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My own interest in her, I told myself, was. Her forehead was high, this only mildly mitigated by the shiny black bangs; long raven wings of hair fell straight to her pale, stooped shoulders and coursed round them. Her large green eyes looked at me frankly; they seemed to coruscate. Her chin was just a little slight. Somehow the imperfections in her prettiness were sexy to me. I suspected, after long, covert inspections from various angles through various fabrics, that her right breast turned fractionally to one side while the other pointed straight ahead.

Each small white toe of her small white feet had a ring on it, and her ankles jangled with Tibetan bells. You can make it on the gas broiler. No doubt some future forensic archaeologist will analyze my body and find the stuff. Great Goddess! I washed out some cups. My negative view of the world—I would only believe it would attract negative consequences if I were superstitious. This irritated some believers; others found it refreshing. I was simply convinced that most of what was taken for the supernatural was the product of the imagination. Most but not all. Sufi masters sometimes say that one of the necessary skills for the seeker is the ability to discriminate between superstition working on the imagination and real spiritual contact.

Horn-rim glasses. But still, overall, Ira—hand me the bread—overall, people can think themselves into miserable lives. She glanced at me sidelong, and I saw her droop her head so that her hair would swing to hide her smile. The enormity of the suffering in it. Should we use this Red Rose tea or. Okay, fine, I like Red Rose, too. I mean, they discovered that a certain pesticide was causing all these birth defects in the Central Valley—there was a big move to get it banned.

But if it was banned the agribusiness and chemicals people would lose money on the poison they kept in reserves. Cut their profit margin. So the ban was killed.

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America by Ann Coulter

And everyone forgot all about it, and the stuff is still choking the ecology out there and no one gives a damn. Then the corruption thing gets worse and worse—the feds just found out that all this federal aid that was supposed to go to vaccinating and blood-testing ghetto kids was stolen by all these people appointed to give it out. They just raked it off and put it in other accounts—they stole millions intended for these kids. And a lot of the people doing the stealing were the same ethnicity as the poor they were supposed to be helping. It was greed.

And did you see that thing on PBS about that country in Central America—the big shots running the country decided that the fast money would come from making it into a waste dump for all these other countries that ran out of room. The entire country is a waste dump! The whole thing, a landfill! The guys who run the country moved to these pristine little islands offshore, and the entire rest of the country works in waste dumps—either they work in them, burning and shoving stuff around with big machines, or they pick through them.

Literally millions of people picking through a waste dump thousands of miles across. Surely not the whole country. Bring me that blue teapot. That country is literally one giant dump—there is no farmland, there are no wetlands, there are no forests, and there are only a few towns left. Barges come from North America, Mexico, Brazil. And people will live and die in that dump. Can you imagine? Her fingernails alternated silver with black flecks and black with silver flecks.

The world will suffer, and this will make it see what it has done, and it will heal itself. It will. I guess we both knew that I came to her for a sort of mothering—my own mother had died when I was fifteen, from the amphetamines her boyfriend shot into her. I guess we both knew that when Melissa said there was hope for the world that it really meant there was hope for me.

Melissa always plays along. She is all generosity. I was notorious for my clumsiness. Breakfast of a sort: We consumed a stack of margarine-slick toast and bloodred tea at the tilting glass-topped wrought-iron table on their concrete balcony, overlooking a mist-draped west San Francisco, under a lowering sky, listening to pigeons cooing from the roof and sirens sighing from the projects, and the thudding rise and fall, like armies passing, of hip-hop boxes booming in the asphalt plaza below.

I watched the traffic on the boulevard visible between the glassy buildings of the hospital complex. The traffic pulsed one way, then came to a stop; and the traffic from the cross street pulsed by; then the first artery would resume pumping. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Unrated 1h 28min Horror 5 January Italy. Three college students, another couple, and their housekeeper are besieged at a remote Brazilian plantation by a group of zombies raised from the grave by a voodoo curse.

Director: Umberto Lenzi. Writers: Umberto Lenzi story , Olga Pehar screenplay. Horror Part 2 : Zombies. Share this Rating Title: Black Demons 4. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Demonic , please sign up. So many butthurt libturds in the review section! The book is definitely worth reading. Very well researched. See 2 questions about Demonic…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 29, Richard Derus rated it did not like it Shelves: scumbag.

This is one opportunistic, two-faced, idiot of a bitch. View all 25 comments. Jun 13, Mike the Paladin rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , political. Some will look at this book, see Ann Coulter's name and decide they don't like it, sight unseen, book unopened it's very existence will annoy, anger, even infuriate them. Okay my nod to reality. My suggestion, try reading it before you hate it. Ann Coulter is without a doubt an "in your face" sort of debater. Her books and her speaking style leave us in no doubt as to what she thinks.

The fact that her facts are generally always "actually facts" and that her arguments are in general logical and w Some will look at this book, see Ann Coulter's name and decide they don't like it, sight unseen, book unopened it's very existence will annoy, anger, even infuriate them. The fact that her facts are generally always "actually facts" and that her arguments are in general logical and well supported even if a bit aggressive or even abrasive in no way takes away from the fact that many will dislike her and decide in advance that they disagree with anything she has to say.

To those who can read this with an open mind you will find here an interesting book with arguments based on well founded material. It is logical and interestingly supported by much of the reaction to the book IE, if you can't argue an idea down logically try to stop the argument or shut the other side up. If you can't attack the facts or that argument itself try to discredit background thinking.. The book's look at group think vs. Try to allow those thoughts to percolate, who knows what might happen. View all 12 comments. Oct 24, mark monday marked it as unread-forever.

View all 20 comments. May 28, Justin rated it did not like it.

I read this book mostly as a joke, expecting to laugh at the outrageous things she would say. I expected a lot of crazy comments from the woman that said, "That's why our blacks are better than their blacks. I would have to say, she didn't disappoint: Pg. Yes, the big-eared beanpole. She cites a lot of things, but she cites the irrelevant part of her points and then goes on to make outrageous claims as if those were supported as well. The most heinous example of this is when she blamed the mass witch-hunt for child molesters in the 80's and 90's on Liberals.

This happened all over the country, she leaves out so many details, like how the scare originated in Texas with a crazy mother leaving her kid on the lawn of a Day Care Center. She says, without supporting this claim, that it was mostly liberal therapist that coerced the children into making false claims and liberal prosecutors that sentenced innocent people to prison.

The worst part of this book was that she constantly references LE Bon, a psychologist in the late 's early 's, who wrote about "Racial superiority. But, I guess it didn't matter to her that Le Bon was racist, that Mien Kampf drew mostly off of his works, and that Moussolini kept his books by his bedside. But, Anne Coulter doesn't care about the characters or the reputation of the person she is citing, she just cares that it provides smart-sounding material to faux-substantiate her claims that Liberals act as mobs.

Anne Coulter just came off as conniving, childish, hateful women who twists facts or flat out lies. I think she just wants to be media figure and knows that if she's crazy enough people will read her books. I did. Jul 31, Rene' rated it did not like it. This was given as a gag gift to a friend not from me! OMG -- For the first hour it was hysterically funny in the way a Monty Python spoof would entertain but after a while the bad writing and the delusion, distortions of truth, personal opinions put forth as truths, and the bald faced lies got to be too much to be entertaining.

Did I mention narcissistic arrogance? Here is one short example that may say it all: "If Charles Manson's followers hadn This was given as a gag gift to a friend not from me! Here is one short example that may say it all: "If Charles Manson's followers hadn't killed Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate, Clinton would have pardoned him, too, and he'd be teaching at Northwestern University.

There is no way to indicate how low a rating this piece of fiction deserves.


View all 17 comments. May 31, Scott Rhee rated it it was ok Shelves: politics , whiny-conservatives. In lieu of an actual review for this book, I had some fun coming up with potential Coulter titles, utilizing her trademark vitriol and hyperbole. I posted this in June, and have since added some new ones. Feel free to add your own. View all 5 comments. Jul 27, Carol rated it it was amazing.

Thought provoking and frightening. It also covers most major events of the s, and a few major events from the s and s. The writing style switches between conversational and ranting. I imagine this is due to the vast amount of information Coulter covers. You may get lost in the names if you aren't familiar with current news anchors, reporters, activists, and politicians. So read carefully and keep Google handy or take notes.

Nov 29, James Hemingway rated it it was amazing. Anyone who could actually make reading about the French Revolution interesting has to be a hell of a good writer. I also enjoyed reading how democrats hijacked the civil rights movement after many decades of oppressing African Americans.

How many people today know that the republican party was created for the express purpose of ending slavery or even that Lincoln was a republican? How many people know that: The KKK was invented by democrats to attack republicans who were fighting for the rights Anyone who could actually make reading about the French Revolution interesting has to be a hell of a good writer.

How many people know that: The KKK was invented by democrats to attack republicans who were fighting for the rights of blacks, how democrats were responsible for Jim Crow laws, poll taxes and intimidation, lynchings, resisting Republican efforts to overturn Jim Crow laws, that prominent democratic president Woodrow Wilson praised the KKK movie "Birth of a Nation" and showed it in the white house, that Barry Goldwater was a champion of civil rights and a founding member of the NAACP in Arizona, that republican president Eisenhower integrated the military and Richard Nixon integrated the schools and created affirmative action and that republicans overwhelmingly voted for the civil rights act of while a much smaller percentage of democrats voted for it.

View all 3 comments. Jun 11, David Brooke rated it did not like it. Ann Coulter is an amazing herald of our time. Many people make this point, not least of which is Coulter herself. She brings together a great ability to tie quotes and opinions together in order to create credible arguments. Unfortunately, many of her arguments are not very believable. I find many of her points school yard in nature. She brings in many good quotes and good evidence to back up her arguments, but more times than not she tends to belittle the subjects she doesn't agree with in order to defame their point of view.

This is a false way of proving a point. I understand her intentions, but I like to hear an opinion that has clear minded points of view. An example I can give is page when a "boston radio host" that is not named stumps George W. Bush on the names of "obscure" foreign political leaders. She frames this interaction as a "no name" host, as if it doesn't matter, and ends the paragraph stating, "He was a star for a week But for a brief shining moment this punk was part of the herd! The Joy" The language she uses is very angry, very manipulating.

I understand her intentions are to persuade her audience, but to do so without facts and hotty language is unnerving. I want facts and quotes, not persuasive language as it wrongfully attempts to manipulate my reasoning with peer pressure speak. The overall point of this book though, is one to almost laugh at. It is the nihilistic mob of the French Revolution; Unfortunately it all serves as a front to rant about Democrats sucking for pages.

I'm sure most fans of her writing are looking for a political book that will get them hot and bothered about the issues, and it does that very well. This book is not a good source for political ammo. If someone took these arguments into a debate most of them could be refuted with some simple questions or evidence. She frames her subjects and arguments well, but much of her evidence is empty. I like my political commentary with no spin. Jul 11, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: politics , history , current-events.

I read Ann's books for the hilarity. Ann is communicating to the reader that if sane people don't start to overreact, the unintended consequences of MOB rule will drastically change what fair minded people enjoy about America, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Her use of hyperbole is sometimes a bit much, her abilit I read Ann's books for the hilarity. Her use of hyperbole is sometimes a bit much, her ability to gloss over many stumblings in her own party are unfortunate.

I enjoy most everything she writes, and this book, which covers the leftist Mob mentality mainly from the French Revolution forward is convincing. I seldom refrain from confrontation with liberals and they are more often than not, this way, even without the Mob. The book goes into many details, rambling at times, but none the less effective in their abundance. However, if you need a good laugh or cry and some amunition for the water cooler debates, read on.

Jun 16, Evan rated it did not like it Shelves: all-time-hall-of-shame , neocon-con-artists , politics , fucked-up-women , reads. It is the nihilistic mob of the American Revolution; who threw tea in Boston Harbor ingrates that they were to oppose what they childishly believed were oppressive British rules. The United States should not exist, because it does so as the result of this demonic mob mentality.

"Demons of Magick" Beginner's Guide

The mob is the strong militia of white men who attacked and destroyed a village of Cheyenne and Arapaho in southeastern Colorado Territory killing and mutilating an estimated 70— Native Americans, about two-thirds of whom were women and children. The mob is the Bonus Army of War War I veteran rabble who during the Great Depression threw up their dirty tent city to intimidate our government into giving them the compensation for their service that the demonic ingrates had the temerity to think they deserved. The mob were those Bible-obsessed Christian warrior Crusaders of the Middle Ages who thought they had the right to invade other peoples' territories to take their gold, kill them or force conversion on their stupid resistant asses.

The mob is a U. Army that walked into a village of My Lai and massacred innocent women and children just because they could. The mob is bunch of dumb Egyptians and Syrians who were tired of being murdered by their autocratic leaders and rose up. And as I've just demonstrated, it takes very little effort -- as long as someone knows something about history -- to plug in alternate examples using her own formula of half-baked, a-historical assertions.

The very notion that oppressed peoples throughout history are simply violent ingrates who should shut up and sit down and enjoy whatever crumbs they are lucky to have thrown at them by powerful kings, oligarchs, theocratic dictators, corporate wealth-concentrators and the like, is one that denies the imperatives of history itself. If masses of humans throughout history had simply sat meekly by and let themselves be rolled over by those in power, we'd still be living in the Dark Ages. She is so simple-minded that she can't conceive or think through the notion that the system has its own reactionary violent modes of repression in place to keep the mob, as she calls them, in place.

The mob, those demons, those people that she demonizes by calling them a mob and by calling them demons, are humans who usually have reasons behind their angers and frustrations. But those reasons cannot be brought up and honestly explored in Ann Coulter's simplified universe, where the only duality is liberals bad versus conservatives good, always , or Democrats bad versus Republicans good, naturally.

In her very first paragraph that I've cited, she proffers one of the most truly idiotic talking points that "on-message" conservative minions -- on marching orders from their Koch Brothers think-tank masters -- have been sent out to spread in conservative media outlets recently.

Let me see if I can explain this mind-bogglingly wacky nonsense. Having established this true but irrelevant pairing of victims, the basic charge is that the KKK was founded by Democrats.