these nosy Parker organizations exist; it's their use of the word "family. They're never going to push for after-school programs or inexpensive day care or kids' health insurance or even zoning for granny flats, or anything else a reasonable person would associate with encouraging a happy, stable home life--for anyone.

They've pirated a perfectly good word in their attempt to camouflage their sick agenda. I'd like to make a witty quip, but the seriousness of this garbage hits too close to home. The Truth Project is a nationally distributed Focus on the Family series like the one you mentioned see link on Minnesota Family Council page. My in-laws are into this stuff up to their necks. Their attempt to show one of the videos to my kids the ID one has seriously strained our relationship. I think they will lose interest in their own grandchildren if they are not allowed to try to "save" them.

This Christian right propaganda is powerful, sick shit. You know, I wouldn't mind so much if the country acted more christian, in the actual 'How cheeses acted' way. Unfortunately, that's not the real agenda. It's all about the power, the control over teh other like us. Where in the cabinet is that Department of Peace? Yeah, well, Orwell warned there'd be charlatans and evil-doers like this. It's almost as if the Dobsonites had just cut and pasted the manual right out of Orwell's books, no? Further irony: When a state government comes up with education standards that include a good dose of serious science with respect to evolution, these "family" groups will shout in unison: "Big Brother!

Respect for the law: HA! The CU at my university uses that to ensure they don't get any undesirable Christians joining your group ie Catholics, Mormons or JWs or simply any Christians that disagree with using the bible to justify poor treatment of women, homosexuals etc. Good to see that you're calling these people by name - it is a variety of fascism we're up against. What kind of fascism, though? Should we call them theofascists? It is a world-wide movement, beyond the bounds of Christianity, but working in a synergetic fashion if not always directly cooperating, and often in direct conflict.

But they are theocratic, nationalist, totalitarian, militarist and often willing to use terroristic tactics; American Southern Baptist, the Iranian regime and Hindu nationalists have a lot in common. Funny thing, the one fundamentalist group that is different are the jihadis, who are anti-nationalist. Deadly dangerous, but in a different way from the aforementioned groups.

The Southern Baptists gets a bad and deserved rap but they are no worse than catholics some of whom insist politicians vote this way or that on some bishops whim.

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I'd take the southern baptists any day over that insanity. Which, for maximum irony, would be run by 60 year old corporate propaganda flaks who live with their 20 year old third wives in the Cayman Islands for tax purposes and lobby for both teaching creationism and suppressing scientific research that threatens their bottom lines. Preferably while ignoring their child support obligations and cruising airport restroom stalls in their spare time.

I just knew that there would be a fee involved as soon as I started reading this. And here we are offering our crazy ideas for free Their statement of faith is, simply, the Nicene Creed. Well, the 1st Council of Constantinople version so Arians are right out. And it includes the Filioque Clause which Eastern Orthodox regards as a heresy so none of them can join either. So, basically, this is a Catholics only thing Anglicans might be able to swing it. Of course tons of "protestants" will join because the more religious you are the less you know about your religion apparently.

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Says a lot of what they are about that they are so defensive about it. You know, share knowledge like those evil secular scientists do. But they are theocratic, nationalist, totalitarian, militarist and often willing to use terroristic tactics. Phalangist - interesting call.

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It does explain the contradiction of Libertarianism's alliance with these fascists, and how the concepts of "drowning the government" coexist with a vast expansion of the governemnt. That guy's got a machine that breathes for him! And here I am, using my lungs like a sucker. And, yes, "The Matrix" is basically a secularized version of the Jewish Messiah story, so it fits in with the theme. But why not screen one of the Harry Potter movies instead?

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Those have the same theme, without all the sex and swearing and graphic violence. I see that they're showing "Inherit the Wind" at the 3rd meeting. That sounds dangerous; what if people learn something and they don't come to the rest of the meetings? Maybe they'll show it with the sound turned off and provide tomatoes to throw at the screen. I suspect that in this context the Statement of Faith is to keep out evolutionists and spies from the Illuminati, who might try to infiltrate the seminars so that they may either intrude questions which undermine the faith of those taking the course, or use the information to set up their own counter-seminars.

I did my MA thesis on the MFC and sex education particularly it's framing of the issue--gasp--aparently deluded sociologist that I am. The weren't spawned by Dobson. They were originally formed as the Berean League, and their specific purpose was to fight the repeal of Minnesota's sodomy statute. They've expanded, but their basic hatred of queer folks remains central.

I don't know Raven, check out how many bombings London has had and how many of them were done by Christians. And also check out how many bombings in Sri Lanka were done by Bhuddists. Countries in turmoil tend to produce irrational extremists who mass murder regardless of just what brand of irrationality they claim as their own. Why bother. It is a matter of public record that Xian terrorists have been active in the USA for over a decade.