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The treatise on the Priesthood has been translated by Hasselbach , ; Ritter , , and others. Chrysostom, including the Priesthood , ascetic Treatises , and Homilies , translated by Joh. German translations of selected Homilies by J. Leonhardi Leipzig, , selected sermons and orations, in vol I. The earlier parts on the First Epistle to the Corinthians, and on the Statues are based on the text of Montfaucon and Savile, the later parts on the improved text of Field.

Chrysostom have been added, namely, the treatise on the Priesthood, the Exhortation to the fallen Theodore, Letters, Tracts, and Special Homilies in this first volume. Hieronymus : De viris illustribus , c. Socrates : Hist. Sozomen : Hist. Theodoret : Hist.

Messe Byzantine

Stilting : Acta Sanctorum , Sept. Alban Butler : Lives of Saints , sub. Cave : Lives of the Fathers , vol.

Œuvres complètes de S. Jean-Chrysostome (Braille book, ) [ehonahyjabim.tk]

Fabricius : Biblioth Gr. Gibbon : Decline and Fall , ch. Berlin, , in 2 vols. English translation of the same by J. Stapleton , vol. The best monograph in the German language. Petersburg Alvarez Verddes y E. Aspesi, Cara J. Assemani, J. Assemani, S. Astruc, C. Komines and D. Dialete, Praktika. Triacca et A. Bury et B. Astruc-Morize, G. Athanasiadou, K. Athens 41 , Attwater, D. Saint Jean Chrysostome, trad. Miramont Coll. Selection Mame 30 , Tours: Mame, Codices Britanniae et Hiberniae Docum.

Dublin, Trinity Coll. Miscellanea patristica, historica et liturgica E. Meleton 3 Patristique et hagiographie grecques. Petri, , Aubineau, M. Aucher, G. Aucher, Jean-Baptiste, Severiani sive Seberiani Gabalorum episcopi Emesensis homiliae nunc primum editae ex antiqua versione Armena in Latinum sermonem translatae, Venice, Aucoin, M.

Auerbach, E. Auetisean, J. Fellous, C. Heid, M. Jullien, and T. Degni, P. Eleuteri, and M. Augustin, P. Avila, C. Axina, V. Azar, Michael G. Hovhanessian ed. In occasione del XVI centenario della consacrazione episcopale di S. Agostino, Roma, maggio , vol. Bacha, C. Backus, I. Bast and A. Essays presented to Heiko A. Oberman on his 70th birthday, Leiden: Brill, , Badea, Gh. Homilia I-a despre tradarea lui Iuda si despre Pasti, despre administrarea Sf. Bady, Guillaume see also Salamito, J. Gioanni et B. Bady, Paris: Cerf, Marculescu Badilita et L.

Boussac, S. Denoix, T. Fournet et B. Bady, G. Bajau, C. Balacev, A. Balducci, C. Baldovin, J. Institutum Studiorum Orientalium, Bucuresti 20 Bara, Zoltan. Scorza see Scorza Barcellona, F. Bardenhewer, O. III, Freiburg: Herder, 2nd ed. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Bardolle, M. Bardy, G. Fliche ed. Fliche and V.

Martin edd. Travaux offerts a dom Lambert Beauduin, Chevetogne , I Bareille, J. Barkhuizen, J. Barnard, Jody A. Barnes, Timothy D. Chrysostome transmise par le Barberinianus gr. Loubet et D. Barone, Francesca P.

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Codices Ancyrae et Constantinopolis descr. Francesca P. Barone ; II. Voicu] [Baronius] Caesaris S. Baronii Od. Raynaldi et Jac. Laderchii Congregationis oratorii presbyterorum Annales Ecclesiastici denuo excusi et ad nostra usque tempora perducti ab Augustino Theiner, eiusdem Congreg. Barrosse, T. Barsottelli, L. Bartolozzi, A. Batareikh, E. Sola fide? Klasse der kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien Battista, G. Baudoin, P. Bauer, F. Bauer, J. Bauer ed.

CPG ] Baum, G. Cunitz and E. Reuss eds , Corpus reformatorum. Ioannis Calvini opera que supersunt omnia, 59 vols, Brunsvigae: Schwetschke, Kommentar zum Evangelium des hl. Newman Press, Johannes Chrysostomus verfasst? Saxer ed. Hamman, Roma ] Bebis, George S. Bejarano, B. Benestad, J. Benin, S. Benz, E. Bergh, R. Bernardi, J. Berry Wylie, A. See Wylie, A. Betz, Erin L.

John Chrysostom, an important patristic writer, is acknowledged to have made significant contributions to the exegesis of this letter. Chrysostom's thought became the norm for traditional thinking and interpretation of this letter in the Middle Ages. Martin Luther's reception of Chrysostom's Homilies on Hebrews presents a unique interpretation that some scholars may describe as the "Reformation Discovery" on Hebrews.

In tracing Luther's reception and appropriation of Chrysostom's exegesis of the letter to the Hebrews, there is a noticeable and significant shift in Christological interpretation. Whether or not these modifications were necessary is a matter of debate; however, they do reflect Luther's contextual and existential questions regarding faith, Christ and knowledge of God, which is evident in his Lectures on Hebrews.

Bianchi, Luca ed. Kapitel der Aposelgeschichte. Bickersteth, E. Bidez, J. Biedermann, H. Billet Billiotou, B. Birdsall, J. Black ed. Blagova, E. Grillet Blankenship, J. Pereira ed. Bober, A. Kannengiesser ed. Boehmer-Romundt, H. Bogataj, J. Luter in J. Neunter Teil. Das vierter Jahrhundert, Stuttgart Bono, C. Magnalid edd. Elia ed. Bonfiglio, E. Neocleous ed. Bonniere, F. Bonsdorff, M. Bopp, L. Borghese, B. Giovanni Crisostomo: Invito a penitenza, Ancona: Ed.

Paoline, Giovanni Crisostomo. Invito a penitenza Patristica e del Pensiero , Alba: Ed. Bosio, G. Bottino, A. Bouchet, J. Bouet, F. Alexandre, F. Bouet, M. Cassin et al. Congourdeau; introd. Bouet, Paris: Pollen, Noret et al. Condamine ed. Boularand, E. Boulnois, M. Bousquet, J. Jean Chrysostome et S. Bouzy, G. Heimgartner; Wallraff, M. Januar in Bethel Oikonomia 9 , Erlangen: Theol. Fritz Buri zu Ehren, vol. Lauer u.

H Ernst hrsg. Scholten hrsg. Chauvin, avec la collab. Bishop — Reformer — Martyr, translated by J. Cawte and S. Trzcionka with revised notes by W. Vescovo, riformatore, martire Cultura cristiana antica , Roma: Borla Edizioni, Heimgartner, T. Kuhn, u. Kohlhammer, Holman ed. Hellholm, T.

Norderval, and C. Hellholm eds , Ablution, Initiation, and Baptism. Waschungen, Initiatien und Taufe. Tuor und L. Kundert hrsg. Hellholm and D. Jegher-Bucher, Johannes Chrysostomus. Braniste, E.

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Bucuresti Bucuresti 9 Tamcke et al. Studien zur syrischen Kirchengeschichte: Festschrift Prof. Bria, V. Jean Chrysostome; in Romanian] Brigatti, C. Giovanni Crisostom. Catechesi battesimali Patristica e del pensiero cristiano , Alba: Ed. Paris IV-Sorbonne, Jouanna et L. Villard avec D. Badilita and A. Cabouret, P. Gatier et C.

Histoire, images et traces de la ville antique. Laurence et F. Delage ed. Bochet and M. Oudot and F. Urbaniana, Facultas Theologica, Roma Brooten, Bernadette J. Jean Mabillon et la tradition monastique, Paris , Brown, A. Brown, Peter, The Body and Society.

Men, women, and sexual renunciation in early Christianity Lectures on the history of religions N. An Old Nubian version of Ps. Browning, R. Brox, N. Aalen: Scientia Verlag, Brummer, G. Zur Deutung von Claudian c. Bruns, P. A short account of the life and work of John Chrysostom is given and followed by an analysis of four of his homilies of the Gospel of Matthew. These are compared with own exegetical points of view of the same texts. The focus is directed to some topics where the influence of worldview makes itself felt. In the last chapter some observations in connection with the influence of worldview on biblical interpretation ensue.

The thesis closes with a short discussion of some missiological and hermeneutical consequences. Franz eds , Wort des lebendigen Gottes — Liturgie and Bibel. Buchthal, H. Hainthaler, F. Mali, G. Emmenegger and M. Lenkaityte Ostermann hrsg. Soteriologie in Ost und West. Budge, E. Buhl, K. Bulhart, V. Bundy, David D. Index initiorum graecorum operum Chrysostomo adscriptorum Bibliotheca Chrysostomica. Bibliographia analytica corporis Chrysostomici , Portland: Bibliotheca Chrysostomica Only volume 1 has appeared.

The usefulness of this work lies in the alphabetical listing of all of the initia, with indexing to all of the important tools, enabling swift identification of a work or homily] Burnish, Raymond F. It considers the different approaches to catechesis and mystagogy of Cyril of Jerusalem, John Chrysostom of Antioch, and Theodore of Mopsuestia, and indicates the emphasis of Cyril on the necessity for the sincerity of the candidate, the pastoral concern and realism of John Chrysostom, and the emphasis on baptism as the symbol of the future which derives from Theodore.

It also notes the differences in the situations and audiences for the material considered which is: the Procatechesis, Catecheses, and Mystagogical Catecheses of Cyril, the Catechetical Instructions of John Chrysostom, and the two works on the Faith and the Sacraments of Theodore. In the context of printed rather than oral instruction, a variety of modern works and liturgies are compared to give a composite view of each Church, although catechesis and mystagogy have tended to merge into one area of instruction.

This modern material indicates a reversion to the earlier 'golden age of catechesis' of the fourth century, which in some situations is a conscious reversion, and in the others is an unconscious reversion to the fourth century due to the limited number of ways in which the baptismal rite can be explained. The link between baptism and ecclesiology is illustrated, as is the renewed importance of the community of the faithful in the acceptance and nurture of the candidates, and the renewal of interest in the role of the sponsor as the link between the candidate and the community.

Bush, R. Caillet, S. Destephen, B. Picard, , Busuioc, Gh. Butler, J. C Cagni, G. Sempliciano e a s. Caimi, J. Cain, A. The citation is attributed to Chrysostom, but is instead taken from Eusebius of Emesa. Argued that Eusebius' own experience of bilingualism may have shaped his perception of Paul's difficulty, and his interpretation may have influenced Chrysostom's strictures on Paul's inability to write Greek clearly] Caldana, A.

Breve studio storico-letterario, Vicenza Calhoun, R. Callahan, Alan D. Callegari, R. Lettere, Milano: Jaca Book, Baum, E. Cunitz, et al. McIndoe in Hartford Quarterly 5 Calvo, J.

S Jean Chrysostome John Chrysostom Translator M L'abbe J Bareille

Long, with L. Campagnano, A. Orlandi, Quattro omelie copte. Vita di Giovanni Crisostomo. Encomi dei 23 vegliardi Ps. Proclo e Anonimo. Cisalpino La Goliardica, Garrard, London: Black, , Canart, P. Cancik, H. Gladigow hrsg. PhD Diss. A comparison of the exegesis of three modern scholars with that of St. MA in Theol. Caplat, S. Capone, A. Its actuality; in Romanian] Cardman, F.

MA diss. Carrillo de Albornoz, A. FAE, Carter, Robert E. Codices Germaniae Docum. Codices Americae et Europae occidentalis Docum. Codicum Italiae partem priorem Docum. Carvalho, J. Cascioli, G. Castiglioni, L. Cataldi Palau, A. Marangio, A. Spedicati, e L. Sturlese a cura di , Filosofia e storiografia. Consoli a cura di , Sapientia et eloquentia. Omaggio ad Antonio Garzya.

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Cataudella, Q. Paoli oblatum, Genova: Ist. Cattaneo, E. Cavallera, F. Hieronymiana, 4 ser. Ceillier, D. On the one hand, it would seem that pagan writers, especially neoplatonic philosophers, have completely ignored his works because they denied them any philosophical significance. On the other hand, Christian writers, obsessed by their polemic against paganism and the Apostate, would have paid little attention to his writings, using very few quotations and above all misquoting him. In fact, Christian writers like Gregory of Nazianzenus and John Chrysostom quote many words from Julian's philosophical and theological vocabulary and church historians like Socrates and Sozomen quote many large extracts of Julian, especially his letters.

Their attitude towards Julian is ambiguous: behind a general eulogy or a complete silence, we can see that several of them, like Libanius, Ammianus, Sallustius and Ammonius of Alexandria tried to continue his thought, especially his devotion to King Helios and his polemic against Christianity, using language with double meaning. Folia Historica 44 Folia Historica 48 Educazione dei figli.

Matrimonio Coll. Felici ed. Curti e C. Cervini, M. Charvay, L. Chase, F. Chatzoglou-Balta, E. Stamoule, Appendices I, pp. Chevallon and J. Childers, J. Taylor ed. Chiocchetta, P. Saggi di sintesi patristiche Profilie sintesi 3 , Roma: Studium, Chitulescu, P.

Dark blue cloth over boards with gilt lettering on spine. Martin B. A series of homiletic essays that first appeared in various Catholic journals in the years to Library markings are a pocket on the front free end paper for the book and a sticker on the lower spine for the dust jacket. The book shows mild shelf wear to the board edges while the dust jacket is edge worn with a closed tear on the front at the lower fore corner By: Powell, Rev. George C. Publisher: Endwell, New York. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church. Maroon cloth over boards with gilt lettering on spine and front with gilt decoration on the front also.

This collection of 81 homilies "addresses itself to what future historians will probably describe as the major obstacles to world religious ecumenism. Volume II. The externals show only very mild shelf wear and light scuffing, otherwise very clean and tight. By: Prohaszka, Rev. Publisher: Westminster, Maryland. Blue cloth over boards with gilt lettering on a red spine panel. This is the authorized translation from the Hungarian by M. Martindale SJ. This is the combined Newman Press edition with all three volumes in one and it was first published by Sheed and Ward in 3 separate volumes.

Two page index of scripture references for meditations on the Sunday gospels. The front free end paper has been removed, neatly too. Light gray cloth over boards with brown lettering on the spine. Introduction by Herbert Vorgrimler. A collection of 45 homilies Rahner gave between and on various biblical texts. The only library marking is a pocket on the back paste down end paper.

Otherwise, the interior is clean and the binding is solid. The externals show only very mild shelf wear. Minor wear to and darkening of the spine. Previous owner's book plate on the front free end paper along with 2 other crossed owner's names. Otherwise clean with a sound binding. The dust jacket has moderate wear to the edges and most of that to the head edge and the spine Egan SJ who also edited the translation and then the English translation was subsequently edited by Albert Raffelt.

The collection is grouped as follows: "Advent" with 15 texts, "The Christmas Season" with 16 texts, "Lent" with 22 texts, "Easter and Pentecost" with 14 texts, "Yearly Feasts" with 31 texts, and lastly, "Feasts of the Lord and of the Saints" with 22 texts. Two appendices: "On the selecting and editing of the texts" and "Additional Rahneria By: Restieaux, Canon Cyril.

Publisher: Cork, Ireland. Blaclk cloth over boards with gilt lettering faded on spine. From the author's foreword: "These short talks, prepared for the congregation of Saint Joseph's Church, Matlock, try to present that Truth in which Christ gave testimony. An attempt has been made to arrange them in order, based on the chief feastdays of the year, to form a brief outline of the Catholic Faith". Footnotes are used throughout for scripture references.

Mild wear to the externals corners and spine tips , the spine lettering is faded, the free end papers are browned and the fr By: Rickaby SJ. Red cloth over boards with gilt lettering on the spine. The text block head edge is stained red as issued. From a note appended to the introduction by I.