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There is hope for us only as we come under the Abrahamic covenant, which is the covenant of grace by faith in Christ Jesus. The gospel preached to Abraham, through which he had hope, was the same gospel that is preached to us today… Abraham looked unto Jesus, who is also the author and the finisher of our faith.

This article is too short to cover adequately the topic of the two covenants. The first covenant was about the kingdom of Israel, the second the kingdom of God Mark , Mark , Matthew The first did not have everything open to it that the second does because the Holy Spirit was not given in the same way see John along with Acts ; Hebrews Thanks for your comment. This was not an article intended to be comprehensive on the topic.

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For instance, Romans 7, verse Does that mean we need to just give up? Listen to what he says here. Romans 8, verses 1 and 2 - not Romans , 2. They do not walk after the flesh - a walk means your pattern, your behavior, your direction. It's almost like two animals that are at war. And I don't remember if it was dwight moody or billy Sunday that used to use the illustration that said, 'if you take two dogs and you're going to fight those dogs against each other and they're the same size, same breed, same age, and you put one in one backyard and feed him the best of dog food and pet him and comb him and exercise him and give him plenty of water to drink, and then you chain the other dog in another backyard where his neck is tied five inches away from a post and don't give him anything to eat or drink or exercise for a week.

Starve him. And then you put those two dogs in the same backyard to fight - male dogs often do that, they're territorial. Which dog is going to win? The one that you've cared for is the one that wins when the fight comes. You have two natures and we are making decisions every day which nature to care for. If we are feeding the Spiritual nature, if we are caring and grooming for Christ in you. If you're reading the word, if you're spending time in prayer, if you're sharing your faith - and those three great disciplines of the Christian life that you find in the holy place of the sanctuary.

The light, the bread, the altar of incense. Which is prayer, the word of God, and witnessing - letting your light shine. If every Christian is involved in those things - and then at the same time, we are subduing - Paul says, 'you wrestle against the desires and the things of the flesh. Just - and then there's mental food, programs and things that a person can watch. And you know you - just even music. There's music that is carnal music. Do we know that?

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And so, all these things that you could do that would just strengthen and fortify the carnal nature - then when the battle comes, you're deciding way ahead of time how long that battle's going to be, how fierce it's going to be, and who's going to win, by what nature we are choosing to feed.

Now, it's only by the grace of God. We need Jesus to intervene in our lives and give us grace to make the right little choices about feeding the right nature. But he has given us a mind and he's given us the ability to make those choices. All right, so you've got this battle between the Spirit and the flesh.

I've got a couple more verses on that. Romans 8 - I think someone's going to read verses 4 to 6 for us. Who has that? Let's get you a microphone. Right up here. For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit, the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Now, doesn't that say exactly what we just talked about?

With the two dogs at war? We have to decide, do we want to be carnally minded or spiritually minded? If we're going to be spiritually minded, set your mind upon the things of the Spirit. Friends, now I wish I had a big bell I could ring right now because I'd ring it. I'd say, 'all right, attention everybody.

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Do you want to have a revival in your life? You're not going to find it at the drug store. If you have a revival in your life, it's not some pill that you take. If you want a revival in your life, set your mind on the things of the Spirit. Now, can I be specific with you? You know, sometimes the Lord wants us to be specific. When Jesus met with the woman at the well, as long as she was talking with him about where they were supposed to pray and on which mountain they were supposed to worship, and that kind of stuff, she was happy to talk to him.

But then he said, 'go call your husband. He wanted to reveal himself to her, but he said, 'before I reveal myself to you, you've got to deal with something going on in your life. I mean, I hope you're watching abn and hope channel and that's your only programming is Christian programming. But I know better. And, if we're filling our minds - and you know, it's not that you need to all throw away your t. Some of us would probably be well to do that. And, keep in mind, we produce t. Programs, we're doing it at this moment. But you're better off chopping off your foot and your hand and plucking out your eye and going to heaven than saying, 'well, in order for me to keep my Christian programming I've also got to watch all this other junk.

But if I was to say, 'here's an area that I think is absolutely strangling the Spiritual vitality of Christians, especially in North America, it's just the tsunami of carnal programming that we watch and listen to and read and we wonder why we're not closer to the Lord. To be carnally minded is death. You have to consciously choose that, 'I am not going to be taking those things into my mind. And it's something you've got to decide every day - 'to make a covenant with your eyes', as job said. Whether it's a billboard on the freeway. It might even been an advertisement in a good magazine or on a television program.

I mean, some stuff is so despicable out there. We're living in sodom and gomorrah. And so you're just surrounded by it.

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Unless you admit that and say, 'I've to to really - I've got to make a herculean effort to set my mind on the things of the Spirit. By the renewing of your mind. By choosing what you listen to, what you watch, what you read, what you talk about. And we can become Christ like by feeding our souls on that which is good.

Isaiah said, 'why do you eat that which is not bread? All right, let's go back to Galatians 4, verse And you've got these different stories that are allegories in the Bible. Well, I didn't make that up. Really, Paul and the other Bible writers, they looked for these allegories in the old testament stories. So here - one I never would have spotted if Paul hadn't said something - here Paul is saying the living experience of Abraham, hagar, Sarah is an allegory of salvation. So I think that's important for us to know that there are some allegories in the stories of the old testament that teach us about salvation.

An example would be the children of Israel being saved by Moses from the slavery of Egypt and brought to the promised land is an allegory of salvation. Did it historically really happen? But that experience also, in itself, is a lesson - it's a symbol of how God saves us from the slavery to the devil, brings us through that wilderness where he teaches and sanctifies us, leads us into the promised land. It's really history, but it's a symbol. Its' an allegory. For the one from Mount Sinai that genders bondage, which is hagar. You know, most people believe that the traditional location for Mount Sinai is in the sinai peninsula, which is a little triangular peninsula separating Egypt and Israel, but here, Paul distinctly says that sinai is in arabia, and a lot of scholars think it actually was arabia.

That the little spit of water that they crossed to get to the sinai peninsula was not the obstacle. They got trapped in the sinai peninsula by the Egyptians and they had to cross what was then called the red sea - a gulf between that and arabia. Another reason for this - how long did it take Elijah to get from Carmel to Mount Sinai? When he was eating that angel food, how long did he go on the strength of that food. Days and 40 nights. And where did he go? Mount Sinai. It doesn't take 40 days and 40 nights to get from the land of Israel to the sinai peninsula. There are some mountains that are actually fenced off by saudi arabia in the arabian peninsula that many believe are the real Mount Sinai.

But, you know, like I said, that's just trivia, I thought you might want to know. When Paul wrote, was Jerusalem free? When Paul wrote Galatians, what was the condition of Jerusalem and the people? The children of Jerusalem? They were enslaved by the Romans. So he's basically saying, 'they're enslaved doubly. He said 'that Mount Sinai is like the earthly Mount Zion right now. Mount Zion and mount moriah are the same. But he's saying it's the mountain of the Lord above. The new Jerusalem that's going to come down out of heaven.

It says, 'now she's in bondage with her children. For it is written, 'rejoice thou' - when he says mother of us all, who are the all that he's talking about? Does the Jerusalem above - do you have to be a jew to go in the gates? When it says mother of us all who is Paul writing to in this letter? He's talking to galatian Christians who are sort of being hassled by some of the Jewish converts that they had to be circumcised and keep the ceremonial laws, right? So he's reminding the galatian converts that were gentiles that the Jerusalem above is for all of us.

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  4. It's not a city that is just a holy city for physical, literal jews. It is the holy city for all spiritual jews. Break forth and cry thou that travailest not: for the desolate has many more children than she that hath a husband. Someone look up for me 1 Samuel - I think I gave it out - Samuel 2, verse 5 - did I give that to anybody?

    Now, I can think of, and you've heard me say this before, usually around Christmas I start talking about it, there are seven miracle births in the Bible of women who were barren that bore. Can you name them with me? Oh, pick one. All right, Sarah - and what was Sarah's son's name? Hannah - and her son was? Rachel was barren and her son was? First son - Joseph. Did I hear someone say sampson? Well let me say it, miNoah's wife. We don't know her name. Her son was sampson. Was she barren? That's what it says. The shunamite woman.

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    Remember, she was barren. Elijah prayed for her - miracle - she had a son. Then you've got elizabeth, in the new testament, that was barren. And we left one out and that's rebeccah. Rebeccah was married for 20 years with Isaac and they couldn't have any children. He prayed and she finally had twins, which always reminds us to watch what you pray for. Every one of those seven children ended up becoming a type of Christ.

    The Two Covenants

    Think about it for a second. Was Isaac a type of Christ? When he goes up the mountain to the place of sacrifice with his father - and he's a willing sacrifice - and he's got the wood on his back. Did God's son go up a mountain with wood on his back and become a willing sacrifice? The beloved son of The Father? Then you've got Jacob.

    Is he a type of Christ? Yeah, the fact that he is the father of the 12 patriarchs and Jesus, through the 12 apostles, sends out his church. You've got - rachel has Joseph. Is Joseph a type of Christ? How not? In every way Joseph is a type of Christ. He forgives his brethren that sell him for the price of a slave. They take his garment covered with blood and present it to the father to cover their sin. He feeds the whole world with bread. I mean it's just on and on that you could talk about the types of Christ in Joseph.

    And then you've got the shunamite woman. I wish we knew her name, she appears several times. This shunamite - by the way, were all of these women jews? Not this one. She has a boy - we don't know his name, but he's out in the field working with his father. He dies and he is resurrected. Well that's a pretty powerful type of Christ. Not too many resurrections of miracle sons in the Bible. Then you've got hannah - has who?

    Was Samuel a type of Christ? He was a judge, he was a prophet. He was a priest. And spirit filled. He delivered the people from their enemies the philistines. Yeah, of course, in spite of all of his failures - just about all of them had failures too - sampson's final act was one of surrender. He stretches out his arms and lays his life down to defeat God's enemies, which is what Jesus did.

    He was a - also like Jesus, sampson really, he died alone. You know, Christ did not die in a group attack or something. And then you've got elizabeth has John the baptist. Is he a type of Christ. Yeah he is - he's a forerunner called the greatest of the prophets. And so all of these - it says the barren has born seven. I think that's interesting. And these are just some of the symbols that you find in the Bible. Ooh, we're running out of time. Ishmael was born according to the regular course of nature, his parents both being of proper age so that there was nothing uncommon about it.

    He is born of the flesh. I'm under the section of Abraham, Sarah, and hagar. And as for ishmael, I've heard you. Behold, I have blessed him and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly and he will beget twelve princes, and I'll make him a great nation. But what does God say is going to happen through ishmael? He also has 12 princes too. It's an interesting number.

    Then you get to the new testament and Christ has apostles. And you get to Revelation and you get the , But you've almost got two opposing bloodlines here that were going to grow into a great people. One is of the Spirit and one is of the flesh. We always seek to use your data responsibly. Thank you for your continued partnership, The Amazing Discoveries Team. The Two Covenants. Previous Next. ST Aug 24, There is hope for us only as we come under the Abrahamic covenant, which is the covenant of grace by faith in Christ Jesus.

    The Two Covenants

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