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Si fumo, fumo. Lo mismo me pasa con las patatas fritas, cuando me da por comer patatas fritas tengo que comerme muchas patatas fritas. Hay gente que se come una patatita frita, dos, tres patatitas fritas, yo tengo que comer muchas patatas fritas, yo compro bolsas y bolsas y bolsas de patatas fritas y me las como todas.

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Lamar, cuando lames un caramelo, cuando lames un caramelo por ejemplo, con la lengua pues, besar a un fumador es como lamer un cenicero. Entonces, besar a un fumador es como lamer un cenicero. Te vas a poner enfermo y no vas a estar guapo. En fin, y ya, bueno, antes de terminar, antes de terminar. Porque yo no puedo, no puedo parar. Una vez que empiezo a comer patatas fritas, no puedo parar. Una vez que empiezo a comer zanahorias, no puedo parar. Una vez que empiezo a beber Coca Cola, no puedo parar. Me parece un poco infantil esto que hago. Chicos un saludo, nos vemos. Conmigo, que soy Juan.

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Do you know why you only read positive comments about me and my videos or podcast? They just go and listen to other teachers. Easy peasy! Regarding the Mi Vida video… You make it sound as if I were a terrible liar, a fraudster, a conman… I am just a humble Spanish teacher, trying to teach Spanish the best I can, in a honest way, using sense of humour to make it a bit more entertaining, using storytelling, experimenting, taking risks and doing something a bit different to the traditional language teaching.

OK, no problem. Go and find other teachers online. There are hundred of them, each one with a different style. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and i was trying to be as funny as you, Cono still cant find the hat for the N. My apologies. I should have read it more slowly. So, I took it you were serious.

Glad you are a fan! Release the keys.. Tus comentarios ; tus ideas Me ayudan mucho y sobretodo valen la pena porque estudiamos sin esfuerzo simplemente con placer es verdad Tu metodologia es buena, creo que ves en los comentarios de tus alumnos. Un modesto consejo para tus adicciones: hacer deporte ; si es aburido pasearte ;caminar es maravilloso para la salud y tambien para reflexionar y la salud mental.

Intenta sustituir una adiccion con otra adicion mejor para tu salud y mente lo siento; Juan no tengo vocabulario para matizar mi consejo. Un abrazo fuerte , mille merci pour tes efforts et ta gentillesse. Pierre Gomes. El contenido y la velocidad son perfectos. Como siempre me encanta este podcast como todos los otros. Ellos ayadan me mucho a mejorar la comprension del espanol. Tambien Juan es muy divertido. Mi marido y yo somos aficionados. Me gustaria poner algo en la aplicacion Podcast adict que usamos, pero no hay lugar por eso.

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Estamos ahi Juan. No vayas! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and i was trying to be as fumy as you, Cono still cant find the hat for the N. El mejor profesor yo conozco!!!! Por ejemplo: fumar, tomar demasiado comida, tomar demasiado bebida o dulces o cualquier cosas. Y… es verdad. Un abrazo muy fuerte desde Holanda y me gusta , como siempre, tus podcast, videos y ejercicios.

Your audiobook is waiting…. El Seductor de la Patria Texto Completo. By: Enrique Serna. Narrated by: Fransisco Rivela. Length: 22 hrs and 40 mins. People who bought this also bought De animales a dioses [Sapiens. Porfirio Diaz [Spanish Edition] Su vida y su tiempo.

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La guerra [His Life and Times. By: Robert T. This exceptional novel explores the inner consciousness of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the infamous Mexican general of the 19th century. With suspense and humor, Serna tells the story of this controversial figure, as well as the story of Mexico during this turbulent time period.

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Drawing on historical documents to inspire his description of Santa Anna, Serna evokes a conflicted character in a conflicted land. Note: This title is in Spanish. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall.

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Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Luciana Edith Mooers Great way to learn some Mexican history I loved this book. Santa Anna Any additional comments?

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Eduardo Queretaro, Mexico During childhood The earlier we start learning a second language, the better the results will be later on. The truth is that the brain will never again develop as rapidly as it does during these early years, the period in which the mechanisms that allow the child to learn in the future are acquired. For this reason, it is obvious that this is the ideal moment for children to be introduced to English for the first time in a specialised centre, where learning is presented as a game, the main way children find out about the world around them.

Also, the creativity gained during these hours of play can later help them to improve their language skills and with their communication in general. For this reason, it is necessary to capture their attention with teaching resources that appeal to their cultural and leisure preference s books, music, websites, video games, and so on , so that they can identify with the material and want to take part in the classes.

In this sense, it is very important that the school or college has enough of the right resources, as well as clearly defined educational spaces, so that the students have the opportunity to express themselves and learn through stimulating educational methods that connect with their interests and feelings. Adults Although it is best to learn a second language as a child, this is still no excuse for not taking on the challenge when we are older! Learning a new language from the perspective of an adult can have its advantages too. Our education, combined with what we know of the grammar of our own first language, can help us to acquire a second one with amazing speed at times.

Because, as we said at the beginning of this article, an inability to speak English can imply professional limitations and even a certain isolation with respect to the globalised world, so much so that it can lead to missing out on valuable business opportunities or professional advancement. Neither is a lack of time an obstacle when it comes to exploring the language of the Bard. Saturdays can be an excellent time to tackle this challenge, in dynamic classes where conversation plays a key role, and where we can debate current affairs and our roles as professionals with our peers.

Where and how? It is essential to dedicate some time before we start, to researching the most suitable academic centre in which to learn English. In addition, the method used has to be another of the key elements to bear in mind when picking a place to study, as the teaching of English can vary greatly from one centre to another.

For this reason, methodologies that present the teaching of the language through music, literature, art and everything related to daily life and the use of language in everyday situations will help any student, of any age, to learn with greater intensity. Teachers The old idea that anyone who speaks English is qualified to give classes on the subject is, fortunately, disappearing.

By the same rule of thumb that says that even if we know how to drive, we should never teach our children ourselves, but rather leave it to the driving school professionals, with a new language we should do the same.