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Jones, M. Clinical Hypnotherapist 2. No material in this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission from the author. It was used then in the form of hypnoanalgesia during surgical dental intervention.

The first tooth extraction with the use of hypnoanalgesia was performed by Jean Victor Dudet in Since then, hypnotherapists have made powerful strides toward changing public perception about hypnosis.

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Doctors continue to use hypnosis to calm their patients, and to ease pain during procedures Bierman, They regularly tell patients how easy recovery will be. Additionally, doctors tell patients that a procedure is common and meets with a high degree of success. Because these phrases are delivered by an authority figure, they act in exactly the same way as hypnotic suggestions, and become reality for the patient.

More obvious hypnotic suggestions are also sometimes given to patients by doctors trained in hypnosis, and for over a century, dentists have used hypnosis to ease discomfort during dental procedures. I say this to prepare you. Consider a script for weight loss that begins like this: Now, you will imagine that you are a machine and you can put different types of batteries in your power center. You have been choosing batteries which do not last long and leave a residue. From now on, you will chose proper batteries which power you for a long time and do not leave a residue.

Lets say that you are not interested or inspired by the machine analogy used in the script. Also, your client is not interested in machines at all. Would this script be appropriate? Probably not. Would it be more powerful to use a script that related to something you and your client related to? Although the analogies are good and potentially powerful, if they do not feel natural for you, you will not be confident when reading them.

And, more importantly, if they do not feel natural for the client, another script choice would be more appropriate. So go through any script you intend to use. Make sure there are no surprises. If someone hands you a script and says, Here. Use this when you have someone who wants to lose weight, make sure you go through the script ahead of time. Do not be afraid to alter a script. Scripts are not written in stone. Make the script into something that flows freely from your mouth. One of the books I recommend at the end of this book, The Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors by Hammond, contains many good scripts.

However, they were written by hypnotherapists with advanced educational and medical degrees, and are therefore extremely technical. Take the general idea of these scripts and rewrite them. You have got to tailor things to your own unique flavor. I cannot emphasize that enough. The only rule for modifying scripts is this: Never insert anything that could cause harm. We do not harm people. We help people. Say good things. Do not say frightening or harmful things. Do not excite your client. Bore him. Everything is calm. Everything is peaceful.

Everything is beautiful. Everything is positive. As long as you remember not to harm people, your script will be fine. If you do not have a script to modify, you will have to write your own script. Lets assume that your client wants to lose weight and you do not have a script. What should you do? Do you give up? You do not give up. You take heart in the fact that everything you need is already within you.

You just need a little guidance. So lets take this step-by-step. First of all, ask yourself what the goal is. Here, the goal is for the client to lose weight. Before writing the script, you need to find out what a reasonable target is. Do not allow the client to expect to lose pounds in six weeks. If you are not sure what is reasonable, consult a dietician or a physician. Remember: if your client is under the care of another healthcare professional, make sure you are agreement with the course of treatment. Find out how much weight the person can expect to lose, and set a reasonable target within a reasonable time frame.

Your due diligence should continue with a conversation with the client. Before you write the script, find out what the client is eating that is harmful. Ask the client: What are the foods you are eating, and when are you eating them? And then work this information into the script.

For example, perhaps the client says, I am eating Snickers bars at 11 p. I am eating three of them a night. I cannot figure out why on earth I am gaining weight. It is just not fair. The script is the place to alter the negative behavior that is causing the problem. Your script will want to tell this client: that he can and will change his behavior. If the person is gaining weight, unable to talk to potential romantic partners, or scared of flying, the script is the place to insert suggestions for positive change.

The script is where the healing takes place. If she is afraid of planes, she gets on that plane. She takes that plane ride. She gets off that plane and nothing has gone wrong. Have her imagine the whole thing. She is safe the entire time. Nothing goes wrong. Be creative. Say things like, You can see the cockpit from where you are sitting and everything looks fine.

And you know that your bags are stowed and you just feel great because everything is taken care of. It is a smooth flight. You look outside. And it is daytime and you see the sky and it is so beautiful. If you are working on motivation, find out why the client is not motivated. Is she unmotivated because she does not think she will accomplish the desired results?

If so, the script should help the client to see herself as having already accomplished the results. The client already has achieved whatever it is that is causing her to procrastinate. If the client is afraid of snakes, have him see a snake from a distance. Tell him, Everything is fine and now if you want to you can walk closer. Only walk as close as you feel comfortable with and no closer. And each time you hear my voice, you can allow yourself to get closer but understand that no harm will come to you.

When writing a script, I am inviting you to use your creativity. I am inviting you to reach inside and pull something out of yourself something that will be helpful. I am not going to tell you a way that is written in stone because that would limit your creativity. Beyond the sky is the limit. Go beyond. Just let it flow.

Keep in mind your plan, your idea, and your motive. Your motivation is to help the person. You are trying to help the client. Everything is uplifting. We are not dwelling on the negative. We focus on the positive. Keep your eye on the mark and remember that you will end up at whatever point on which you have focused.

Likewise, we want to keep the clients focus on the positive change from within. The client should imagine that the change has happened. We want the client to think: I am already flying. I am not planning on it. I am getting on that plane. I am not imagining it. I am flying. I am getting as close to that snake as I feel comfortable. I am taking the steps to get to that escalator and I am on it and everything is fine. As discussed earlier, a persons body does not know the difference between imaging something and having it actually happen. This means that the client has the advantage of knowing rationally that the situation is not occurring, but physically and emotionally the client feels he has experienced the event.

Therefore, when it comes time for the client to go down the escalator, his body will feel as though he has a positive and successful experience under his belt. Though they are the meat of the session, scripts should not exceed 10 minutes when read slowly aloud. The following chapters contain scripts which can be used by you in working with yourself or working with clients. I have divided them into chapters to make referencing them easier.

Keep in mind that the chapter titles are only general guides and that some scripts could be used for multiple purposes. You may also feel free to modify any of my scripts to suit you particular needs. For more scripts, please visit www. Charisma And as you relax you can see in front of you is a hallway, in your mind. And as you look down the hallway you can see a door. That door is a door to a room of your own choosing in which you will feel safe and comfortable. As you come closer to the end of the hallway, you can see the door more clearly. This door will keep out all of the negative messages, all the negative words, all the negative behaviors you have perceived from your world as a child which made you feel bad about yourself.

There is no room here for such negative messages. I would like you to look at the door very carefully, even the doorknob and understand that this is a room of your own choosing in which you will feel safe and comfortable. Early positive messages and experiences enter, but all negative messages must stay outside. And now I want you to open that door and then walk in and close the door behind you and look around the room, this safe room, this safe room that you can visit anytime you choose by just closing your eyes. Look around and enjoy what you see here. I would like you now to sit or lie down some place in this safe room, wherever you will be comfortable and listen carefully to everything I say to you.

There is a life energy inside of you. It is unique to you. It is your life energy, not anyone elses. It is the energy from whence you came. Life energy only has one purpose and that is to help you to reach your potential as an individual. It is protective. It is healing. And since it is healing and protective, it is therefore loving. I want you to experience that life energy of yours by feeling a light above your head.

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A light from which issues a warm stream of energy, a warm stream of energy and this energy surrounds you like an imaginary cocoon, soft and pliable and it lets you move around within it, yet it protects you like a cocoon. Feel that life energy also penetrating 16 www. This is your life energy. This is the energy from which you will drive your charisma. Your charisma accomplishes two purposes. Your charisma protects you from negativity and it draws others to you, thats right.

The life energy from which your charisma is derived represents your true self, your natural self, your essence. It belongs to no one but you. It is protective, it is healing, and there for loving. Within that life energy are no negative messages, it is free from negative messages.

Negative messages cease to exist here. Feel the protective, positive life energy coursing through every cell of your body now, surrounding and protecting you and realize that from this energy you can draw your charisma. You can pull it out from this energy. Imagine now your charisma coming from this energy. You can make it any color you want. Give it a color. Give it a form, thats right. Realize that it can change forms. Perhaps sometimes it is a sword from which you cut right to the heart of all social matters drawing attention to yourself, attention that you deserve positive attention.

Perhaps sometimes it is a shield protecting you from negative people and their words. Perhaps sometimes it is a racecar, fast, swift, it knows its destination. It knows how to get there and it acts as a vehicle to take you there. Your life energy has sometimes been expressed within you.

Perhaps as a still inner voice and many of us ignore that voice when we hear our own life energy talking, words of wisdom inside us, that we dont always listen to. Those words are really there to protect us. That still inner voice is a nurturing part of you and that nurturing part is an entity, it exists because it is a kind of spokesperson. A spokesperson for that energy, for that healing powerful energy, for that essence which is you. That nurturing part of you is capable of healing both mind and body. It is capable of helping and healing those parts of you that are unhappy, that dont feel good about 17 www.

It is possible for that nurturing self to seek out other parts of you that are not happy and help them, help them become happier, help them become more worthwhile in their own eyes and most importantly, to help them feel loved from inside not the outside world. And to help this process, it is worthwhile for you to think about that nurturing part within you and perhaps to visualize that process going on. Do this as you go about your daily business. Visualize the process of that nurturing part helping out those parts of you that are not so happy inside in a way that comes naturally to you.

In your minds eye and as you continue to do this, think about the nurturing part and you will stimulate that aspect of you and it will become stronger within you because in order to have charisma that you derive from your life energy, you must make sure that all part of you are happy and have been attended to. This process will become easier and easier for you. By approaching this process in this way, you make sure that the charisma you project to the outside world is an honest and is a stable, lasting energy. A very honest, stable, and lasting energy. An energy that is more than skin deep, an energy that comes from your core, from the very core of your being, from the core of who and what you are.

By doing this healing process on a regular basis, you will ensure that when you project your charisma from your life energy, it is rock solid through and through and unstoppable. So as your healing progresses you will come to feel better about yourself, stronger, more self-confident, and therefore happier and when you feel happier and better about yourself, the world will respond to you in a more positive way.

So imagine yourself now in a social situation in which you want to use your charisma. You imagine it taking a shape, taking a shape from your life energy, your life energy gives it a shape, thats right. Anything you choose. And now you will use that energy in the form you have chosen, see yourself using your energy, 18 www. See yourself influencing people. See yourself getting what you want. See yourself standing tall and firm, thats right. Regardless of your height, regardless of your weight, you stand tall and firm, thats right. Its as if you tower above everybody else where you are because your charisma is so powerful it allows you to do this.

And day by day you will become better and better at using your charisma at choosing a shape for it, whether offensively or defensively and then putting that shape to good use and this will become easier and easier for you day by day. So I want you to practice everyday at least for the next few weeks, taking your life energy, choosing a shape for it, and then using that charisma in that shape.

And with practice and diligence and belief in yourself, very soon charisma will be automatic for you. There will be no need to think about it, no need to form the shape. It will just be automatic.

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You will automatically have what you need offensively or defensively, or both in every situation always for the rest of your life. So congratulations on your powerful choice to tap into your life power and use your true charisma. Capricorn And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are Capricorn.

You appear to be reserved and cool, but you are actually eager and passionate. And I want you to understand that it is okay to show these aspects of your personality. It s okay to appear eager and passionate. Its okay to be in touch with your true feelings and share them with the world. You are very pragmatic. You are perhaps the most practical, even of the earth signs and thats fine, because as an earth sign you have a need to be grounded, to have a firm base from which to operate and that is fine.

That is part of who you are and realize that once that firm base is established, can have fun. Many Capricorns, as the age chronologically actually seem to get younger inside, in their minds, having more and more fun as they become more and more established and thats fine, but realize that even if you are young, relatively speaking, its okay to have more fun right now. Its okay to be spontaneous. You are intense. You are loyal and you are capable of handling pressure.

You are capable of meeting deadlines. You are capable of managing a business and a career. And at the same time you are capable of being handy enough at home to be termed a domestic engineer. And these thing are okay because no matter what you do it is okay to take care of things at home. Let go of the ideas you may have heard in the past. Let go of the ideas of being grounded as being boring, let go of that.

Instead, embrace the idea of taking care of your home and finances and career and on top of that add some fun. Add some spontaneity. I think youll find that when you make time for fun, your career and your finances sky rocket because when youre relaxed and having fun, thats when your brilliant ideas will come to you. Thats when your ideas for the next level will come to you, when 20 www. Capricorn, I understand that you have an intense love of knowledge and thats why on this recording I am taking extra time to educate you about yourself because you of all the signs have a deep appreciation for solid, factual knowledge.

I understand that you understand the meaning of adversity because you overcome odds. You are what we might call the comeback kid, thats right. You can be knocked down, you are always up before the count of ten and thats a wonderful thing about you Capricorn, your determination. And I really want you to tap into that consistently because I know that in the past you have been perhaps prone to laziness, thats right.

Maybe keeping an appearance of being busy, but really being lazy and thats okay, thats the past. I want you to see a future in which rather than leaning toward laziness, you make time for fun or you have spontaneous fun or you have spontaneous fun.

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So when you appear to be doing something, how about really doing it Capricorn. Who cares what the world thinks. Lets focus from now on, on whats really going on. You are either working or playing and when you are playing, its okay. I understand that you are a wonderful ally, and a formidable foe. I understand that when people take you for granted, it can be upsetting. I want you to let go for your concern of what other people think of you. I understand that in the past you have been very concerned about how you appear socially.

Lets focus instead Capricorn on really getting down to business, on really focusing on what you need to do. The truth is that the more you try to control how the world sees you, the more you lose focus on what you are really supposed to be doing. So how about, rather than playing the politician, if you just do your job to the best of your ability and focus on that grand plan in the distance. And concerning that grand plan, Capricorn, how about if we speed that up a little bit, thats right. I understand that you are represented by the goat, and you like the slow 21 www.

Its okay to accelerate your success. Certain things, such as education, take awhile, but certain things dont have to take awhile Capricorn. Certain things get delayed because you have chosen to delay them. From now on, how about accelerating things a bit. The truth is the sooner you get to the top of that hill, the sooner you can realize that there are many mountains you want to get to the top of also. So have fun on your way up, taking stops occasionally to just play.

But how about walking directly up from now on, any hill or any mountain that you set your sights on. Speaking of achievement, Capricorn, I want you to realize that there have been more boxers, more professional boxers who have been champions born under your sign than any other, thats right. Its true that you are a champion.

You eventually meet your goal. Realize that right now you are a champion and it is only a matter of time before the world realizes it and you know this to be true. You know that that great, amazing idea in your mind is going to show the world that is goingto cause them to stand in awe. You know it, I know it, and soon the world will know it. You are a champion. Start treating yourself like a champion. Realize that very soon the world will realize that you are a winner.

Capricorn you are associated with Saturn. Saturn is respected and feared. Quite often you are respected and feared because of your knowledge, because of your drive, because of the fact that you are clearly on your way to the top. This is your natural position, moving toward the top or being on the top, so always set your sights on the top.

Saturn represents power, responsibility, and eventual recognition. Realize that eventual can be sped up, can happen, build that firm foundation and just go for it. I understand Capricorn that you talk a lot. You talk about what you are going to do. You talk about your plans for the future. You 22 www. How about if were honest right now Capricorn and how about if we realize that you have been delaying your greatness.

You have been delaying showing the great person you are to the rest of the world. Greatness is wonderful thing Capricorn but you must share it with the world in order it to reach its fruition. So as were honest right here, right now, lets have less talk, and more action in the future. Lets have less talk about goals and lets get busy actually working toward those goals at an accelerated pace. Remember you will stop whenever you want to to have fun and thats okay. Capricorn I realize that you have a strong need for love.

Some people see you as cold, but I see deeper than that and you hopefully see yourself deeper than that. Your love for warmth, your love for a beautiful, relaxing home is all you need to draw to you the appropriate person or to keep that appropriate person in your life. So create your home to be the beautiful place you imagine it will be. Finish those projects around the home Capricorn. I know there are those projects you have started and not yet completed. That is in the past. Now is the time to complete those projects and look into new even more exciting projects, focusing on your home life and the warmth of the home will help you draw love toward you or keep that love with you.

I understand that sometimes you do things for shock value, thats right. Which is somewhat out of the ordinary for you, yet for some reason you enjoy this. That is fine. If you have ever questioned that part of yourself, I want you now to accept it, that sometimes you do things for shock value and thats okay, as long as those thins are contributing somehow to the knowledge of others.

Your sign deals with leadership and profession and occupation and career. Youre tough and you know it. You take on burdens and thats good, but realize that its okay to say no. Realize that it is okay to say no in the future. I realize that you are earthly and practical, yet your eyes look out to the future and toward utopia. You are extremely practical in the here and now. You make up your mind, you set your sights and it is almost impossible to stop you and this is a wonderful quality about you Capricorn.

That ambition, that inward strength, that aspiration, that idea of attainment, yet it is coupled with responsibility.

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Embrace all of those things as your power Capricorn. Because they represent real meaning to you. I want you to caution you to not overindulge in eating or drinking. Realize that no matter how many obstacles are in your way, you can overcome these obstacles. So let go of the idea of eating and drinking excessively. You eat appropriate foods and eat appropriate amounts from now on. And if drinking has been a challenge in the past, control it in the future. Its simple Capricorn, just make up your mind to do these things.

You are patient and you are persistent. You are also sensuous. I understand that you can do with out food and sleep better than you can do without love and thats fine. Be who you are. Embrace that sensuous side of yourself, your love for love. And thats okay to show that side of yourself. Let go of the idea of that appearing weak when you show love. When you let go for a little while.

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  • You know that you are going somewhere. You know that time is on your side. And that you will meet your goals but once again, Capricorn, realize that time is relative and if you have a twenty year plan, why not make it ten year plan? Or a five year plan. Why not speed things up a bit. Because the truth is we are all waiting to see the full unfolding of your wonderful plan so lets see it Capricorn, lets see it soon.

    Cancer Zodiac And now cancer as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are. Your sign is associated with the moon and everyone knows that the moon is associated with romance. Your sign also associates with family, protection, and loved ones, making sure that your loved ones are able to take solid steps toward their goals.

    You realize that you are a wonderful, warm person with an inner rock that radiates outward. When you love, you love in a very loyal way which creates an awe of being permanent. You are very direct [pause]. You enjoy telling people where they stand [pause]. You help people feel secure, as well. And you can help them earn money and teach them plenty about themselves. You are very intuitive, one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. Many believe that you have psychic powers.

    Cancer, I want you to develop your psychic powers if you feel that you have an inclination to do so. Developing psychic powers for you would be very easy. You realize that you are sensitive and emotional. Cancer, I want you to realize that being sensitive is wonderful but you must also realize that not everyone who says things which you take offense to actually means to hurt you.

    Some people simply say things because that is their way. So cancer, I want you to become more comfortable with accepting people for who they are and what they say and let go of being overly sensitive. You have the ability to foresee cycles and trends, so if you are involved in any kind of marketplace, you will be able to use your powers to see what is going to happen next and you can use this to become wealthy if you choose, or help others in their path to become wealthy.

    You realize that you are a very intriguing and interesting sign. You are dynamic and you are important. I want you to realize Cancer that you can be possessive. You can, on the 25 www. So perhaps over the next few weeks you can work on being less possessive. On the positive side you acquire and utilize many skills and you also acquire wealth. You have a great sense of security. Use this sense of security, Cancer, to build a very powerful financial foundation for yourself and your family.

    Sometimes Cancer, you tend to be moody. Perhaps you can even out these moods by being more honest with those around you, by sharing with them what you really feel and by handling things in the moment before they get out of hand. You are a very responsible person. You are aware of the past, present, and future.

    You are aware of the implications of your actions. This allows you to be very caring when dealing with others. Sometimes cancer you can tend to lose yourself in others. Be careful to maintain your individuality even in a relationship it is important for you to be a strong, solid individual, this way you can give to the relationship and share and still maintain your individual identity.

    Sometimes, Cancer, in an argument its okay to lose the argument and show an appreciation for the intellectual exchange. Be aware of this when you are arguing and realize its okay to have a friendly exchange without getting emotionally attached to the argument. Cancer you are a warm and generous person. Realize that you want things on your own terms, but realize that its okay to have give and take. Its okay to let the other person have their way sometimes. You are a wonderful, powerful, protective person willing to give almost anything for the ones you love, this is a wonderful quality about you, but be sure to maintain your individuality.

    I want you to relax now and realize you are a wonderful person. If you need to make any changes in the way you are doing things, you will be able to make those changes easily, almost effortlessly and you will become the person you want to become. Bulimia And as you continue to relax, you feel so at peace with yourself, so completely at peace with yourself. And you realize now how powerful you are and that you can let go of binge eating and when you do eat, you feel completely in control, completely in control.

    You realize that your selfworth comes from your integrity. Your self-worth comes from the inside from what is in your heart, your integrity. And you realize now that you have an amazing amount of integrity and therefore an amazing amount of self-worth. And you realize what a wonderful person you are. What a wonderful, relaxed person you are. You continue to relax as you now imagine seeing yourself as the beautiful person you are. Seeing yourself as though in a mirror, seeing your physical body and the person inside. Realizing that both are beautiful, both are worthy of love and you are able to talk about your feelings freely, letting go of selfdoubt, letting go of any anger, relaxing more and more, day by day.

    And you realize that all of your actions happen with consideration of the consequences, therefore you take appropriate actions in your life and you are very responsible. You handle your life in a very responsible way. Most importantly, you are kind to yourself. You are kind to yourself. Breast Enlargement And as you relax deeper, deeper and more deeply relaxed, you realize just how powerful you are, just how in charge you are of your life. Your mind is very powerful; your mind is in charge of every activity in which you engage.

    Your mind is also in charge of all the physiological processes in your body. Id like you now for a moment to just relax and focus on your breasts. Just relax and drift and continue breathing easily and focus on your breasts. And since your mind is in charge of all of the physiological processes of your body, you realize that your mind is in charge of your breasts as well. And you realize that your breasts are made up of cells, mostly fat cells, this is what breasts are mostly made of. And as you relax you focus some energy on your breasts.

    Imagine, if you will, that you are still on that beach and a ray from the sun is now beaming down on your breasts, warming them, relaxing them, causing the cells in your breasts to enlarge. And as you increase the blood flow to your breasts and as you increase the size of your breasts by increasing the size and numbers of cells in your breasts, you relax and you realize now that this is normal.

    Your ability to control your body is normal. You can decide when to walk. You can decide when to sit. You can decide when to stand. You can also decide when your breasts will increase in size. It is improving over and over again that the mind is in charge of everything. Your mind is in charge of what you do, what you think of course, and what your body does and because your mind has this capacity to be in charge of all these things, your mind is very easily able to be in charge of the size of your breasts.

    So now you focus that energy coming from the sun, that sun that you imagine being overhead, that warm, relaxing sun. You focus the energy of that sun on your breasts. And you feel a warmth there, a warmth radiating out from your breasts and this is very relaxing as you actually feel them 29 www.

    And over the next few days and few months you will feel your breasts continuing to increase in size. And this is normal because just as you were in charge of where you walk, when you stand, when you sit, you are also in charge of every physiological process in your body. You are in charge of your breasts and how large they are. So now I would like you to imagine in your mind, your ideal size of your breasts. And realize that over the next few days, few weeks, few months, your breasts will increase to that size, to that ideal size because as you relax you really tune in to your subconscious power, to affect the physiological processes fo your body.

    You really tune into your power to increase your breast size. And that feels so good. That power, that ability, knowing that you have it, knowing that youve always had it and now focusing that warm powerful energy from the sun onto your breasts, allowing them, every time you listen to this recording, to increase in size until they reach that ideal size which you want them to be.

    So relax now and realize that everything is going to be just fine because you are in charge of the size of your breasts and you choose what size they will be and that feels wonderful. Coping with Divorce Child And as you continue to relax, you realize just how strong you are. You are a very mentally strong and emotionally strong person. And you realize that day by day you are becoming more and more happy with your life. You realize that certain things happen in your life and that is okay. You realize that you are wonderful person and other people take certain actions because that is what they want to do.

    You are still a wonderful person and you always be a wonderful and strong person. And I want you now to realize that your mother and father have made a decision, a decision that is right for the moment, a decision that is fine, a decision that you will be very comfortable with. They have decided that they no longer desire to remain married and that is fine, that is fine. You are very comfortable with that decision. You realize that your self worth comes from inside you and that you are a very powerful person inside.

    You are emotionally strong. You are mentally strong, thats right. And you continue to enjoy life and have fun and you realize that your parents love you very much and they have made a decision that is okay and you can be comfortable with that decision and honor that decision and you also honor yourself by treating yourself like a wonderful person because you are a wonderful person and you always treat yourself with respect and you always treat others with respect.

    You always treat your parents with respect because you a very respectful person and that feels wonderful. So relax now and realize that your life is just fine and it will continue to get better and better and more interesting and more fun and more exciting as you follow your dreams and live your life to the fullest.

    So relax now and realize that everything is just fine. Discover Your Passion And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed, I would like you now to imagine yourself sitting in a room in your mind and in front of you, you see several television screens. And these screens are showing you doing something different, thats right.

    They are showing you doing different jobs or being in different professions or simply doing different things. There are five screens showing you doing five different things. Now we want to discover which one of these is showing you doing what you are most passionate about. So as I continue speaking now, one of the screens goes blank. This is the screen which shows you doing something which you are least interested in doing out of the five things.

    So now one of the screens goes blank because you werent really that interested in doing that thing at least not compared to the other four things. So now all you see are four screens, the other screen just goes away and you see yourself doing something different in each of the screens. And as you see yourself in those screens, really pay attention to what you are doing on each screen. You are doing something in each of them and as I continue talking now, another one of the screens goes blank because that screen was showing you doing something which was not as exciting for you as what the other screens were now showing.

    So now the fourth screen has gone blank and now disappears completely and you only see yourself in three screens and in each of those screens you are doing something whether it is a job, profession, or just something. Now, as I mentioned you want to decide which one of those things you are most passionate about and I am here to help you by eliminating screens that dont belong. That is my role. Your role is to make the ultimate decision, which of these things are you most passionate about?

    Koleksi Buku AWG Institute

    So in a moment one of the three screens will become very large and 32 www. That screen will be the thing about which you are most passionate. I am going to count down from three to one and when I reach the number one, one of the screens will become large and the two others will be pushed out of your sight. And now you see in front of you your passion. And you will remember this.

    • Wormholes Young Adult Edition.
    • Athenas Plot: The Stage Play.
    • Derniers Contes (French Edition)?
    • You will remember your passion. I want you to imagine yourself six months from now having pursued this passion, having taken the steps necessary to develop this profession. Whether it is a job, a profession, or something you want to do, six months from now. Now I would like you to look back to the present from six months in the future.

      Notice all the simple and easy steps which were necessary to get you from where you are now to six months in the future when you are enjoying that passion, when you have developed that passion. See all the steps easily, laid out in front of you. And now as you come back to the present, you realize that you will take those steps to fulfill your passion.

      You will do this easily. And you will enjoy doing it because that thing that you saw, whatever it may be, is your passion and you will pursue your passion. It will almost seem effortless because you enjoy it. So relax now and realize that everything is going to be just fine. Discover the Power of Water And as you continue relaxing deeper and deeper and more deeply relaxed, I would like you to imagine your body to be a glass cylinder. Imagine yourself standing upright. Your body is a glass cylinder. And now you imagine that in through the top of your head there is clean, clear, cleansing, soothing water pouring in, into the glass cylinder which is your body, in through the top of your head and as it does powerful water begins to fill your body just like a glass.

      Filling your body from the bottom up, so as the water pours in through your head it goes all the way down to your feet, warming your feet, relaxing your feet, soothing your feet. And the warm, healing, cleansing water begins to move up now, up your legs, up to your knees, relaxing you as it goes up your body, moving up to your thighs now, relaxing your thighs completely.

      Feel the water warming your legs now. As they warm, they are healing, allowing your body to release toxins. Now the water moves up to your pelvic area and to your abdominal area. Relaxing and soothing all of the muscles and all of the organs of your body as it rises slowly. Moving up now to your chest area, relaxing, cleansing, healing all of the organs in your chest area. Now feel it pour down to your arms and starting with your finger tips, the warm, soothing water moves up to your hands and your wrists, your forearms, your elbows, all the way up your arms, all the way up to your shoulders.

      Now your entire body is full all the way up to your neck and it feels so good and relaxing and the healing, cleansing, relaxing water moves up to your face relaxing your mouth, your cheeks, your nose, your ears, your eyes, your eyebrows, your forehead all the way up and now your body is completely full of the relaxing clear water. So relax now as the clean, clear water begins to warm slightly and as it does, it activates all of the cells in your body, cleansing them, healing them.

      Think of water 34 www. Feel your body come into harmony now with itself and with its surroundings as you enjoy the power of water. Water warms a little more now and you relax even more deeply. Feel every cell in your body being energized and cleansed and healed and if there is any challenge in any part of your body, feel that part being healed now, cleansed, purified.

      Feel the cells of that part of your body releasing any toxins where they will properly dealt with by your body and eliminated by your body, thats right. Feel this process happening now. The water is working extra hard to relax your body and cleanse it, thats right. Cleansing your body naturally, feel this process continuing long after this hypnosis session is over cleansing, healing, repairing, and restoring your body. I want you now to imagine at the bottom of each of your feet the liquid is now draining out of your body and you can think of this process as an oil change of a vehicle.

      The oil goes into the engine, lubricates the engine, cleans the engine and then it need to be changed.

      You are releasing the water now, notice its a little dirty. It has picked up a few toxins from your body and it is now releasing them out through the bottom of your feet so that the next time you perform this process, your body will already have been cleaned. And each time you repeat this process your body becomes cleaner and cleaner, more and more free of toxins.

      You begin to realize how powerful water is. Your body is almost empty now of the water which has turned a slight brown color. It is a little dirty, that is normal and natural because it has cleansed your body. All the toxins are leaving your body now and now as the last few drops drain out, your body fills itself with natural energy.

      You can imagine this to be any color you want. Feel your body filling itself from every cell of your body with natural, vital energy allowing you to enjoy the power of water. You realize how powerful water is. You make sure that when 35 www. You drink eight glasses of water a day. You make sure that when you are thirsty, you drink water. Water is the most natural drink and it is the healthiest drink for your body.

      You enjoy drinking water because it makes you healthy and it has a powerful affect on you. You are developing healthy habits, eating things which are healthy for you, avoiding things which are unhealthy. Choosing exercise on a regular basis, keeping your mind healthy as well with positive thoughts, powerful, productive ideas, taking care of your spiritual health. If you have a faith, you find yourself more interested in that faith because you take care of your spiritual health.

      Mind, body, and soul, in perfect harmony, in perfect balance, perfect balance, the way you were designed to operate. So relax and realize that everything is going to be just fine because day by day you are becoming more and more healthy. The natural state of your body is a healthy state. Your body is now instructed to be in perfect, perfect health. So relax, relax, relax. Discover the Peaceful Outdoors And as you continue relaxing deeper, deeper, and more deeply relaxed you realize that you want to be more in tune with the outdoors.

      Soon, you will realize that nature welcomes everybody and you will come to enjoy the peaceful outdoors. You become very interested in the world outside your home. Perhaps you do a little research and find out what parks are in your area or maybe you find some nature trails. You become interested in seeking peacefulness of the outdoors. Now imagine that you have found a very peaceful place in your town. Perhaps you are surrounded by trees as far as you can see. Or maybe you are in a wide open field. Perhaps you are on a river or on a lake or on a mountain.

      Whatever place you would like to imagine, go ahead and imagine it now. What do you see around you? Try to capture the images of the different plants you see around you. Perhaps you see different animals. Really take in your surroundings. What does the sky look like? What is the color the sky and are there clouds out?