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No kidding. But instead of just admitting the lie, he says the man was dead… he just started to wake up before the video captured it.

Dead Man Waking

This whole event is a trick that backfired. Toggle navigation.

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"Wake Up, Dead Man" (1986)

You can see it for yourself beginning around the mark of the video below:. Tagged with: General.

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  6. Dead Man Waking is the story of Eddie Wilkins, prison bound, heroin addicted and caught in a life that has consumed him. Riding fast Harleys and running with outlaw gang members has captured all of Eddie's passions.

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    He has a knack for crime and a partner he can depend on and together they cut a swath through the underbelly of Orange County. A motorcycle accident in the back hills of Modesto Ca. Outwardly and by all appearances Eddie is one seriously messed up dude and a total scumbag but right from the start of the story you sense that as a protagonist there are a number of qualities in Eddie that make you cry out for his redemption.

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    Eddie has a heart and it is the philosophical observations Eddie makes as he goes through his life that will endear him to the reader.