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The restaurant was divided into clothed and naked sections, with each table given a bamboo screen for privacy. She said she actually felt more naked without having her phone at the table, than eating in the nude. The restaurant not only appealed to the UK's four million naturists, according to Lyall. He said about three quarters of Bunyadi diners were about 30 on average, while more than two thirds were women.

As well as finding a permanent site for Bunyadi, Lyall is also looking to find a location for his mobile Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar, ABQ. She shared her experience - and said not having her phone at the table made her feel more naked than the nudity. On the way to the restaurant I realise I'm feeling pretty intense nerves, like first date nerves, which is weird because I never get naked on first dates.

Being nude doesn't bother me at all - I'm more than happy with my body - and I'm feeling a sort of thrill knowing I'll soon be swanning around as naked as the day I was born. I picture myself as an ethereal creature, casting off my clothes and prancing around like one of Joseph Tomanek's Nymphs Dancing to Pan's Flute.

There are certainly some Dionysian vibes in The Bunyadi. The waiters and waitresses are naked despite some leaves and flesh coloured underwear covering their most intimate parts. It's all very Ancient Grecian. However, my lofty ideals of bohemian public nudity didn't quite come true. Walking into The Bunyadi - a dingy-looking, unmarked pub decipherable thanks only to the body guard at the entrance - I'm hit by a wave of humid heat perhaps to encourage me to strip.

Emily said she was keen to get her clothes off at the restaurant as it felt very humid inside. Immediately my head begins to bead with sweat and I'm torn between a refreshing cocktail and hearing to the changing rooms - where I'm given a locker, a fluffy dressing gown and white slippers. It's unbearably warm I think, as a whip off my skirt, so much so that I don't think I've ever been so excited to get my clothes off - sorry ex-boyfriends.

Once in my robe I slink into the dark, labyrinth like restaurant. While I - the exhibitionist - am expecting an open and lit space, the layout of the restaurant evokes a cocooning and soothing atmosphere thanks to the private dining booths, encircled by bamboo. I dined with a female companion trust me, there is nothing more depressing than failing to get a date when a precursor of the night is that you will be naked and the experience felt a lot like the relaxed spa experiences I'm used to with my female friends.

While I can't imagine two blokes, however much the best of friends they may be, stripping off to enjoy Tartare together, nudity among female friends feels natural. We go to toilet in front of one another in nightclubs - topless dining is nothing. One diner suggests that the place would be a hit with hen and stag dos. While I can maybe picture the former, I imagine a group of men shrugging of their robes and being served by a waitress wearing more clothes than them is unlikely, considering that - sadly - the dynamic is usually very much the other way around.

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Eventually I get used to the heat and enjoy the low-key lounging feel. It's not so much that we are making a point of nibbling in the nude, it's that now we've left the high heels and tight dresses at the door the mood of the experience has totally changed. I could be at a chilled out sleepover, rather than one of London's most exciting dining experiences.

Bunyadi has very strict rules for its guests - including no phones, photography, and no sexual activity of any kind. The crowd seems very mixed.

My companion was shocked to come face to face with an elderly couple wandering in the space between the private pods proudly displaying their bodies. Focusing on the period , and with works from France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, the exhibition shows us that the variety of approaches to the naked body is almost as diverse as the artists who depicted them, let alone the variety of human bodies themselves. In extremis, in flagrante, inflammatory, indecent, idealised, implausible, pagan, mythological, Christian, humanist and abject, the exhibition seems to contain far more than the space it occupies can handle.

I fear that the Renaissance Nude will be almost impossible to look at, given the number of actual bodies these galleries might well contain if the exhibition is anything like as popular as it deserves to be.


Modern bodies are no less unruly than their Renaissance counterparts. There is so much here to astonish, and much that deserves close looking. We read that women were hardly ever drawn from life before the s, but modelled instead from male models, mannikins and other artworks.

But her androgyny is more, I think, than a by-product or a matter of insufficient information. Whatever scholarship discovers, there are always ambiguities. She carries a little whip, he wears a bit. He turns to acknowledge the viewer. Baldung is also represented here by a naked Christ, in a state between death and resurrection, turning on the ground to look up, impeachingly, and as if he has just awoken, and with one hand between his legs, perhaps for comfort, perhaps to check that he is intact, perhaps to signal his vulnerability.

You can almost sense the cramp in his legs. The ribald scene is as unexpected as it is humorous. The sacred and profane, linear time and circular time and the end of time — all are at play here, along with the devotional and the rational, the irrational and the mythological. A return to Greek and Roman myth was as much a cover for more pressing and immediate preoccupations than it was to present erudite allegories. While they're only in New York City for now, Hertz has been pleasantly surprised with the success, and is still deciding how she'll take LUST to the next level.

But I was still curious about those "normal, average" New Yorkers and what brought them here. While bobbing for spring rolls off the junk of a dude with Dev Patel-level dreamy hair, I posed the question to Rachael Emrich, 28, an actress.

"It Would Look Like an Accident": The Erotic Novels of Stephen Collins

She and her boyfriend had just broken up, she explained. And while there were certainly some singles milling about, more often than not, it appeared that couples were running the show. A social work student and her boyfriend who preferred to remain anonymous, both 26, cited a desire to try something new as their reason for attending. I decided, noble as the effort was, one night of sensuality couldn't be expected to heal a world in which campus sexual assaults make the news with frightening regularity.

Looking back at -

Instead, I tried to appreciate the night for what it was. After all, normalizing sexuality in all its forms is never a bad thing. I body-painted the abs of a guy who I thought was staffing the paint booth but turns out was just a very willing participant:. I envied all the guests who clearly put much more creativity into their looks than I did. And not once did I feel nearly as creeped out as I have in my many years attending college parties and seedy downtown bars. There was no small-of-the-back hand-lurking, no leery offers to buy me a drink despite no indication that I was thirsty.

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A night that comes with specific instructions to ask first, touch second cultivates an aura of safety where people show a lot more skin and a bit more of their sensual side than they would otherwise. And then I realized something. At any other party, I would have felt guilty wearing the itty-bitty American Apparel leotard and skintight skirt I showed up in. The night isn't just about consent. As a female producer, I strive to make my environment female-centered.

Mission accomplished, more or less. Just as I was starting to grow tired of all the miles-out-of-my-comfort-zone trappings of the evening, I met Eric Smolitsky, 30, a health-care professional and LUST frequent flier. I pressed him more about consent.