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There are lots of ways of experience voices, and internal voices are just as valid as external ones. But, in our experience, this distinction is a red herring. Inner voices can be just as hard to deal with as outer voices, and they are very common whether or not people are diagnosed with psychosis. The good news is that the strategies that help with outer voices are equally applicable to inner voices and any physical sensations that are linked with them.

I hope you find something here that helps you — but I also hope that you find someone you feel able to speak to about your experiences. I have been dealing with voices and visions for a little over a year now. It started out with just a couple, and they were easy to ignore, but they kept getting louder and more prominent.

Eventually it got to the point where I completely shut down. I quit my job, distanced myself from friends and family, and more or less locked myself in a room. It was there I met someone whom I came to care about a great deal but I was too emberassed to tell her about my situation; so I lied. I lied so much. Well lies have a tendency of coming apart, and these are no exception. It all came out, everyone found out, they all knew, and they stuck me in a clinic.

They put me on some medication and the voices stopped. For the first time in what felt like an eternity it was silent. I was so happy. Please help…. Hi Ryan, thanks for getting in touch. As your voices have returned, it may be helpful to talk with someone about what triggered the voices in the first place and what is triggering them know. Understanding more about the experience can help you find a way of dealing with it and keeping hold of the life that you are building.

People can, and do, find ways of making sense of their experiences and living a life that they choose not the one they feel is chosen for them by the voices. Do you have anyone you can talk to? Some people find a counsellor that can help them make sense of things, too. Both have some really good ideas in. Is it real or am I stressed is my mind playing trick on me. Help what should or can I do? Hearing, seeing or sensing things when you wake up is really common. To check that out, is there any way that you can make your room feel safer?

Some people make sure that there are lots of items near their bed that remind them of familiar things, others make sure there are pleasant smells around. People with religious beliefs might ask someone to bless their house, or say a prayer or mantra. Finally, if it is related to how you feel in the new house its probably worth talking to someone about it. Is there anyone you feel OK to talk to? Hi, that sounds really confusing for you, your family and your dad.

Sometimes they are linked to worries or concerns that a person has. Do you know if there is anyone in his life that he feels able to talk to or trust? Thank you so much. I really pity my dad,he got a new wife whom he chased that she was abusing him. At one time he was seeing a counsellor but later refused and said it was a plan to con him out of money.

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Its really bad he is always alone, abuses neighbours, threatens people. Nobody respects him anymore. He doesnt listen to anyone, even his own mum fears him. I wish i could help him…. Hi Jade. I quite like hearing the voice of a being who named herself La-Cinderella in my head.

When La-Cinderella talks to me i have a few things to do to keep her under control like call her La-La or i pretend to be a baby penguin. Anyone who knows about Terrence McKenna will have probably heard how alot of people who try Psychedelics will experience cartoon-like encounters with beings and i believe this is what is happening.

I feel blessed that a being from another world would come and find me curious despite the fact that she could be malicious to me when i was more vulnerable to her attacks. Someone told me that other people cant hear my voices but im certain they can. My voice tells me that he doesnt luke me and doesnt want to talk to me. I feel if we got along with each other then mabey I could cope with them alot better.

Can you tell me something that I could do to make this go away or at least get help with it. Hi Lindsay. Some people find it helpful explore what seems to make the voice s better or worse louder, quieter, calmer or more angry. You might also want to try looking through our resources page. All this is a lot to deal with on your own, though.

Getting some support is ideal. You might want to try going to a Hearing Voices Group look at our Find a Group page to see if there is one in your area. You might also want to find someone to talk to this might be a counsellor, a mental health worker, your GP or someone you trust. If you want to have a chat about where to get support just email us at nhvn hotmail. Good luck getting the help you need.

Hi, I started to hear voices inside of my head a few years ago, right after something terrible happened to me. I had a guy coming up on me at work and then he did me in a horrible manner and then started to harrass me. A few months later, another guy came and dim almost the same. That is, regardless of what is right or wrong, I personally could not help feeling like I was raped twice under a big pressure of having to like them.

Sort of like a small village atmosphere was there at work and all I could do was secretly crying out so hard and kept everything secret, which obviously ended up hurting my body and mind, until I became ill all the time with dried up dehydrated hair. Then I started to hear the voice. So I could at least understand how it filled up my head feeling too lonely and empty, but considering what I had to give up, I still cannot help feeling anger.

I was scared to death when it first happened. Recently, things have worked out better and I am happy to be able to live much happier now, but instead, I lost too much; most importantly time, valuable people in my life, confident, freedom of thinking, peaceful life, and stuff. Cost so much, too. It also makes it harder to build a good relationship with those who you want.

I am just fed up with it, and it is sad that there are many people suffering from it. However, I started to realize how it is only a tiny part of my vicious cycle, which makes me want to adress a drastic positive change in my life. Dear YS. The extra challenge is that sometimes they cause extra problems too which can be hard to deal with. I hope that the positive change you speak of works well for you. I never heard voices before the birth of my daughter.

Two months after giving birth I began to hear what sounded like a radio playing very quietly. The voices were muffled and no one else heard them. I disconnected all the speakers in my living room and even turned off the main power breaker in my home to silence the noise but soon the radio sound became the least of my problems. I began to hear many different types of voices.

I would hear what sounded like military radio transmissions from a control center. The voices would talk very technically about equipment and latitudes and longitudes. I would hear my location being relayed to a command center if I was out riding my bike in the neighborhood. I was afraid my boyfriend had an illegal ham radio or something…. I also heard what I decided were ghosts, people that used to live in the home we were renting. I would hear a mans voice and a womans talking about my cigarette smoking habit and how my boyfriend would move all the mans belongings around in the garage.

Loneliness can enlarge our hearts to love.

The woman told me a story of four little kids and how none of them lived to be school age. The voices progressed into very threatening voices that talked about doing harm to me and my young daughter.. I would hear a mans voice describing his plan to break into our house and set fire to it.. I would become so terrified sometimes that I would call my parents in another state and have them keep me on speakerphone while I took a bath so that they could call if I was unable to.. The voices would also taunt me and point out my physical weaknesses or insecurities and say horrible jokes about me..

Hear Me When I Call: Learning to Connect with a God Who Cares

These voices never spoke to me directly but it was as if I was hearing a conversation from 20 feet away.. Her entire family lived in Eastern Europe, and had sent the girls to the US. They had no money and it was difficult to set a date for when she had gone missing because the sisters had grown estranged from her.. I became so obsessed with this young girl, Mischa or Mary, that I checked the nationwide missing persons and other lists daily hoping to find her… hoping to find her, prove she was real, so that I could help… if I was psychic or something….

Random words, very technical words from science, physics, medicine, and names would repeat themselves over and over in my mind. It was haunting, yet I wonder if there is a truth to it…. The last types of voices I would hear were very detailed conversations regarding the Masonic church. It was as if I was listening into a Masonic seminar or a meeting or something where numerous people were named by title and multiple references were made to written works and certain chapters or sections were sited, precisely.. After four months of these voices I began to fear for the safety of the people around me and I sought professional advice.

I was perscribed an antipsychotic, Abilify, and it works lovely. I stopped taking it after 9 months, and immediately began hearing radio transmissions again. I wonder about life when I heard voices, and although it was scary at times and exhausting, could there be a reality behind the voices… Is there more to it, because if the voices can create realities in 16 different directions, then how can this single perspective be all there is….

Hi — thanks for sharing your experiences with us. The authors look at lots of different types of experiences. Whatever the cause, often the important thing is to find ways of dealing with, and understanding, the experiences. Medication is one way of dealing with them, but there are others. My new partner has just exposed his secret to me…………. And I am grateful that he did. I understand that this is real and confusing for him to get some tasks completed. I reassure him that all is ok and tell him what I am seeing.

I try to make him feel comfortable and safe. Being just 40 years of age he has a history of mental illness- Bipolar 2 and takes Lithium. He also has a history of drug abuse spanning over the last 22 years with violence towards authority with extreme behaviours which has led him to incarceration He is also the most caring and loving person that I have met in a lot of years.

With boy like qualities- almost Peter Pan like sometimes- I enjoy his time and his affections and his experiences also. He is most creative, spontaneous and witty person that I have ever crossed paths with. He tells me of lots of noise in his head, female voices calling to him to follow, being told that people are coming to hurt him, lights flashing, distorted perceptions, touching him and the list goes on. He also tells me that when he abuses drugs, these voices are louder and he needs to see what they want, almost compelled to.

He is completely honest with me about all of his habits and addictions and his past. Also experiencing an assault that left me smelly fuel and scared for a long time but with help from professionals and great friends, all has turned out for me. He is embarrassed by this and claims to have never exposed this to anyone but yet has dealt with mental health specialist for many many years. I really do love him and want to help him get through this but I am not sure how to go about assisting him further without exposing him.

He has a court case coming up that looks like his freedom could be revoked. I have tried to explain that he needs to speak up about this but he refuses.

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I will not force him to expose this either. Not quiet fitting in with them and his parents. He tells me that I make him feel calm and he can think a bit clearer when he is with me. All I can offer him is support and empathy and get as much information for him and I to move on with a more productive self. So any type of information that can be offered as a guide, tool or knowledge with be very much appreciated indeed. Also, if the voices have been around for a long time, opening up about them can feel a bit like revealing a secret that you kind of like to have to yourself.

Perhaps printing off bits of this website the personal stories or getting the Living With Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery book may help challenge some of the stigma he may be feeling. These are good starting points. I wish you, and your partner, the very best. Accepting yourself for who you are is always a good thing,keeping a low profile is up to you, but this site seems like a good place to start. If you want to talk with one of our volunteers, you can always email us at nhvn hotmail. Do you know what difference it would make to you? But the other day, I heard her calling my name.

That was quite …. I think I should tell him but, I am almost afraid of what he might say about it. Hi Carrie, I hope site helped you find a bit of peace of mind. Talking to someone about it is a good first step — if you find it hard to speak about it, you could always write it down. Different doctors react differently, but if he is a good one he should listen to you and not make any snap decisions about what the voices are.

Good luck! What can i do? Hi Misty, that sounds very frightening. If you can, find someone you can talk to — a friend, family member, therapist or doctor. Getting some help to find a way of making sense of this, and dealing with it, sounds very important. Another told me to cut my shoulder and it really scares me? Yes — definitely. Take care, and keep resisting any voices that tell you to hurt yourself. Email address:. So, its official. Thank… twitter. Reclaiming power? I watched dearGP as it developed, and am pleased that it is now a zine. Whether you are a person… twitter. National Hearing Voices Network.

For people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual perceptions. How Common Is It? Voices Some people hear voices talking when no-one is around. Smells Some people smell things that remind them of their past. Why Do People Hear Voices There are lots of different theories and ideas to explain why people hear voices or see visions. These include: A special gift or sensitivity Trauma or adverse life experiences Dissociation Spiritual experiences Biochemical e.

Is Recovery Possible? Carolyn June 6, at pm Permalink Reply. Although I now know that I only let those voices come in when I have fears and so in this I am trying very hard not to let them in — think from the heart for that is love… I believe that it is God that I am speaking too. Kelly Oliver March 13, at pm Permalink Reply. Britni Henson March 13, at pm Permalink Reply. Anonymous Z June 7, at pm Permalink Reply.

Thanks for posting. Being around other people who have similar experiences and finding out how they deal with it can help. Michael April 26, at am Permalink Reply. Cynthia May 14, at pm Permalink Reply. Conner May 27, at pm Permalink Reply. Elaine June 30, at pm Permalink Reply. Nick: How are you these days? Terry December 28, at am Permalink Reply. Ella June 21, at pm Permalink Reply.

Cheerfully Mental July 11, at am Permalink Reply. Olivia October 9, at pm Permalink Reply. Hey Ella, Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Alex Norris June 25, at pm Permalink Reply. Alex Norris October 10, at pm Permalink Reply. I hope you find some of this useful. Charmaine July 7, at pm Permalink Reply. Bee July 12, at pm Permalink Reply. Theresa July 24, at am Permalink Reply. Bernard Wilson July 29, at am Permalink Reply.

Adam July 31, at pm Permalink Reply. That was something I went through and still do now and then… Thanks.

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    YS December 25, at am Permalink Reply. I was afraid my boyfriend had an illegal ham radio or something… I also heard what I decided were ghosts, people that used to live in the home we were renting. I became so obsessed with this young girl, Mischa or Mary, that I checked the nationwide missing persons and other lists daily hoping to find her… hoping to find her, prove she was real, so that I could help… if I was psychic or something… Random words, very technical words from science, physics, medicine, and names would repeat themselves over and over in my mind.

    It was haunting, yet I wonder if there is a truth to it… The last types of voices I would hear were very detailed conversations regarding the Masonic church. Pauline December 27, at pm Permalink Reply. Brianna December 29, at am Permalink Reply. My friend sent me to this pag ei hear voices a lot and see things and it scares me. Cj January 5, at am Permalink Reply. I am on here trying to find some … peace of mind, I guess. Thank him for the things that make you happy, that make your life better, or that make the world a better place.

    Understand that these blessings are God showing his love for his people and should be celebrated and appreciated. Ask forgiveness. Ask God's forgiveness for the mistakes that you make. Keep your heart open and remember that we all make mistakes: nobody is perfect. Though you may have trouble admitting it or thinking of a mistake you have made, you will find some way that you can be better.

    Be sincere and you will know in your heart if God forgives you. Ask for guidance. Ask God's guidance. He isn't a genie or some magical granter of wishes He is merely there to guide you on the path you are meant to follow. Ask him to lead you and show you the right decisions and the ways to better yourself as a person, as well as the world and people around you.

    Pray for others. Pray for those who you feel need prayers. You can pray for your family, for your friends, or for strangers. Ask God to show them His love and to also help them find their way when they are lost.

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    Do not cast judgement on them or their problems: God is the only Judge and He will do what is right. Remember that people are not the Devil or demons; they are souls, just as you are, and can be led by God. Don't ask for them to be struck down, ask for them to realize their mistakes and seek forgiveness just as you do. Close your prayer. Close your prayer in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

    The most common way is to say 'Amen'. Method 3. Try to pray in Hebrew. Most denominations believe that praying in Hebrew is better, though your god will understand you in whatever tongue you speak. Do your best and He will understand. Try to pray with others. Jews prefer to pray more often and in groups, other than Christian prayer which is more individually focused. Pray with others if you can. This can be at temple, with your family at home, or while you are out with your friends. Know each of the prayers for the different rituals. Instead of individually stated prayers said each day, Jews prefer to say blessings for different times of day, events, and times of year.

    You will want to learn the different prayers and when they should be spoken, as well as the Holy Days which require special prayers. Pray individually if you prefer. If the normal ways of praying are not for you and you feel that you communicate with your god better on your own and in your own way, that is okay. You can pray in the Christian method above and your god will understand.

    He cares more about your devotion and obedience. Method 4. Pray at the right times. Muslims pray at specific times of day and you will need to learn and observe these times. You can look them up, ask your imam, or get a handy app or program for your mobile device or computer. Orient yourself. You will need to face Mecca when you pray. This is an important part of prayer for Muslims.

    You will need to look up what the proper direction is for the area in which you live. Alternatively, you can get an app or program for your phone or computer which will act as a compass and point you in the right direction no matter where you are. Sit, stand, and motion correctly. There are specific ways that Muslims are supposed to sit, stand, bow, and move their hands and bodies during prayer. These can be rather complicated and you may need to do some research. You can also learn by watching fellow Muslims, either out and about or at your local mosque. Open your prayer.

    Begin your prayer in the proper way. Muslim prayer is much more specific and rigid than Christian prayer. Recite the Surahs. Recite the Surahs appropriate to the time of day or that are being recited by your fellows nearby. If you are alone, you can recite whatever Surahs you believe are appropriate. Perform the appropriate number of rakats.

    6 Ways to Pray to God (Beginners) - wikiHow

    The rakats, or cycles of prayer, are standardized and a different number of cycles is prescribed for each time of day. Know what is the appropriate number and try to perform at least that many. End your prayers in the normal way by turning your head to the right and saying, "As Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu'. Now your prayers are over. Method 5. Look for signs that God has heard you. When you are done praying, as you progress through your day and further on, look for signs that God has heard your prayers.

    Keep your heart open and look for ways in which he seeks to lead you on the appropriate path. You will know in your heart what is right. Do right by Him and keep your promises. If you promised God that you would improve yourself or work harder for something, you should keep your promise.

    Work as hard as you can, honestly and with humility, and God will understand and be pleased. Pray regularly. Don't just pray when you have a really big problem. God is not your band-aid. Pray all the time and show Him the respect that He deserves. Get in the habit and with time you will be great at praying. Help and pray with others. As you pray more, you will want to pray with others and bring others to understand how much they can gain from prayer.

    Bring them to God by helping them, honestly, humbly, and without judgement, and they too may become inspired to come to know Him as you have. Sample Prayers Sample Prayers for Beginners. Things You Might Include in a Prayer. Kira Me. Just as a loving father helps his children learn and grow through the discipline he carries out in their lives, so God uses adversity to help us grow in holiness and become more like Him. For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons ; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?

    But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

    Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed Hebrews — Adversity reminds us that God is present and we are accountable to Him for our every thought, word, and action. See Proverbs , , and If we lose our awareness of God and begin to think and act as if He does not exist, God often allows painful reminders of our need for Him, just as He did with the nation of Israel. The pain of adversity helps us recognize the deception of sin.

    Our hatred of evil will increase when we realize how sin keeps us from living in a way that honors God and how it damages the lives of those we love. God wants us to know that He will not ignore sin. God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. If we could only perceive the final cost of our sin, we would shrink from committing it. Therefore, in His mercy God exposes secret sin, and He allows others to see its devastating consequences.

    See Hebrews Many cause-and-effect sequences are recorded in Scripture for our instruction and warning. When we experience specific difficulties in our lives, we should discern if they are consequences of sin. The following verses are examples of the connection between our actions and the circumstances in our lives:. God detests pride, but humility prompts the gift of His grace. God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Hard times expose our pride, because they highlight our need for God and for others. A Christian must be aware of the spiritual battle that rages between God and the enemy, Satan. Learn to recognize that sometimes adversity comes in the form of spiritual warfare through weariness, confusion, division, and spiritual oppression. In the midst of these trials, do not become overwhelmed or yield to the temptation to give up. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

    Faith is essential for living the Christian life, because the ways of God are opposite to the natural inclinations of man. In either case, adversity is designed to strengthen our faith. The development of patience is another benefit of having our faith purified by the fire of adversity. It is through faith and patience that we inherit the promises of God. Those who are in positions of responsibility are supposed to provide protection for those under their care. As we experience the pressures of temptation, we should realize that those who are in authority over us are also undergoing temptations and are in need of our intercessory prayer.

    In troubled times, we need to consider our priorities and discern if we are spending enough time preserving the most important aspects of our lives: our relationships with God and others. We should regularly evaluate the health of our relationships and invest the time and effort needed to maintain them honorably. When we do not spend time with God, memorizing and meditating on His Word, and praying, we miss out on one of the most important means God uses to give us wisdom and to change our hearts.