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She said it had never occurred to her that it was presumptuous to attempt a modern version of another author's work. As a folklorist - her day job is in the National Library - she knew that was what storytellers did: retell stories.

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Also there was her husband, academic Bo Almquist, whom she met while studying for her PhD. The first in an annual series of lectures named after Frank O'Connor and taking place in his native Cork will be given by American novelist and short story writer Richard Ford on November 13th.

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The lecture series is another building block in the city's acknowledgment of O'Connor's importance. Now University College Cork is initiating the lecture series. Outlets for short stories aren't in huge supply, so it's welcome news that the Stinging Fly Press is seeking submissions of stories for a new anthology to be published next summer. Last year's one, These Are Our Lives, featured 22 stories. Submissions to.

At the same time, they argue that even the possibility of executing an innocent man is justification for abolishing capital punishment. It would be difficult to name a single sphere of human activity that has not been marred on some occasion by a deplorable mishap, capital punishment not excepted. But, as G.

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Edward Griffin reminds us in The Great Prison Break : "If we design a legal system that will be so generous to the suspect that there is absolutely no possibility of unjustly convicting that one out of ten thousand defendants who, in spite of overwhelming evidence, is really innocent, then we have also designed a legal system that is utterly incapable of convicting the other about whose guilt there is no mistake. An August 3, study by the Legislative Reference Service LRS of the Library of Congress reported: "There have been no known cases of the execution of an innocent man in this country.

Bedau and Radelet cite one case from the last century that the LRS apparently overlooked. William Jackson Marion was hanged in Nebraska on March 25, Judges and juries can make mistakes. So can psychiatrists and parole boards.

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Many "reformed" or "cured" killers have been sent back to society to kill again, and many a murderer has escaped to kill again, or simply killed guards or fellow inmates within prisons. Critics of the death penalty would have us lose sleep worrying about the possibility that our system of justice may misfire and execute an innocent person once in a great while, but they shed few tears for the demonstrably large number of innocent people who have died due to judicial and jury leniency and erroneous psychiatric evaluation.

He was released after serving just 11 years, and in murdered a California policeman. He was given "life" for that killing, but was paroled in After being recaptured, he then killed the prison warden and his deputy. Edgar Hoover reported the case of a Florida prisoner who committed two murders, received clemency for each, and then murdered twice more.

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On March 17, Hoover told a congressional subcommittee that 19 of the killers responsible for the murder of policemen during the s had been previously convicted of murder. In , Taborsky was found guilty of another murder, for which he was electrocuted in May Before his execution, he confessed to the murder. In , he was charged with fatally stabbing a prison doctor and an assistant prison superintendent, but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. In , his conviction was overturned on a technicality by the Virginia Supreme Court. He was re-tried, again found guilty, but given a year sentence instead of life.

Since he had already served 18 years, and had some time off for "good behavior," he was released. On December 31, he was arrested and charged in the murder of two men in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He was convicted, but given a life sentence rather than death. After serving 17 years, he was paroled. He violated his parole, was returned to prison, but was again paroled in , after which he shot and killed an year-old Asbury Park, New Jersey, girl.

He also killed three other year-old New Jersey girls and a year-old man. He later killed a fellow inmate and was executed for the second killing in In , he was given a brief leave from prison, during which he raped and murdered a cousin. He was sentenced to death for that crime and was executed on November 17, He was executed for that second killing on September 2, Palmes was executed for the killing on November 8, An accomplice, Ronald Straight, was executed on May 20, The other accomplice, a woman, was granted immunity for testifying for the prosecution.

At the time, he was a fugitive from a work release program in Maryland, where he had been convicted of manslaughter. In , he tried to escape. In January of this year he was transferred to a minimum-security facility. On June 22, he walked away from a ten-inmate crew catering a school banquet.

Cruel and Unusual Leniency

Two days later, he was arrested and charged with stabbing a woman to death at a Tallahassee shopping mall. He was convicted of manslaughter and received a year-to-life sentence. Adan sued Abbott for her husband's wrongful death and her pain and suffering.

On November 9, , Associate U. Attorney General D.

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Particularly in her essays about L. In the post-reading talk at Literati, she described how part of the process of writing this book was learning how to give Didion up as a guiding star and become her own writer. As the reader gets further into the collection, it seems to grow more and more compelling, particularly in the places where the author engages in more explicit memoir.

But often the same ideas recur in vastly different contexts, and not always in the same way.