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In Luke —28, we see a certain lawyer stood up and tempted Jesus. He gave him Law. Because he was proud, arrogant, self-righteous. What is your reading of it? The Law was given to stop every mouth and leave the whole world guilty before God. Similarly, in Luke —22, the rich, young ruler came to Jesus.

He pointed Him to the Law. He gave him five horizontal commandments, commandments to do with his fellow man. Law to the proud. Then we see grace being given to the humble in the case of Nicodemus John 3. Nicodemus was a leader of the Jews; he was a teacher in Israel. He was humble of heart, because he came to Jesus and acknowledged the deity of the Son of God. A leader in Israel? Similarly, in the case of Nathaniel John — Nathaniel was an Israelite brought up under the Law in deed, not just in word, in whom there was no guile; there was no deceit in his heart.

Obviously, the Law was a schoolmaster to bring this godly Jew to Christ. Similarly with the Jews on the day of Pentecost Acts 2. No, the Law works wrath; they knew that.

How the Idea of Hell Has Shaped the Way We Think

The Law was a schoolmaster to bring them to Christ that they might be justified through faith in His blood. Give him the Ten Commandments. The Law was made for homosexuals. Show him that he is damned despite his perversion. If you want to bring a Jew to Christ, lay the weight of the Law upon him; let it prepare his heart for grace as happened on the day of Pentecost. Well, give them the Law of Moses and strip them of their self-righteousness and bring them to the foot of a blood-stained cross.

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Because the Law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. Think of the woman caught in the act of adultery John —11 : violation of the Seventh Commandment. The Law called for her blood Leviticus She found herself between a rock and a hard place. Paul spoke of being shut up under the Law Galatians ; it condemns. So you dust it clean; all the dust is gone. Then you draw back the curtains and let in the early morning sunlight.

What do you see on the table? What do you see in the air? Did the light create the dust? No, the light merely exposed the dust. In other words, the Law showed him sin in its true light. That will offend you. First the natural, then the spiritual.

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The precedent in Scripture is given in John 4 for personal witness. He started in the natural realm, swung to the spiritual, brought conviction using the Seventh Commandment, and then revealed Himself as the Messiah. Get to know them; maybe joke here and there, and then deliberately swing from the natural to the spiritual. The way I do this is to use gospel tracts. One example is our optical illusion tract. This is neat…Whoa! We have a machine that does this. We buy the pennies new from the bank, nice golden-looking pennies, and we feed them into a machine that presses them.

It will do your thumbnail if you want to hold still.

Are There Different Degrees of Punishment in Hell? | Cold Case Christianity

But it presses them with the Ten Commandments. I appreciate this. Ever told a lie? Specifically , what does it make you?

Ever done that? The Bible says if you hate someone, you are a murderer 1 John God has given light to every man John The Holy Spirit convicts them of sin, righteousness, and judgment John : sin which is transgression of the Law 1 John ; righteousness which is of the Law Romans ; judgment which is by the Law Romans ; James His conscience accuses him—the work of the Law written on his heart Romans —and the Law condemns him. All the evidence is here. Have you anything to say before I pass sentence? And the very thing that sinners are hoping will save them on the Day of Judgment—the goodness of God—will be the very thing that will condemn them.

Because God is good, He must by nature punish murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, fornicators, and blasphemers. We broke the Law; He paid the fine.

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Because it will drive sinners to faith in the Savior, to everlasting life. Man, I never, ever would have believed this could happen. Pretty heavy. You have a terminal disease. How am I going to handle it? Probably like this. Sit down. I show you the poison seeping through your system. I speak to you for ten whole minutes about this terrible disease.

Not long at all. Your knowledge of the disease and its horrific consequence has made you desire the cure. How many non-Christians do you know who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness? It says they love the darkness, they hate the light; neither will they come to the light lest their deeds be exposed John , The only thing they drink in is iniquity like water Job What must I do to be made right? Liberation of Stalingrad — Authentic Wartime Photos.

There was an immense shortage of food throughout the war in Russia, and particularly during the battle of Stalingrad. Desperate, people helped themselves with whatever came at hand. Besides hunger, for Valentina and a fellow Russian Konstantin Duvanov the image of Volga on fire is the most dominant from the battle. There was some oil spillage and the water that stood silent for God knows how many centuries have turned into its opposite. Thought the bigger death toll was on the winning Russian side, the Allied forces have also gone through hell.

They were unaccustomed to the bitter Russian winter that the Russian soldiers, as recounted by the German officer Heinz Huhn, often battled by booze. The image he recounts is so gruesome that he barely had the strength to describe it. The bitter reality of warfare is often felt by horses just as by people, and the Stalingrad Battle took many of their lives, too. Their flesh was not wasted, mind you, but well put to use and eaten. Death had a field day for the 6 months that the battle lasted. The entire mash of death, war, hunger, desperation, made it increasingly difficult to keep track of where the loved ones were.

Designated as missing, there could be no telling as to what happened to the dear ones in battle. Valentina, who we mentioned earlier and who was 5 at the time, continued to search for her missing father and only recently found out that he died in battle and was buried at Mamayev Kurgan later on. Stories like these are woven into the war narrative. Stories of people who lived or died, but who gave their all for a higher purpose. There are many more to tell, just as there are numerous fascinating places to visit.

Meet the war heroes and their stories, but also get as close to human desperation and beauty as you can.

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The grand victory for humanity is paid at too dear a price. From on, the name Stalingrad is forever wedded with blood. But also with remembrance, for it is up to us to make sure than the luckless thousands did not die in vain. With such knowledge we turn from the Volga, and let her slide silently by. Milos is a travelling enthusiast and not a small history buff.

They say that his love for the subject is so intoxicating that it easily infests every soul that happens to be around. I reflected on the desolation of poverty, of destitution, of sickness and sin. That I would be free after thirty days meant nothing to me. I would never be free again, never free when I knew that behind bars all over the world there were women and men, young girls and boys, suffering constraint, punishment, isolation and hardship for crimes of which all of us were guilty.

Why were prostitutes prosecuted in some cases and in others respected and fawned on? People sold themselves for jobs, for the pay check, and if they only received a high enough price, they were honored.

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Why were some caught, not others? What was good and evil? Never would I recover from this wound, this ugly knowledge I had gained of what men were capable in their treatment of each other. The vision is also, perhaps more harrowingly, characteristic of how the idea of Hell has shaped perceptions of our own time. Torturous places such as the Gulag, the gas chamber, death row, and the detainment site are often comprehended, and depicted, as new iterations of perdition.

Just ask the pastor at most local churches, or the subway preacher with his brimstone-heavy pamphlets. And some spiritual leaders, intent on presenting a less vengeful God, have attempted to soften or, in some cases, to abolish Hell—mostly to the anger and the anxiety of their co-religionists. Earlier this year, Pope Francis had one of his periodic chats with Eugenio Scalfari, the ninety-four-year-old atheist Italian journalist.

More to the point, he has already made it his business to clarify that Hell, properly understood, is less a place than a state—namely, the state of remoteness from the love of God, an inevitable downside of the gift of free will. Here he echoes C. Lewis, who considered Hell a choice. What kind of deity draws such a hard line between his friends and his enemies, and holds an eternal grudge? Surely the loss of Hell—even the idea of such a loss—should come as a bit of a relief.

Thomas Aquinas argued the opposite, half a century before Dante got to work. Awful, I know. But think of our own justice system, and also of the various means by which we now claim access to the missteps of our fellow-citizens—tax liens, criminal records, mug shots, bad status updates screenshotted or automatically archived. Think of the camera in the courtroom. Think, too, of those Americans for whom even the mildest criticism of the police constitutes a kind of heresy. It might be helpful to regard them as secular Thomists, who, displaying a certain imaginative immiseration, think of a free and ordinary life in the way that their ancestors once thought of perfect blessedness in Heaven.

A few years ago, a minister who used to preach and prophesy at my church—which, by then, had moved from the little room south of th Street to a former Elks Lodge and community theatre a handful of blocks north—started posting on Facebook about how his study of the Bible had helped him conclude that nobody will be damned.

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  6. The sacrifice on the Cross was redemption enough for the entire world. The minister was looking for a response, and it arrived quickly. Some confronted him after service on Sundays.

    Others unfollowed him, in every sense of that word, and went on with their lives. Origen, the scholar and Church Father, born late in the second century A. His more famous successor, Augustine of Hippo, fiercely opposed the idea, and he won the long-term doctrinal battle. Bush and Bill Clinton, proclaimed that he no longer believed in everlasting separation from God.

    The genocide in Rwanda, he said, had left him unable to fathom that all those innocent, murdered non-Christians would burn.