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Political turmoil, terrorist plots, and the relentless desire for personal revenge threaten to escalate the conflict between humans and vampires into a full-blown war. Special Ops Team AX will use every brutal weapon on hand--including a Crusnik, a vampire that preys upon other vampires--to save mankind. Packed with action, emotion, and artistry, this first volume of Rage Against the Moons contains tales of heroism, sacrifice, and retribution, as the AX agents strive to protect the innocent and keep the peace. Nothing is quite as it seems when a mysterious weapon called Silent Noise destroys Barcelona and threatens Rome.

Now both the city and Cardinal Caterina's life are threatened--and her enemies are even closer than she expects. Meanwhile, her greatest asset, Crusnik Abel Nightroad, has turned against himself and the cause, as a deeply personal loss leads him to question his allegiance to AX. When an unexpected visitor threatens to shift power in the Vatican, will Rome ever be the same again?

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The struggle between vampires and humans continues. To save everyone, Abel and the AX agents must foil their plans. But now Abel faces a new enemy: Know Faith. Trinity Blood Apocrypha was a story written by Sunao Yoshida. It features Astharoshe Asran on a second mission to the outside world.


Note: Volumes after 3 have not been published in the English. Chapter names are taken from the original Japanese publication and are not official translations. The Source Material for the Hit Anime! A mysterious terrorist organization is hell-bent on orchestrating a war between the New Human Empire and the Vatican. Set against a neo-gothic backdrop, this second Trinity Blood series--connected to the Rage Against the Moons series--promises plenty of action and intrigue as Esther and Abel struggle to save the lives of humans and vampires alike!

But do the Methuselah wish to reconcile with the Terran--or will they declare open war? He currently resides in Western New York with a cat who is not at all interested in his overly large collection of bad movies. Customer Reviews Average Review.

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  • See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 8. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Since the dawn of time, war has raged between man and the undead. From the valleys of the antediluvian world to the skyscrapers of the 21st century, the battlegrounds change but the crusade goes on. And Manhattan socialite Nicole Van Wyck has just joined the battle. Product Details About the Author.

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    Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A House for Fanta. Paul and Fanta met in Makeni in the north of Sierra Leone, fell in love Paul and Fanta met in Makeni in the north of Sierra Leone, fell in love and got married. Paul managed a project to improve the quality of English teaching in Sierra Leonean primary schools for the British Council, whilst Fanta View Product.

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    That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Will is an ordinary young college student Will is an ordinary young college student until the night he finds out that his roommate Steven is a vampire. And more importantly, that he is not the only one. Will is All The Dead Things. Only Stan can see the monstersThey're hunting his soul.

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    They've broken Time and one day repeats They've broken Time and one day repeats endlessly for everyone but Stan. He's alone.

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    Alone with all his secrets, all his fears - alone with all the dead things. Simon Paul Woodward's thrilling Book on the Isle. With a year in the Parallel Society under her belt, Veronica Roni Rider still feels like an outsider.