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The characters are well developed and likeable. I look forward to reading the next book. The narrator did a good job. This was quick low angst listen. This story had action, suspense and a hotness factor. But the h is annoying and needs to be slapped. Frustrating and needs slapped!!

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This series is different from many of Milly Taiden's other stories in that shifters are a secret to the general public. The government has agreed to deny the existence of shifters in return for their help whenever the need arises, creating the A. In many situations of this sort, it feels like one party or the other is being exploited, but I don't feel that way so much in this series.

The fact is, everyone on the A. A team volunteered for it such as Frank from book 2, Mating Needs , wanting to be on the team. There might be recruiting going on, but I didn't get the feeling people were forced to be on the team against their will. Additionally, the people in charge of the team seem to do their best to not let any of the shifters on it burn out by letting them retire and bringing in new, younger shifters. Being on this team is a point of pride to the shifters, not some sort of indentured servitude. Some of the concepts in this book were absolutely fascinating.

The most probably being the Underworld: it is whatever you want it to be. Parish wasn't able to see the castle until he opened himself and believed. I really loved Wilson.

Elemental Mating

He was just so entertaining and sweet and literal. Taiden's repeated description of the demons as large floating raisins was hilarious, as was Wilson's first attempt at giving himself a face. The introduction of the Underworld aspect in and of itself was great, adding another dimension to Taiden's books.

I also very much enjoyed the relationship that is built between Melinda and what she comes to see as her guardian cat Parish in his jaguar form, unbeknownst to her. She bonds with the cat in a way she didn't with other humans. It also gave Parish the opportunity to be near her and kind of get to know her a bit while being able to protect her, though letting her continue to believe the cat is an actual jaguar as opposed to a shifter might be considered morally reprehensible. I really enjoyed having both a male and a female narrator for this book and series.

I can't tell if this book is more annoying or boring. Neither of the narrators correctly pronounces Uganda. I found it very distracting, which was unfortunate because I was already trying to ignore the fact that the author has clearly never been there. Get a free audiobook. Elemental Mating. Written by: Milly Taiden. Narrated by: Tyler Donne , Tess Irondale. Length: 6 hrs and 54 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Their existence was a secret the government stumbled upon. What members say.

No reviews are available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Kindle Customer WOW Very different, good, steamy , weird in some but so totally different kind of book. NancyB Good story! Clayton Amy R Low angst listen The narrator did a good job. Michelle TN Letdown, heroine annoying AF!!

Jordan T Remember whose reality you're in.

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Astella Wisconsin I'm so bored I won't even wait for a hot scene I can't tell if this book is more annoying or boring. Amazon Customer Salisbury, MD So I took a stab at it and we sent it over to Sony [Pictures Television] and Lynda Obst, she takes a real interest in science, she did Contact and really sort of prides herself on the subject, and she saw something in it.

So I developed it over at Sony for probably about six months. Then they said "if you could work with anyone on this project, who would you want to do it with? They sent it over to him and he was interested so he got on board. Then together we came up with an overarching mythology that would extend over the course of the entire series, then he and I together pitched it to Syfy.

Porsandeh stated that a major feature of the series is that each episode represents the events of a single day within the story: thus the entire thirteen episode first season takes place in under two weeks of in-universe time. According to Porsandeh, Helix will not make use of flashback scenes to give details about character backstories, the way the science fiction series Lost did. Instead, a key point is that viral infection will at times make characters feverish and hallucinate which is a real-life symptom of several infections.

Thus certain characters will at times experience hallucinations, i. The distinction Porsandeh pointed out is that a flashback is presented as objectively true, while the hallucination scenes in Helix are presented from the characters' feverish hallucinatory states, and thus their unreliable narration will contain several errors which do not match events as they actually occurred.

Day 13 : Julia tends to Alan's gunshot wound to the neck. When she leaves the room, Alan takes the samples from Mother to the Mother Tree, intending to set fire to it all. However, Eli traps him there and sets the fire around him. He is rescued by Julia. A helicopter evacuates everyone as the abbey burns. Day 14 : At a hospital in Seattle, Kyle delivers the cure to the government, and convinces his superiors that Peter is the real criminal, who is subsequently arrested instead of Alan.

Alan nearly dies, but Sarah saves his life by making him immortal. In the year : Any woman who wants a baby now must come to an Ilaria center. Sarah is seen working there. Helix received generally positive reviews from critics. The critical consensus for season one described the show as "effectively creepy and oozing with chills" and that the show "unexpectedly digs deep into its world and its characters, with a suspenseful plot that continues to pique interest as it advances.

Louis Post-Dispatch , said of the first season: "you like this kind of thing or you don't, and I don't, particularly, but Helix is very involving. He felt that cast was "led admirably" by Billy Campbell as Dr. Alan Farragut, saying "Mr. Campbell is one of the busiest actors around" and despite the fact that "an abundance of work can sometimes lead to performances that feel phoned in", it doesn't feel that way here.

The Blu-ray Disc features two exclusives: Writing the Tension , an inside look at the process of writing a serialized thriller, and Fabricating the Plague , state-of-the-art effects techniques used in conception of the virus' appearance in stages to creating the right amount of gore for the plague. Both media formats contain commentary on the pilot episode with Billy Campbell and Cameron Porsandeh, commentary on "Dans L'Ombre" with Campbell and Steven Maeda , four featurettes, deleted scenes, and outtakes. Season 1 and 2 are available on Hulu and in some Netflix regions but not all.

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Ronald D. Seasons 1—2 Jordan Hayes as Dr. Sarah Jordan Neil Napier as Dr. Victor Adrian Patrick Baby as Dr. Philippe Duchamp Chimwemwe Miller as Dr. Joel Haven Miranda Handford as Dr. Tracey Vitali Makarov as Dr. Dmitri Marin Alain Goulem as Dr. Bryce Tamara Brown as Dr. Sulemani Eric Davis as Dr. Commander Winger Julian Bailey as Lt.

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Doreen Boyle. Klein Anders Yates as Gunnar. Jeffrey Reiner. Hiroshi Hatake.

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Farragut's scientist brother, Peter, was infected there by a deadly and unknown virus. Soon after arriving, Dr. Farragut and his team realize that the knowledge they have been made privy to is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and that hidden secrets far outweigh disclosed facts. Brad Turner. The CDC team tries to find a treatment for the infected patients and contain the virus by determining who might have been exposed to it. Steven A. On day 3, Peter seeks Alan's help before he collapses; young Dr.

Julia Walker, attacked by Peter in the shower, begins to slowly feel the effects of the pathogen. While this goes on, Major Balleseros helps Dr. Doreen Boyle get another sample of Macaque-blood to replace that which was taken from her. Hatake to re-establish communication after they cut off the air supply to the base's upper levels. Doreen Boyle gets closer to figuring out more about the virus and Major Balleseros. On day 5, after Doreen's body shows up dead, and CCTV from the time shows up corrupted, Alan tries to find out what really happened to her.

Julia, on quarantine level "R," finds a helpful friend, while Sarah hides more than just an infected patient in her room. At the same time, Balleseros tries to uncover the whereabouts of the missing Dr. Alan and Dr. Jordan's work on decoding the virus is seeing progress, while Julia is being cured of what ails her by Dr.

Chipmunk Mating Call

Julia Walker learns something about herself, and Dr. Hatake protects her from the mercenaries. Julia, feeling healthy and very hungry, plays a practical joke on Alan and Sarah. A vector breaks into a food storage area and contaminates the base's food supply. Constance tells Hatake that she has learned Julia's secret. Julia escapes into the base's ventilation ducts and Constance sends Ilaria security guards after Julia. As Anana is leaving the base, she finds a cold Balleseros trying to hotwire her snow vehicle.

Anana realizes that Balleseros has used her, but he counters that he warned her not to trust him. An Ilaria guard informs Constance that Balleseros helped Anana escape the base. Constance tells Daniel that Hatake "has lost his way"; Daniel assures Constance that he is loyal to Ilaria. Hatake confronts Constance and kills her, taking back control of the base.

Secrets come to the light and unlikely alliances are established; at the same time, Alan and Walker take on a dangerous mission to destroy what's left of the NARVIK viruses. Walker learns something world-shattering about her past. Jeremiah Chechik. Alan and Julia travel to an abandoned satellite station in a last-ditch effort to call for help. Once there, they come across the truth behind Hatake's plan and Julia's condition.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jordan Sarah makes a startling discovery of her own, which could mean a cure for cancer. Peter Farragut and vectors attempt to spread the virus in a desperate, final attempt.