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Damone, a singer known for his baritone crooning and for his work on classic films like 's "An Affair to Remember," died on February Fox studio executive and TV producer Bruce Margolis, best known for work on "Star" and overseeing "24," "Prison Break" and "Bones," died after a battle with cancer on February The Rev. Billy Graham, a Christian preacher and spiritual adviser to presidents going back to Harry Truman and an icon of American religious life and TV, died on Feb.


Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor, also known as just Sridevi, died on Feb. She had appeared in over films in Bollywood. Melniker, an executive at MGM who had been with the company since , as well as most recently a producer on "Justice League," died on Feb.

Harry Ufland right , an agent-turned producer and who was a long-time collaborator with Martin Scorsese on films including "The Last Temptation of Christ," died in March after suffering from brain cancer. Crimmins, a legendary comedian on the Boston comedy circuit and political advocate for victims of childhood sexual abuse, died on March 1. Weeks before his death Crimmins disclosed a cancer diagnosis.

Actor Frank Doubleday, best known for his work in John Carpenter's "Escape from New York" as well as Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct," died on March 3 due to complications from esophageal cancer, his wife confirmed on Facebook in May.

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The Hollywood Doll: A Carl Porter Mystery (Unabridged)

Swift was hospitalized in June due to a "life-threatening condition. Claude Lanzmann, director of the epic Holocaust documentary "Shoah" and a French journalist, died on July 5. Stan Dragoti, an advertising designer and film director known for his movies "Mr. Actress Charlotte Rae, who played Mrs.

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Delores Taylor, Star of 'Billy Jack' Movies of the s, Dies at 85

S - The places I've lived, people I see. Media-wise, I love cinematic crime like Chinatown and Pulp Fiction. I'm also a big fan of novelist Erskine Caldwell. His characters are most often dirt poor and slaves to runaway libidos.


J - So it's more about people with complicated lives? S - Sometimes it's making poor choices and other times the characters are social misfits. I can't pass an idling car without thinking it would be fun to take a joyride but it isn't such an inviting lark that I'd do it. Some people don't have that brake and these are the characters that interest me, people who wander out on a limb. J - While writing I've often found characters taking unexpected turns S - Yes, I think of a scene I wrote recently where a character started saying the exact opposite of what I needed him to say and then another character played off of this switch and righted the ship in a manner that was completely unexpected.

The Hollywood Doll: A Carl Porter Mystery (Unabridged)

Those are the fun moments. J - So you aren't interested in crime fiction in the 'Columbo' sense - a murder to be solved? S - My next project is a traditional mystery but the principal character is a free spirit and feels like she's cut from the noir fabric so I'm excited about what's developing there. Haunted by visions of mayhem and murder, Annie Jones turns her waking nightmares into bestsellers, only to find true fear waits beyond the printed word Brian doesn't sell used cars. He sells quality pre-owned vehicles. Like many salesmen, he doesn't own a car but borrows various autos from the lot Hotel owner C.

Before he can embrace his future, he'll have to sort his past. Or die trying