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Ms Raynor said the best thing to do when coming across a curlew caught up in its own looks was to leave it alone. Brisbane City councillor Ryan Murphy had his own run-in with a curlew, which he affectionately named Sir Kerr Llew, earlier this year. Apparently it will depart at sundown.

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Sometimes, it gets tired of standing and gets down on its haunches. Like an 'office volunteer' who hangs around a lot, eventually I will be forced to put it on staff," Mr Murphy wrote. Topics: animals , human-interest , brisbane , qld. First posted March 17, Contact Patrick Williams.

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Five Stream-Smoothed Stones

Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. Before he was detained, Alek Sigley welcomed tourists to North Korea. So is it safe for you to visit the "hermit Kingdom"? By Tracy Bowden and Amy Donaldson. It has taken decades of work and billions of dollars but Australia is entering an exciting phase of personalised medicine, leading to results which once seemed impossible.

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When this island became "the poster boy for marine pollution", researchers went to clean some of the 38 million pieces of plastic. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview A collection of spiritual poems to enlighten the soul and liven the spirit, from an LDS perspective on things of the family and the Spirit.

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Why this bush stone-curlew is in love with its own reflection

Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Dry streams are a great solution wherever there is a need for on-site rainwater drainage. They can be placed at the base of a slope, in a low spot that puddles occasionally, or up a small rise to intercept rainwater as it flows downhill. Since dry streams are a small-scale version of a real-life landscape feature, they look wonderful in naturalistic gardens. Yet, they also fit in with a variety of landscapes, rural or urban, dry or wet. I have created several dry streams.

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Each one is slightly different, depending on the area, the rocks used, and the conditions. The gravel absorbs excess rainwater. Atop the gravel, I place a thin layer of decorative rounded river stone to create a more finished look. How to Create a Dry Stream. It is not too difficult to create a dry stream. First, lay out a slightly curving trench and widen it at certain sections. The shape and alignment of a dry stream is important in making it look natural.

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  7. Think of how water moves through a landscape. Streams in nature are not straight channels, they meander back and forth. The width of the trench should vary. Place the soil from the excavated area on the sides of the stream. I place more soil on the far side of the stream to create a higher plant bed there. This creates interest and works especially well with plants that drape over rocks because they will not grow into the stream bed. Line the entire trench with filter fabric not plastic!

    Set large-sized rocks along the stream bank atop the filter fabric. The rocks will be partially covered by the gravel and stone, so there is no need to worry about how their bases look.