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My coworkers and I were all support staff with a SEAL Team, so we were expected to train at the group gym, and several took me up on the offer. I took my wife through the teaching progressions many times in our garage gym. I videoed myself coaching and watched it later on 2X speed to look for verbal tics and wordiness. This was invaluable because it showed me how my message came across. It was feedback on my communication , a hard skill to improve. I also got a coach , observing what they said about my own performance and asking questions, to get more direct value from my lifting experience.

Humility made me question myself when I disagreed with a book, article, or another coach, and led me to realize how often I was wrong at some level. Curiosity kept me looking for new and innovative ways to practice. Objectivity was the most challenging. Did they actually fix their hip drive, or am I seeing it because I wish it were true?

Finding objective standards in the feedback of my lifters, other coaches, and videos, was essential. I trained myself as a coach by applying the ideas of purposeful practice, and July 17, , I walked into Crystal Coast Strength and Conditioning to take the seminar a second time.

I was more experienced, more knowledgeable, and way less confident. Like a mountaineer climbing in deep fog, I picked the best path as far as I could see it and worked towards it intentionally, but I messed up often, and that cost me time, energy, and money.

They are available to answer questions and help the student develop their own solutions to new problems. If purposeful practice is like self-directed strength training, deliberate practice is like training under the eye of an expert coach. Coaching is not as objective or easily assessed as weightlifting or even musical performance.

But the winds are shifting. I read through and completed the curriculum and now have the privilege of coaching Group 25 through the six-month program. The course develops the skill of coaching through a series of structured exercises designed by a team of coaches.

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Most importantly, that coaching team provides something I never could have on my own: systematic improvement to a coach-teaching method from hundreds of data points. As each class goes through, and each staff coach faces the challenge of communicating the lessons to a new, diverse group of students, the course is tweaked, redesigned, reordered, and adapted to provide a better learning experience.

Or at least, as close as we get. I hope that by growing the field of coaching excellence—on the platform and in how we encourage change in our lifters—we grow the whole field of strength training. Allow 2-way communication via text message. Sign Up Now. The rise of the strongman Before you take the bar out of the rack…..

A quick internet search The human body has Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Toggle navigation. Coaching is a Skill My biggest mistake had been misunderstanding what coaching is.

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How to Build Trust -- Chasing Excellence -- Ep#066

Share this. If you want to perform at your best, you must accept that certain things are out of your control. Now, he could immediately cross off every item in the latter category — like event scheduling and other external conditions — to help prevent his athletes from wasting their energy worrying about them.

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Instead, they could stay focused on the potential problems they could control, like watching their nutrition and planning ways to be at their peak-performance level for each event. But making plans and sticking to them are two different matters. This is where mindfulness can come in handy for an athlete.

The author coaches his athletes to spend a maximum of five minutes considering what has happened and then spend the next ten minutes focusing on their breathing and centering themselves on being present. This way they can quickly let go of any negativity. Though she was upset with herself, she did the right thing by lingering on the mistake for only five minutes before refocusing on the next event. And like everything else an athlete can use to their advantage, confidence is something that comes through training and hard work.

Confidence comes by learning how to react positively to an outcome, whether you came in first or last. So, no matter what the outcome is, she can always have confidence in knowing she did all she could do, so long as she gave her best possible response. In the running event of the Crossfit Games, Mat Fraser nearly came in last place.

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  6. But thanks to his humble and open attitude, he took these results in a positive way and immediately began improving this part of his game. In fact, knowing that high schoolers could outrun him, he used these teenagers as running partners in his training program. This humility paid off handsomely a year later when he confidently grabbed first place in the event in the Crossfit Games. Another method the author uses for getting good results is known as double-loop learning.

    Single loop learning is when an athlete focuses solely on the external reasons for why they got the results they did. So double-loop learning factors in both the external and the internal reasons, and it often leads to getting faster answers to your problems.


    While these external factors played a role, the internal factor of how much Fraser needed to improve was also clear. There are a lot of self-help gurus who preach the benefits of positivity and how it can improve your life. And sure enough, the author has also found that a positive attitude can work wonders for reaching goals and getting the best possible results.

    First of all, when compared to a negative attitude, positivity provides a much stronger work ethic. But with some practice, you can change this response and adopt a positive outlook. Zwicky calls this the frequency illusion. You might have already experienced this in your day-to-day life. The same goes for positivity. Every day, she concentrated on giving her best effort and on how she could improve her training, nutrition, sleep and recovery. In the world of psychology, this is referred to as adversarial growth — the belief that challenges in life are a significant driver behind personal growth.

    A common way to use this principle is to keep adding weights to your body during training, as this constantly requires you to adjust and exert more strength. One of the most challenging events at the Crossfit Games is the Pegboard Ascents.