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Maybe your friend on a diet has just gotten back from the gym, is still wearing a sexy workout outfit, and decides to post a photo on Instagram showing off her new look. And then… crickets.

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No likes. And that pattern seems to be occurring on an epic scale.

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In a previous era, people kept journals and diaries and wanted to document their thoughts and emotions for posterity. Now people are keeping online journals and diaries — but they are only using them to feed their egos and craft a public persona. These produce bright, showy flowers in sunny spots, delighting the eyes.

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And a few even produce a sweet scent, too! Excited to see narcissus flowers springing up after a cold winter? How do you super-charge your soil with good, inexpensive organic matter? That was the question I sought to answer when I designed this custom-mixed fertilizer with my friends over at Garden Maker Naturals.

It's designed to take your ordinary raised bed garden soil and give it enough organic matter to kick-start your growing season.

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The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Daffodils have a delicate charm. They are not imposing, but instead appear quite fragile. This is why daffodils will look better in a garden flower bed than in a large bulb field.

Surprise Narcissus for Christmas

A spot in the garden will simply suit this flowers personality best. This is one reason so many people plant daffodils in their garden. Daffodils grow very well in our climate.

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This is because the daffodil in a native plant. This means keeping daffodils in your garden is quite easy, as they will grow again every year after planting. Plant your daffodil bulb s in a sunny spot and let them get comfortable.

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They will perennialize and become part of garden. Daffodils have a nice scent and will bloom for months. Who could say no to daffodils in their garden?