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Trevi Fountain. Spanish Steps. Enoteca Corsi. Piazza Navona. Rimessa Roscioli. Read Next Save to wishlist.

Some gentle walks linking the major sightseeing icons of Rome

The app's navigation functions guide you from one attraction to the next. The app works offline, so no data plan is needed when traveling abroad. Sightseeing Walk: Vatican Walking Tour. Sightseeing Walk: Trastevere Walking Tour. Sightseeing Walk: Museums Walk.

Rome Tours

Sightseeing Walk: Souvenir Shopping Tour. Discovery Walk: Prati Shopping. Discovery Walk: Antiques Hunting.

Discovery Walk: Monti Walking Tour. Discovery Walk: Trastevere Walk.

Free Rome self guided sightseeing walks linking main sights

Discovery Walk: Testaccio Walking Tour. Discovery Walk: Garbatella Walking Tour.

Roman Forum Walking Tour in 4K

The fountain was designed by Pietro Bernini. It depicts a sinking boat that supposedly washed ashore here in a flood in the 16 th Century. Despite their name the Spanish Steps were not built by the Spanish; they were built by the French. Many tourists use them to access the Villa Medici at the top. Near the bottom of the steps is the Keats Museum, where famous poet John Keats lived and died. Completed in , the Villa Medici was once home to the Messalina family, who was murdered in the structure.

Finally, the building became an academ for French artists in Villa Borghese is home to the third-largest public park in Rome. It is home to the Galleria Borghese and several other museums and galleries.

Vatican Tours

Built in by Cardinal Scipione Borghese , most of the grounds were reimagined in the 19 th Century as an English garden. Vatican City and its museums can get very crowded in the morning, so afternoon might be the best time to visit, depending on the time of year. If you want to do a self-guided tour of the Vatican, check out our tour here.

If you want to see more of Rome in less time, consider taking a bike or bus tour instead. The hop-on, hop-off buses get you close to most of these sites, so you can cover more ground in less time.

Self-guided walks around Rome

This is the mask that Gregory Peck claims has mystical powers. If you tell a lie while placing your hand inside the mouth, it will be bitten. He and Audrey Hepburn give it a try and end up surprising each other with their stellar senses of humor. Historians believe this pound disc may represent Oceanus, the sea god.

Some believe that the disc was used as a drain cover in the Temple of Hercules Invictus. We happen to like the Roman Holiday origin story, ourselves. Touching ancient artifacts is generally frowned upon in Rome. One of the most recognizable ancient sites in Rome, the Colosseum is famous for attracting tourists—and creating traffic jams. Built in 70 AD, this giant donut-shaped structure was once where gladiators battled animals—and often each other—to entertain the upper echelons of Roman society.

As you walk through this structure, think about how half a million people lost their lives in these battles here. The Colosseum is truly sacred ground. It only took 10 years for enslaved Jews to build the Colosseum. As you walk through the ground level, imagine 80 trapdoors forcing animals and gladiators out into the arena.

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The Colosseum has been used as an arena for animal hunts, a castle, and a religious headquarters. In a massive earthquake destroyed much of the Colosseum, and the stone was salvaged to be used in other major buildings around the city, including St. The Colosseum is very large and gets extremely crowded. Check out some of the walking tours that can get you through this structure in good timing.