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Remember, the main principles are… Be ruthless. Be brave! Get rid of as much clutter with each task as you can. If you want to get serious about decluttering check out the new decluttering and speed cleaning books….

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Available for instant download from the online shop! Each page will take you to a daily decluttering task.

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Habit-Forming Routines : At the heart of a happy home are habits that hold the family together. Not to forget, I'm going to be in there too so if you have a question, I'll be happy to help you with the answer! I started The Organised Housewife in to share my journey and tips with friends and family on cleaning, organising and creating a warm and welcoming home.

It soon grew to a community of over half-a-million and counting. I'm the first to admit I love a good checklist and chart and you'll never find me without one or the other!

Habits for Keeping a Clean House! My Daily Cleaning Routine

However, before you start thinking that I've always been organised and on top of things, think again My house was a mess Washmore on our couch, I was crying my heart out behind the closed bathroom door. Waking up with this mindset daily didn't do me any favours. I wished desperately for a way to get on top of the cooking, cleaning, chores, and caring for myself a bit After plenty of trial and error, I created systems that worked for us and since then, have used those foundational principles to keep up with our changing family dynamics.

The chance to make special memories that'll light up your kid's lives, after the moment has passed. The chance to reignite the spark that existed between you and your partner before it got buried under piles of dirty dishes and dusty bookshelves. The chance to give yourself your life back so you can sing, garden, knit, read, crochet, travel, entertain without turning it into a 5-year plan. Peaceful Digital Organising Printables to make keeping track of meals, laundry, birthdays and goals a delightful and stress-free affair!

Print and start planning within minutes:.

A Well-Run and Organized Homeschool

Pretty up your home quickly and easily with these digital prints for a warm and welcoming touch, easily and quickly! I've never been organised. Will this help me? How much will this cost me in products etc, beyond the price of the program? Y ou'll already have most of the supplies you need for cleaning and organising your home. It's just a matter of finding them. I'm arming you with the very best checklists, printables, and charts, so you don't have to go hunting for them or create them on your own.

Having said that, if you're starting from absolute scratch, you may need to buy some supplies, like mould cleaner or cleaning cloths, etc. How do I pay? Can I upgrade my package once I have signed up? Yes I am happy to upgrade your package within the first 2 weeks of your purchase, please email me for details on how to upgrade.

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Do I need a particular computer program to access the challenge? You will need a computer, internet access, printer and the free Adobe Reader program to download and print all your printables. They enrich a reader's life, are an avenue for introspection, escape, conversation, and empathy, and help to make a house a home. They spark joy and so much more! I haven't watched the Marie Kondo documentary yet but I can confirm that every single one of the books I own does indeed spark joy.

So I'm happy to keep them all. Personally, the thought of parting with a book feels genuinely painful. I'm simply not finished with a novel as soon as I've closed its pages.

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Scott Fitzgerald novels I've read yup, all of them , these stories have served a purpose in my life. The cover of Diane von Furstenberg's memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be reminds me of how her words gave me the courage to leave a job when I was unhappy. And each of my eight Lonely Planet travel guides brings back memories of the adventures around the world I've been lucky enough to embark on.

On the flip side, many Twitter users argued that for book lovers, streamlining your book stash could make room for They suggested that by saying goodbye to the reads you love, you can pass them on to others. That , I agree, is a great idea. When I recently hosted my very first book club to read Michelle Obama's Becoming , of course , I gave each of my friends a book from my own library as a parting gift—and as a way to encourage them to keep reading. So, no, I'm not delusional.

Homemaking Books by Katie Berry

I know it's not possible or practical to hold on to every single physical copy you've ever owned. I'm here for passing along books to others who may enjoy them just as much—or even more so—than I did. But Kondo's method just does not work for me. Every single one of the books in my library has "sparked joy" in me. My books are not clutter. They are my escape, my teachers, and my friends.