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He ordered them to proceed at 30 knots to carry out an attack at a rendezvous miles distant. Our vote against reflects this missed opportunity and the rendezvous clause that will follow. From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English. The purpose of these flights is to perfect operating procedures for refuelling in the air, rendezvous techniques, and signals communications.

The employer has his own men and has no particular rendezvous for putting men on. Here is the rendezvous of great minds, great men and great nations.

Dangerous Rendezvous: A History of Japan’s Hookup Industry |

Once the people arrive at the rendezvous points, it is not clear how they will make the transition to the new assembly points. As has already been said, ships have to proceed to a rendezvous where they may have to wait many days. Most of these parties are planned secretively and it takes a considerable amount of intelligence work by the police to discover the rendezvous points.

Consequently, any additional costs associated with the rendezvous would have been small and cannot be identified accurately in isolation from the costs of the exercises as a whole. I also congratulate him on the provision he has termed a rendezvous , which establishes that this flexibility and derogation will be subject to priority review after two years. The second priority concerns the rendezvous clause. I cited the aircrews who had to get airborne and perhaps rendezvous at night in pitch darkness and in radio silence with airborne tankers, to top up their fuel.

When we had the rendezvous at the minibus, two plain clothes policemen came up and accused the young black boys of "feeling up the cars", of trying car doors. When the daylight rendezvous point was reached at , the photo plane failed to appear. Both videometers are active during rendezvous with one acting as a back-up.

A number of commercial products overcome this restriction by tunneling the traffic through rendezvous servers. He arranges to rendezvous with them at landing area one in three days time. When no obstacles are a consideration, the problem of rendezvous is straightforward, and many efficient algorithms are available to plan the necessary maneuvers. The young men spend the day committing petty crimes, and culminate it in a rendezvous with three streetwalkers.

Cimrman, however, forgot to name a rendezvous point, so the ensemble never met again after that date.

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Other problems are the rendezvous problem, synchronization, flocking, formation control. The exercise usually starts with teams arriving at a rendezvous before having their equipment checked to make sure they have everything required.

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After rendezvous with on the 26th, she operated as a screening vessel and plane guard. Surveillance cameras then purportedly follow the accused cheater and capture video evidence of the alleged rendezvous with other men. She told friends that she was going there to rendezvous with her soldier boyfriend. The badly outnumbered mountain men sent riders to the rendezvous site for aid and prepared the camp for attack. Young men and women rendezvous using whistle speech each evening as a cultural tradition. Companies were to be mounted and commanders were to compel persons evading the call to come to the rendezvous.

Robotic spacecraft are also used to rendezvous with and resupply space stations.

Possesses good dribbling, and knows how to play with a partner and take it to a rendezvous with the keeper. Therefore, aircraft working together on the same mission must rendezvous airborne. Wonder also sings the song on the street, as the husband rendezvous with his partner. Eventually, she has a rendezvous with him in the detached teahouse.

You regard that cell and you think, here a great man waited in faith for his rendezvous with history. Before their departure from the rendezvous in the forest, many had seen rows of bodies already hanging from the branches of nearby trees. Because of launch day and thus rendezvous day uncertainty the decision to extend was deferred until after launch.

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  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Typical rendezvous scene. The Life and Adventures of James P. With Illustrations. Written from His Own Dictation.

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    The boom was phony. A few people got rich.

    Phony boom

    But most people got poorer. At the top, salaries got much fatter, which moved the average figure higher.

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    Also, the numbers are distorted — and flattered — by fraudulent inflation numbers. A pickup truck, for example, may cost twice as much as it did 30 years ago. Try telling that to the dealer. John Williams of Shadowstats. Like every natural thing, a society breathes in and out.

    Sometimes, it is bold. And sometimes, it is fearful.