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Lir, liar, pants on fire.

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The fact is US is transferring billions worth of its armament to its Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda proxies in Yemen so that they continue on their extermination war of the Shiite minority in Yemen. You seem to be confusing the two. Angermon Liar, liar pants on fire?

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Hahahahaha that explains a lot. No wonder your posts read like a preteens diary entry. Hi Paul J.

Pulwama Terror Attack: Nation Mourns Loss Of Bravehearts; India Intensifies Diplomatic Actions

Says the clearly butthurt man-child who has yet to rebut anything I wrote — and no, bitter invectives are not a rebuttal of anything, contrarily to what you seem to think…. And—a small thing—but salt water does not toughen skin. In fact, it is a mild exfoliant. No surprise he is wrong on another point.

Of course, he is not addressing this at all, let alone condemning it. Instead, he is just increasingly desperately hoping to distract from it with his old spam. Talk about the ongoing US nuclear transfer to Saudi Arabia! What the heck is the matter with you ChristianClown. Piss off creep! Their jihadist crimes will never be forgotten or forgiven! Remember; muslims are masters at playing the victim and the Western media lap it up. Including it seems a few contributors on this site.

Ironic considering the MSM is condemned here but apparently also listened to at the same time. As we speak, it is being reported that there are several thousand jihadists traveling from these same countries to the border area between Bangladesh and Myanmar and they are being trained by Al-Qaeda jihadist experts sponsored by the US, UK and Saudi Arabia! Along side this, there is also a huge propaganda campaign against Myanmar and its state leaders and its Buddhist population!

The Straits Times

At this very moment, America and Nato are busy sanctioning Myanmar, which is a majority Buddhist nation for defending itself against jihadist Rohingyas while at the same time they are arming Rohingya jihadists known as ARSA to invade Myanmar and massacre Buddhists! For more of this, click on the link below:. Of course, none of that nonsense can be found in the link you provided. Links, please. U may have fallen into a trump trap, dude; if nothing else, the pot will get stirred, and true colors will be shown.

I would say anyone that intentionally allied with evil for decades, cannot be differentiated from that evil and they become inseparable part of the evil and that is what the US has become! Thus making your precious little jihad-supporting Russia — the birthplace of terrorism as we know it today — the bigger evil.

Imagine Iran armed with nukes. Citation needed. No, Iran funded al-qaeda and Zawahiri spent months on the hands of Russian authorities only to be sent to bin Laden and direct al-qaeda on a collision course with the US. Iran fights Wahhabi terrorists whereas US funds, trains, supports and arms them.

State Sponsors of Terrorism - United States Department of State

Freedom fighters? You want to talk about al-qaeda?

Fine — explain the roles of Iran — who funded them — and Russia, where Zawahiri spent months on the hands of Russian authorities only to be sent to bin Laden and direct al-qaeda on a collision course with the US. Why is christianblood continuing to pretend that this is about nuclear weapons? I will ask again if he will say anything critical about Iran plotting Jihad terror attacks in Paris—but I will not be holding my breath expecting him to do so.

The number one terrorism sponsoring nation is sponsoring terrorism? You are too modest. The US supported Saddam Hussein when he was gassing his own citizens, sent military advisers to help Saddam when he was bogged down in a war with Iran he started, funded Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan, welcomed the Taliban to the White House, supported Osama bin laden and Al Qaeda when they were fighting the Serbs in the former Yugoslavia, shovels billions of dollars of weapons each year to the terrorist regime in Pakistan, provided weapons to ISIS, and was involved in military coups all over the Americas and the Middle East.

Like in everything else, the US is 1 in sponsoring terrorism. So — no citations?

State Sponsors of Terrorism

In any case, do you have any problem with me saying that Iran is the number one terrorism sponsoring nation? Or are you ok with supporting al-qaeda just as long as it is done by Iran? And remind me again. More of this below:. As I told you several times before — and disregarding that globalresearch is a conspiratorial anti-US rag — those numbers are bogus.


For starters, they required a mammoth level of suspension of disbelief to buy into the nonsense that the US lured the USSR into Afghanistan — thus counting all those killed as consequence responsibility of the US — and leave out that the USSR supported the MPLA in Angola with over ten thousand troops on the ground — thus adding, again, all those murdered by your countrymen to the US tally.

In any case, I see that neither you nor your jihadi tag-team partner have anything bad to say about Iran funding more terror abroad. Seeing how CB cheered for the terrorist attack in Nice, I can only imagine his reaction if this planned attack came to pass…. I see that christianblood is posting this thing again, condemning the US for defeating the Fascists, keeping South Korea safe from Communism, and ending the Islamic State.

The fact that US bombed, bullied and invaded dozens of countries since is everywhere.

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  6. See it below: US is indeed a rogue and thuggish mafia state that is just as dangerous as the Islamo-fascists it supports, even more dangerous! The world is today on the brink of the WW3 because of the US bullying and thuggish policies! Shake what off? The lies and disinformation are right there in the open. Dore denies that Jihad is a threat. More Diplomacy Turkey, Turkish Cypriots agree on cooperation for coastal security Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC will cooperate on coastal security, including the detection of oil exploration activities carried out by third countries More Diplomacy Panel organized to discuss Turkey-Japan relations Turkey's Directorate of Communications yesterday held a panel in Japan with the participation of prominent experts to discuss global challenges and bilateral relations between More Diplomacy Turkey slams Greece for violating Lausanne Treaty in Western Thrace Turkey on Friday decried a decision by Greece that local religious leaders, known as muftis, among the Turkish minority living in the Western Thrace would henceforth be appointed Speaking at a ceremony to receive the letter of credentials More Diplomacy Turkey demands Haftar forces release Turkish citizens The illegal forces of Khalifa Haftar will become legitimate military targets if they do not release the six previously abducted Turkish citizens, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs