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At the beginning of the school year, I made the mistake of smiling at Didi Anderson, and she developed a crazy girl crush on me. It was a nightmare. She left love notes in my locker, telling me how cute I was. According to Didi and her misplaced affections, my eyes are like blueberry pop-tarts. Not blue like a sparkling sky or a shimmering ocean, but blue like pop-tarts.

I guess love makes you say funny things. I never got the chance to find out what foods the rest of my body parts reminded her of. The fan mail stopped abruptly. I leaned in closer to Mike. Just, if I had to pick someone in this room—". I shook my head. Homeroom sucked. My bad — advisory sucked. So I just call it advisory. Whatever they call it, it sucked. What was the point? And Mrs. Keats, our advisor, was hell bent on making us all become friends.

Her getting-to-know-you activities were the worst. Last week she stood in front of our class and held out a roll of toilet paper. I kinda have a thing about cleanliness.

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But I restrained myself, taking what seemed to be a socially acceptable amount. I should have known it was some kind of trick. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Sock it to Me, Santa! Summary Ryan is assigned to Jamie Peterson for his class's secret gift exchange. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Book Preview Sock it to Me, Santa!

Mike said. View all 25 comments. Jan 27, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it really liked it Shelves: femme-swishy-guys , young-adult , short-story-or-novella , little-to-no-sex-content , cute-fluffy , free , romance , m-m , holiday-story. Oh this was so adorable! Ooey gooey, sticky sweetness that made me smile. I wish I knew more about the characters, though. I could have used a full-length story! View all 24 comments. Oct 11, Kat rated it really liked it Recommended to Kat by: Trix. Shelves: coming-of-age , carebears-and-rainbows , friend-recs , my-goddamn-emotions , m-m , knitting-and-flower-arranging-fans , fluffy-romance , heartwarming , pampers-the-emo-within , short-stories-and-novellas.

Look no further. For this here is the perfect read for the holidays.

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Sock it to me, Santa! The reason? All he has to do is look at Jamie, who is being ridiculed and bullied for daring to walk out of line. And being the honorable kid that he is, he realizes that he has an important decision to make. Will he play it cool and gift Jamie with something ordinary, meaningless and safe? However, it also covers the angst of coming out, the harsh reality of not being accepted because you are brave enough to not conform to the majority.

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Feel good stuff! This story really is a must read when you crave something sweet. Something with homemade sock monkeys, colorful socks and a foot fetish! Yup, the foot thingy really felt a bit out of place in such a conventional story, but at least it all stays very innocent. View all 36 comments. Cute short MM high school story about a declared gay boy and another one who hasn't come out of the closet yet.

I liked Jamie and Ryan. They were so sweet. I wish this story was longer, though. The subject had a great potential. Secret Santa, exchanging gifts and Christmas atmosphere would have been it was in fact a great idea for a whole novel. I'll be checking more works by this author soon. Her writing style is interesting. View all 5 comments. Shelves: wanted-more , really-really-good , adorable , recommended , cute-mc-s , romantic , funny , feel-good.

A sweet lovely romance, Jamie and Ryan are sweeties and I loved the knitting "Monkey" fiasco, cracked me up and was so cute. Eventually Ryan did produce that special and perfect Secret Santa gift. Left me all happy and smiley, recommended. View all 6 comments. Yeah, I really enjoyed this one so if you're up for a really sweet and short story that will make you sigh a few times then go for it.

And this one was very well written and the characters were so cute. Why am I not giving it more stars? Just because it was way too short and I had no time to connect with them as much as I wanted but I really loved this author's voice. View all 18 comments. Shelves: young-adult , christmas , short-novels. Recommended for everybody!

Nov 28, Jenn rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own , kindle , m-m , favorites , sexy-sweet , ya. Oh my heavenly socks, if you don't crack a grin from cheek to cheek while reading this, I might think you are that little demonized sock monkey in this. The perfect length short with interesting and likable characters from the main characters to the classmates, even the family members were wonderful.

Secret Santa is nothing new, but I loved the idea that the gifts had to be handmade. Star Wars, knitting, rainbows, realistic teenage boys with charm, and presents. Sugar fluff happiness I HAZ. This one belongs on the "sweet-as-honey-YA-first-time-Christmas" shelf. This is very much a first-love story. I just wish we saw more of Ryan and Jamie and their relationship, and more about Ryan coming out in high school; I would read a sequel for sure.

The short length meant that the story was a little rushed and you didn't have the time to form a solid opinion of the characters. Still, both Ryan and Jamie are really sweet kids and I liked how the Secret Santa exchange story went. Ryan was funny trying to find a gift that wouldn't disappoint the "out of the closet" gay kid who had very few friends and didn't need more trouble. The fact that Ryan is secretly gay only adds to his determination not to blow it. But he doesn't expect to start seeing Jamie in another light and doesn't know how to react to Jamie not being willing to keep their "friendship" a secret.

Cute, fun and Christmasy It could have used a few more pages but all in all a delight. Couldn't resist. I love these two Shelves: sweet , hurt-comfort-disability , sniffle , ebook-owned , short , gfy-ofy , m-m , way-too-short , homophobes-abound. It's tough being in HS, trying to fit in or fly under the radar, and for Ryan being in the closet just adds to it. Jamie the openly gay boy in his Homeroom class is his 'secret Santa' and he has to give him something homemade.

I felt for poor Ryan trying to adjust his perception of himself and it was so sweet reading about him joining his mother in the craft classes! His monkey and spider are great gifts! I had to sniffle at the tie story! Ryan's Mom and sister are just 4.

  • Blood Shattered (Book one in The Shattered series 1).

Ryan's Mom and sister are just the icing on the cake! Jamie is such a sweetheart, his gifts are so creative and thoughtful. The ending of this story is absolutely the sweetest! I highly recommend it for a wonderful little holiday story that will leave you smiling and feel like you've been hugged. But, me being me, means I am greedy and wanted more.. View all 4 comments. Nov 17, Christine rated it it was amazing Recommended to Christine by: Susan.

Shelves: lgbt , christmas , ebooks , novella. What a sweet short story! This is about a high school boy who gathers the courage to face his true feelings, to brave the opinions of others, and to come out not only to the boy he is attracted to, but to his own mother as well. My only criticism is that I wish this had been at least a novella rather than a short story. This one touched me. Dec 23, Otila rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-lendable. That was super adorable. View 2 comments. Nov 19, Cole Riann rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m , m-m-contemporary , armchair-reviews , m-m-ya-or-coming-of-age-tale.

Review posted at The Armchair Reader. I have to say, this might be the cutest story I've read all year!

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Ryan is just admitting to himself that he likes guys, but it is difficult and scary keeping such a secret in high school, especially when his only friend has a lot to say about "fags. It is social suicide. When he draws his name for Secret Santa in their study hall, Ryan has to figure out a way to make three gifts for Jamie without Review posted at The Armchair Reader. When he draws his name for Secret Santa in their study hall, Ryan has to figure out a way to make three gifts for Jamie without them knowing it came from him.

The problem, is that now Ryan has started noticing Jamie, he can't get him out of his head -- and he starts to see just how hard a time Jamie has in school. Maybe he can make a few gifts to cheer Jamie up. Not only is this well written, plotted, paced, and pretty much everything I could think of, this is such a feel good story, a perfect young adult story… it is just completely heartwarming.

I knew I wanted to read and review this immediately when Madison contacted me. I mean, knitting…young adult boys… secret santa.

It just sounded cute. But then I heard from a friend that they loved this story and I just couldn't wait to read it -- I barely made it through finishing the novel I was reading before jumping in. And it completely lived up to my expectations. Sometimes the best thing about a story is the way it makes you feel, and this will give you the warm fuzzies.

You'll fall in love with Ryan and Jamie -- the latter because he needs a good cuddle, and Ryan because he's so honorable, yet still a confused kid. He's the kind of guy you want to champion, yet still give him a gentle kick the in ass to get him back on track, simply because Jamie needs a champion of his own. I loved them both. And it made me want to knit a sock monkey!

So, I definitely recommend this story and I'll be looking out for this author's work in the future : It's a perfect story for the stressed out holidays! So for those of you eating Turkey today or tofurkey, or yams and potatoes and stuffing , take this story with you to your family dinner and sneak out when the bickering starts! It will make you feel warm and happy again Mar 22, Macky rated it it was amazing. I love finding surprises and finding this was exactly that! I can't give this any less than the full 5 stars because I loved everything about it, from its two gorgeous young MC's to its perfectly pitched HEA.

I'm over 50 and I felt like I was 16 again and crushing on my heartthrob of the moment, except of course the crushing in this is between two cute guys who I dare anyone not to fall for as they find love and for one of them in particular , their true selves, all whilst battling peer pressu I love finding surprises and finding this was exactly that! I'm over 50 and I felt like I was 16 again and crushing on my heartthrob of the moment, except of course the crushing in this is between two cute guys who I dare anyone not to fall for as they find love and for one of them in particular , their true selves, all whilst battling peer pressure, school bullies and the worry of how to make a homemade present!

Brightly coloured socks, demonic sock monkeys, glittery spiders and the best mum in the world made this an absolute delight. Sweet, sweet story and a definite keeper! View all 7 comments. Dec 07, Emma Sea rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-story , high-school , xmas. Oooh, I have the warm fuzzies now. What a great Xmas story! Awesome female secondary characters. Shelves: mm-young-or-new-adult , mm-short-stories. Ryan needs to give handmade gifts as part of his Secret Santa project at econ class -- and he gets Jamie's name, the openly gay boy. For a short young adult story, this one is just adorable and cute.

It has the right amount of self confusion to do what's right , then discovering bravery to stand up for one self, and first romance. My only complain is that it stops when it's getting good.

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  4. He writes a more eloquent review tha Ryan needs to give handmade gifts as part of his Secret Santa project at econ class -- and he gets Jamie's name, the openly gay boy. He writes a more eloquent review than I. View all 3 comments. Dec 01, Simsala rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , short-story , christmas-y. Ok,ok, admitting defeat. That was a lovely story with a very beautiful feel-good ending. But when it comes down to it all you need is a family who loves you no matter what, a sock monkey, some courage and a man who loves you back It would do you whole lot of good.

    This brought love and Christmas to me. Warms my heart and tickles my funny bone. Plastered a goofy grin on me. Ryan's first word describing Jamie to his mom was, soft. That goofy grin of mine started right at that point onwards. Ryan wasn't exactly a perfect person, he is filled with insecurities and was a little too self absorbed to see things around him clearly.

    He should really thank Mrs.

    Reward Yourself

    Keats his homeroom teacher for setting up that Secret Santa gift exchange challenge. That event did a This brought love and Christmas to me. That event did a hell lot of good drawing Ryan out of his protective shell, helping him to look deeper than the skin and also to let his true self shine. I'll say, Jamie brought out the best in Ryan and of course Ryan's loving understanding mom must be credited as well for the undying support she gave. The author did great with Ryan's characterization, he is very much a believable teenager trying to find his own footing in life, was troubled by his sexuality and being too overly sensitive to public judgment.

    Although I didn't get to know Jamie as much due to the fact that the story was entirely in Ryan's POV, but he still managed to endear himself to me. Jamie might look effeminate and soft as everyone including how Ryan first perceived him yet he is stronger than anyone even the bullies and Ryan. This is because he stand tall and proud of who he is. He acknowledges his true self and wouldn't hide like Ryan did just to fit in. At least he isn't living a lie and I admire his courage and sense of self-value to stand firm against unjust negativity directed at him daily.

    He is beautiful inside out. He shines, and this is what attracted Ryan to him. Ryan's sudden discovery of his fetish was priceless. There are many adorable moments in this book such as the aforementioned embarrassing fetish discovery, giggly chapstick exchange and the Great Shoe Operation was utterly romantic! Here's my assortment of feelz for this book Fell in love with the Hoobajoob socks monkey I want him please? Found him on the internet and fell in love with him. He makes me wish I could sew well.