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Learn how to give yourself a Yoni Massage We send you home with a step-by-step guide on how to do this. To heal in the company of other goddesses is a truly magical experience. We share intimate stories of our personal experiences, let go of trauma stored in our bodies and support and uplift each other. We will be sending notes after the event so you will have the information you need to continue your healing. Find Events Educational. Walking Towards your Goddess Self — this reunion floods our consciousness field with amazing feelings of self-love. White Fire Breath Work — powerful essential tool for deep healing of old habits, patterns and fear held at a multidimensional level.

Transformation that saves you years of therapy.

Goddess Workshops

Connection with the Divine within you, that feels at the core, unshakeable. Kindred spirit relationships with other women that feel solid, deep and loving. There are many things in this world to distract us from our truth. The world tugs at our awareness. So, I am not interested in you following my truth. I want to teach you how to create your own wheel, to learn to find your own truth and then follow it, brazenly. This path is a path of self discovery, of inner, not outer truth, of understanding your own meaningful reality.

Others will begin to notice your self-love, your abundant energy and happiness. They will want to know what your secret is. This workshop is for every woman who yearns for freedom of their spirit, connection with other women and to expand the Divine presence in their lives. It was a wonderful experience and you have started me on a journey that I intend to make a lifelong and beyond!

People who come to this work often say this prayed to find something to help them, then they found me. If this has made you curious what might be in store for you if you immerse yourself? I could feel the vibrational effects on me days before the workshop began and as the weekend continued I was constantly amazed by the deeply felt experiences I received through the channel of Maia, of the Divine Feminine. Act now to secure your place and open a new chapter of your life.

Places are limited and go fast. Do you have any specific questions that you need answering before you can join? Just drop Maia an email at maiaannabalmires gmail. The venue is in swsa, London, the timing is Once you are committed to the workshop through your payment, there are no refunds. This is to support the deepest part of you that felt that initial strong desire to join, and to support myself with wasted time and funds. If you have paid your desposit and it is within a week of the workshop, you are liable to fulfil the rest of the fee. I ask you honour this agreement.

It is near Wandsworth Common in London swsa. There are easy connections through Clapham Junction station and we are 12 minutes from Balham underground and rail.

The one thing you had to do was trust in the process and in yourself and just let go. Through the whole weekend I felt nothing but love and support from the team helping Tamika and from Tamika herself. She holds a lot of wisdom and experience as well as Love, Compassion and Empathy.

Repeating level one for me was Just something I knew I wanted to do and was just as powerful as the first time.

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This time it was different because I knew the Team and I had different stuff come up for me to clear. I had 5 months between the two of them and it was amazing for me to see how much I had changed between the two programs. The last Level 1 program was 6 months ago. I now am part of the Online Moon Cycle Support Program which is awesome as it helps me to stay on track and gives me support during my journey. It has also helped me deal with ongoing challenges that arise. Since doing this program, I feel as though I deal with my challenges much better.

I am much more aware my triggers and blocks, and I now have tools to help me clear heal them allowing me to move forward in my life. I do one of the womb-breathing practices that Tamika taught us every day as it helps me connect to myself. This simple practice I find is most important and I am now finding that it also soothes me when I am feeling upset or stressed. Since the program, I have more confidence than I used to and am learning to have faith and trust in myself.

I am more willing to have a go at new things and If I feel blocked, I am now able to go within and ask why am I blocked and then find my own answer. Because of this I got the courage to expand my Youtube channel and move into sharing a more spiritual content. I am standing in my power more in all aspects of my Life Work, music, and relationships. Found self-worth, learned to say no, and her business and income exploded.

Before Level 1 I had done quite a lot of self-development work in various forms and felt that I was doing OK — not perfect of course, but OK. I had been through a variety of challenging and stressful periods in my life — as most people do, but seriously thought I had reconciled them well. It turns out I was wrong!

Don't Just Take My Word For It

I had to override the fear that whispered in my head, trying to make me question my faith in my intuition. I have always struggled with faith in the unknown. I live in my head and analyse most things, rather than feeling them so it took a great deal of courage to book in; I am so glad I did. It is very difficult to put into words the experience of the workshop. On a purely surface level, the workshop is put together beautifully with fantastic information which is shared in a professional and concise way.

However, more importantly is the space that Tamika and her team create. Over the three days, despite extremely deep, confronting work I felt nurtured, supported and safe at all times. I am sure every person who attended the workshop had a different experience but the energy of the workshop was primed for big shifts to occur. Since the workshop I have been meditating regularly and keeping in contact with the Path of the Goddess group through the webinars and Facebook.

The support programme after the workshop is a must, in my opinion to keep building on the breakthroughs from the workshop. I have had such a sense of peace since the workshop it is quite amazing.

The Abundant Goddess™ Workshop

Previously, I always felt something was missing; I felt a little disconnected from it all. What the workshop taught me was that I was actually disconnected from myself! Looking inside is without a doubt the way forward for all of us. Without the connection to self we are like kites adrift — totally reactive to the situation or the environment. The Path of the Goddess workshop gives you the tools and practical skills to build this connection to self and importantly, to believe in this connection.

One of the main questions I asked at the workshop was about my life purpose.

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I had always let fear stop me from teaching Reiki, which I trained to do over 7 years ago. I always felt I was not good enough and nothing of any value to offer to anyone. I have felt into this fear and become best of friends with it. This fear has been part of my programming, but also past life programming. There are many, many layers to this journey and I am excited to be on it. I have now put steps in place to begin offering Reiki treatments again with a view to holding workshops by next year.

This is without a doubt due to the Path of the Goddess work. I would thoroughly recommend taking the workshop if you feel at all called to it. It will open a door which, if you are brave enough to step through it, in my opinion opens a whole new world. Thanks Tamika and her amazing crew!

From fear to valuing her healing gifts. Low self-worth, emotional eating and my life was full of distractions. My life was full of distractions. I was working extremely hard, going over and above for everyone in my life, at the same time neglecting my own needs and wants. It seemed like a way of life. Putting on a smile and pretending everything was okay became normal whenever I came into contact with anyone. Money was tight, but nothing could stop me from getting there. I utilised my tax return and did all I could to make it to Queensland, including sharing a room with another girl, which made it financially easier.

I was going, no matter what. After returning from Level 1, I went right back into work, keeping really busy. Within a couple of months, I completely came apart. I began to relive trauma that I had suppressed over the years with alcohol, drugs and food. The processes I went through at Level 1, allowed the deeply suppressed memories to begin to surface, as well as the feelings I had buried. I was able to see that my life of distraction prior to this work was an unconscious attempt at numbing my past.

Then, I quit my job. I was unable to fully commit to the work I was doing and felt it was unsustainable at the level I was doing it at. Pay decreased massively to the point where I was living below my means. I got to the point where I had no other option than to ask for help. For six months I was financially supported by the Salvation Army. Suicidal thoughts were not uncommon at this time. It was incredible. By doing this I gave myself the down time and permission to release deep trauma. Sometimes this took days. I realise now, the days that seemed most unproductive were the most productive of all, as I was forming deeper, more meaningful relationships with my sister and daughter with their daily check-ins.

I was also finally giving myself the time and love that I deserve. I was doing the practices womb-work that Tamika taught me every single morning and started having severe period pain like never before. This was the healing and clearing of deep feminine wounds I had carried.

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My moon cycle shifted from the from full moon masculine to new moon feminine. I was now in more of a feminine flow and would bleed around the new moon. I no longer have the tendency or wish to stay in bed. Since Level 2, my income and client base have tripled and good things are happening in abundance, life is in flow. I have developed an incredible bond with my daughter and I have surrounded myself with positivity through a network of great friends and support.

At the same time I have let go of toxic relationships that no longer serve me. I have so much gratitude for Tamka and the work that she does. The five main areas we delve into within this program include: 1.

Soul Alignment: Wholeness, Fulfilment and Flow. Are you listening? And if not, why not? The Inward Embodied Journey. Tamika Hilder, Founder of Path of the Goddess. Until we connect to the love that we are within, we seek it externally and we give our power away in order to receive it. Healing Into Wholeness. A Sacred, Intimate Relationship. The level of connection and intimacy you have with yourself, is the level of connection and intimacy you will be able to have with another.

Either way, more love will be available to you through this work. This is the key for YOUR future evolution as a woman. Current Month. My name is Sharron and I am 45 years old. In time and with my new daily practices I am peeling back the layers. Life is like an ocean. Sometimes the waves are bigger then others, but they are all beautiful.

Thank you Tamika for your love and support. I am so grateful.