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Who put this story abouo, and can it be true? I must confess being somewhat astonished at the handicap but I thought the true sporting instints of the fran. In the middle of the handicap, though, it is not suggestive that success has been attained, as to see the Primate beaten anyhow last yt-ar let off with lib only, and given nothing for bis leugths defeat,gives colour certainly to the idea that 12st b was the intended weight for Cloister.

After the publicity in yesterday morning's papers, I was under the impression that the worthy handicapper would have written a letter round to say that the rumour was all nonsense, and that, as a matter tof course, he stuck to bis guns. Instead of this, though, mystery is still further mystified by the announcement that the Central News has applied to the Messrs Weatherby for an explanation on the subject, and those great authorities decline to say anything about it. Then more mystery is added by an announcement from the Press Association that Mr Mainwaring does admit the mistake, but this is hardly official and how about the feelings of the public?

At 12st 71b Cloister has clearly the same chance as he had last year—at 12st 12tb he has not—and in this state of uncertainty owners are asked to accept for this, the greatest steeple- chase handicap of the year, by 10 o'clock to- night. Surely an explanation is demanded, and also an intimation as to what will be done in case be mistake is admitted. The Rangers kept up a continual attack, and L. Brook scored twice. Abbfv converted one. Final score :—Brighonse, 1 goal 4 tries 17 points ; Bradford, 1 dropped goal 4 points.

Several thousand spectators were present. The French men. Cains College soon pressed, and within six minutes secured a goal by Mitchell frOll a try by Swatman. The score at the interval was :—Cams, 1 got! Frenchmen, nil. Final score College, 2 goals 1 trv Frenchmen, nil. Ten thousand people were present. Preston attacked strongly and had niaity corners, but Wednesday scored from a free-kick after 25 minutes. Trainer saved two other shots, and Allan saved erandly from Ross, jun. Half-time Sheffield, 1 goal to nil. Darwen had four men obsent owing to injuries, but Burnley were weli represented.

Darwen started against the wind, aud early called on Hillman to save. Burnley broke away, and for nearly half an hour kept Darwen on the defence. Ghee almost scored for the home side, and Marr missed a very easy chance of beating Hillman. Half-time score Darwen.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report

Final scoie Darwen, nil Burnley, nil. Both teams were, strongly represented. Sunder- land started against a strong wind, and Gillespie scored in the first miaute. Everton pressed after this, but the defence of Sunderland was tine. Chances wer" missed at both ends,Everton having hard lines. Nothing more was scored, Sunderland leading by 1 goal to nothing at half-time.

Final score —Sunderland, 1 go. J Everton, nil. LivErsEr rr-Play ed at Wakefield. A strong breeze blew and Trinity had to play s-gainsfc it in the first half. Notwith- standing this they held their own, Anderson, Goodaire, Ducker, and Adamson playing a splendid gatre for them and, were near scoring more than once, but at half- time the score sheet of both sides was blank. Play was interesting and exciting. Final score Wakefield Trinity, nil Liver- sedge, nil. Kick-off 3. Teams :Rovei-s-Baclc, H. Kenvyn three-quarter backs, E. Spillane, Mills, C. Williams, and E.

Ovoss half-backs, Cnappel and Ferryman forwards, Graham captain. Stars— Back, O. Sheere three-quarter backs, C. Davies, T. Morgan, B. Flynn, and J. Driscoll half-backs, T. Savage and W. Lewis forwards, G. Ballan- tvne captain , P. Norris, G. Wy-nd, D. Morgan, J. Chiles, T. Gunstone, and Chiplain. JO LIN.

HULL, Tuesday. Oats quiet a?

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Beans, 30s pe. Maize obtainable at 19s to 20s l. Brans quiet at Friday's rates-Saidi, 23s 2d to 23s 6d. Oats very slow wnite rather easier at 2s 7d to 2s SLA. Flour unchanged. Weather —S. Pigs were plentiful, strong porkers especially so. Baconers were not quite so plentiful. There were no calves on offer. Sheep-Prime yearlings. Pigs —Baconers, 9s to 9s 6d per score poricers, 10s to lis per :seore sows, 7s 6d to 8s per score.

At the close of business, very little remained unsold. Brisk demand for fat cattle and fat sheep, but store cattle, with the exception of good useful barrens, were not much in request. A good trade was done in store fljs at from 20s to 25s per head, baconers selling at from 8s to 8 6d per score. Good sup ply of beasts and sheep. Slow tiaa. Cattle trade dull—barely at late rates. Slow sale for sheep and prices in favour of buyers. More calves and worse trade, only a few making last week's top iigure. Cattle, 3, sheep, 11, calves, Grocery crystallised offered and met a good demand, being chiefly sold at fully steady tc occasionally deirer rates, prices ranging from 15s to 19s 3d.

Syrups mostly sold at steady rates, and Queensland at firm values. Good business in refined at fully yesterday's prices. Foreign goods also firm. Beet strong and dearer. Coffee sold generally at about steady prices, llio futures mostly 3d to 5d dearer. Cocoa, firm sales Trinidad, 65s to 74s. Tea-green sold with dull tone large sales Ceylon, principally common qualities, with fair com- petition at steady prices.

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Resm and nitrate unchanged. Srnall business done at firlU prices. The official report states Market firm but business done only moderate. Mild-cured firkins—fine, lies mild, s. In market—61 tiikins. Moderate qua. Is Is to 2s 6d each; Skit.

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The sales are finishing up with a very steady tone for most descriptions of wool, and prices are generally well maintained. Spelter, E15 17s 6d. Spanish lead. A Coleraine telegram states that the steamer Christopher Thomas, from Bristol to Colerai ne, went ashore on Tuesday, at the mouth of the River Gunn, owing to a tremendous sea, and is expected to become a total wreck.

The captain and crew have been landed in safety. Insolvency was attributed to loss of 22! The Regis1 rar ordered a thr years' deficiency account to be furnished, and also full cash and goods acoount6 from January, , to the date of receiving order. The Press Association is informed that it is not true, as reported, that Lord Rosebery is largely engaged in the London milk trade, and is buying up all the milk businesses in the metropolis.

Jacobs, and Mr C. Mary-street, was summoned, at the instance of Supt. Tamblyn, with permitting drunkenness on his licensed premises. Prisoner said he belonged tc no regiment, whereas he had only just left fchr Militia battalion of the Welsli Regiment at th. Prisoner's father paid the money. M North stipendiary , R. Rhys, and Dr.

The case had been before the court a fortnight ago, and was fully reported in our issue ef the 24th ult. She had stolen i guld watch, a pair of boots, a jacket, and a ha1 from the house of John Lewis, Pendarren-streefc, during the absence of the family in chapel on s, Sunday, and had also stolen a muffler and s macintosh cloak from the Higher Grade School, Aberdare. It appeared that defenda. Fenton, Turin-street, and Veraon-street, Ipswict shoemaker.

John Gee, Foulsham, Norfolk, baker. Alexan er Marshall, Helen-street, Broadway, lately Wyndham-arcade, both Cardiff, ladies' and children' outfitter. Charles Matthew Rodney, Waterloo-road, Lambeth. Tom Hutton, formerly Insmarsh, Seend, near Meifc. Ensor, Balshal! Heath-road, Birmingbam, furnt ture dealer. Green, Cole a. Walter Heaven, Braithwaite-road, Spark-brook, Bir. Painter, Lee-crescent, Ryland-road, Edgbaeton Birmingham, formerly detective inspecror, now out of business. Richard Beaman Jones, Rock-street, Bury, draper.

Garrilt, trading as F. Garritt and Co. Frederick Bolton BaUard, lately trading as F. B Ballard and Co. George Clark, Lord-street, Great Grimsby, butcher. William Carrnthers, Queen-street, Lancaster, draper.

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Tom Hill Allsopp, trading as 3. Jo3 Wright, now residing Beaconsfleld- terrace Harrowgate, lately trading Scot-lane, Iloncastei formerly trading in partnership with John Willian Brooke," saddler and harness maker. James Ferguson Mellor. Samuel Parry Cake, Green-street, Hereford, grocer. Emma Bailey, Howden, Yorkshire, grocer and pro- vision dealer. Its use avoids all decomposition of the floor at caused by yeast rising, thereby saving a lWg pw centage of its most nutritive elements. They Destroy every livil Germ that breeds disease.

They are mild and -1 fentle, yet sure in their action. They will soon Cure you. Suitablefor Men, Women, Boys. Clirio Hanes Chwilio. South Wales Daily News. Issue: 7 Chwefror Tudalen: 7. Cau Manylion Hawlfraint. Nid yw statws neu berchnogaeth hawlfraint yr adnodd hwn yn hysbys. Advertising Hysbysebu. I Newyddion. Rhestrau Manwl, Canlyniadau a Chanllawiau.

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