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Hands-free opening. As covenant children of God, we have been promised that if we are faithful, we will prevail over the enemies of his work.

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By our faithfulness and righteousness, the evil influences of wicked and designing men and women will be subdued. We possess the same divine priesthood power and authority that was held anciently. The Lord taught that his Church was to be built on the rock of revelation, of divine truths revealed by God himself, and that Christ is the Son of the living God; therefore, the gates of hell shall not prevail against his Church.

The keys of the kingdom were promised to Peter, and he exercised that authority as he associated with the other members of the Twelve and presided over them. There were a number of occasions when the Savior took only Peter, James, and John with him, undoubtedly for additional spiritual experiences and instruction. There they received the promised keys of the priesthood. During this heavenly event Moses and Elias also appeared, and the three Apostles heard the voice of the Father bearing witness that Jesus is his Beloved Son and the command that they were to hear and obey.

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In August of , a revelation from the Lord confirms the ordination of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to the Apostleship and their receiving the keys. The keys of the kingdom were bestowed upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery by these three ancient Apostles to whom Jesus had given authority following his resurrection and after he had ministered among them. When the Lord called Frederick G. On April 3, , in the Kirtland Temple, the same heavenly beings that appeared to the Savior and his three Apostles on the Mount, appeared and conferred additional priesthood authority and keys upon the Prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery for the building up of the Church preparatory to the coming of Christ to rule and reign on the earth forever.

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Moses appeared and conferred the keys of the gathering of Israel. Elias restored the covenants and authority given to Abraham. Elijah bestowed the keys and power of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and of the children to their fathers. These same keys of the kingdom held by Peter, James, and John, who served in the First Presidency in the dispensation of the meridian of time, and conferred upon Joseph Smith and all subsequent Presidents of the Church, are now held by President Spencer W.

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