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What about when you were younger? I can remember getting up with him that early from when I was about 3 years old.

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He worked as a computer programmer at Fort Hamilton. He moved to Florida when I was around 7, but when I was older I had a computer, so I taught myself programming. Did your lack of sleep impact your performance at school? I went to a private Catholic school and I was always a very quick, sharp student.

But I was also very bored in school, and looking back, I should have pursued so many other things but instead I studied to become a court reporter. My mother told me about court reporting, which you can do at your own pace. What did you do when you finished that course? I got married the very next day — I was only I had my first child when I was Then I had a son in and another daughter in What was pregnancy and nursing like for you? Did you get tired then?

Not really. I was coaching sports, sitting on community boards, and I was president of PTA. But I always said I was made to have children. It never bothered me when I got up in the middle of the night. And then I started taking in foster children. A lot of the babies were born addicted to drugs — meth or prescription meds — and they need somebody to cuddle them and hold them in the middle of the night when they are going through withdrawal.

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I breastfed her for 18 months. It was just the way it was. It never bothered me. I worked as a court reporter in dependency court for 23 years.

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One of my first jobs was in a very small town where everyone in the court system knew each other. I remember one Friday afternoon a 4-year-old kid came in — he had just been taken away from his parents and there was no place for him to go. They were arguing about where he should go. It totally sickened me. Here we were fighting over where a child needs to lay down for the weekend. They were all so privileged and I wanted to do something for kids that needed it. Do you bother your husband in the night?

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I was married 22 years, but we are now divorced. My sleeping was an issue for him. He was a very light sleeper, so I slept on the couch for a number of years, probably for about the last eight years of our marriage. It caused issues. You know, when I got divorced, it was kind of a relief.

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I would think nothing of vacuuming at 2 a. And I have a two-story house so everybody is asleep upstairs and I can vacuum all I want downstairs. Are you single at the moment? There are some nights when he turns around and is like, "You have not slept all night.

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Can you talk me through a typical day from the minute you wake up to when you go to bed? It really depends on which children I have at my house.

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At the moment, I have my kids plus three foster kids — a year-old, a 2-year-old, and a month-old. So the babies sleep through the night. I generally get up between 3 and 4 a. Then I come back and wake up the others who get ready for school for 7 a. I drop the babies off at child care at about and I start court calendar at or 9 a.

Then I start picking kids up again. The babies first, usually at about 3 p. We go five days a week at about 6 p. One of my morning rituals is cooking dinner. And we do homework in the car, then we come back home and the kids shower. My oldest is in by 11 p. The babies and little kids are asleep by 9 p. My house has always been the hang-out house. I am a big cook and she has a very large room with a fridge and a couch in there, which is the hang-out room for all her friends. But I usually go to sleep close to 12 and then start all over again. My life is extremely hectic. Do you ever feel tired?

Can you describe what that feels like? It never ends. This is what anyone who uses either phrase likely means, at least. While "cannot hardly" is grammatically correct, it is effectively a double negative, and thus its meaning is confusing at best, plain wrong at worst. Translate it as "I am nearly unable to do Sure, it could be used correctly in some contexts the exact opposite of "can hardly" , but I'd posit that almost all of its colloquial usage is wrong; a bit like "I don't want nothing".

Saying "I can't hardly wait to get there. It is a double negative and "not" and "hardly" cancel one another out. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Downvoted because it's a duplicate link above. Noldorin Noldorin While people use them in the same way, this is not correct. Can Hardly is the correct way.. Yeah, nice jog of rephrasing my asnwer.

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Yours wasn't up when I started replying. Well 10 minutes after I posted mine, I still didn't see yours, so it must have took you a darn long time to write that hah. Seeing as SE says they were posted 5 minutes apart, I find that highly unlikely. Apologies if you feel slighted, I wasn't rehashing what you said with any knowledge of what you had said.