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Simultaneous Device Usage:. Publication Date:. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. For those who like western stories, this series has and excellent and accurate thread wending through the heart of Western settling with a trace of romance that beautifully ties the entire series together. I rarely buy subsequent books in a series like this, but this one is too good not to get to the last page of the last book!

This was an excellent series! The characters were well developed, and the story kept my interest. I don't normally read westerns, but these books were an exception!

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Great author! Kindle Edition , First Edition , pages. More Details Legend of the Dawn Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews.

Legend of the Dawn: The Complete Trilogy

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Legend of the Dawn , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 29, Sheri rated it it was amazing. The story starts with Luke traveling from St. Louis to the North country. It is an adventurous and emotional tale, filled with Indian wars, secrets, love and loss.

With likable characters, thrilling story line a fantastic historical drama, spanning fifty years. Definitely a page turning all night read. I strongly recommend reading in sequence. View 2 comments. Dec 11, Delta added it Shelves: adventure , hist-fictn-romance , wilderness-survival , western.

Feb 24, Linda rated it it was amazing. Great reading Loved the legend of the dawn trilogy. Wagon trains, pioneers, first loves, and Indians. Very clean romance. Loved every page. Thanks J. Wright for letting me know it was on kindle unlimited. Jan 31, Ralph A. Frontier Nice read waiting for the next book in the series and anxious to see how it works out. I like the narration and how it holds your interest for the next book.

May 21, Joyce Wall rated it it was amazing. The Truth At Last Book s about the settling of this country and the Native American people have always been a favorite of mine. This is a great book, one of the best. I have read. I admire Mr. Estleman, Stamping Ground , about a lawman's quest to capture a Cheyenne chief; 2 in the Page Murdock series. Estleman, Murdock's Law , about a lawman's quest to bring order to an Old West town; 3 in the Page Murdock series. Estleman, The Stranglers , about a lawman's quest to stop a band of outlaws who lynch peace officers; 4 in the Page Murdock series.

Estleman, White Desert , about a lawman pursuing a gang of criminals into Canada; 6 in the Page Murdock series. Marshal who poses as a minister to stay alive while tracking down the members of a gang terrorizing the Texas panhandle The Book of Murdock and who goes to Cape Hell, Mexico, to find out the truth behind a report that a former Confederate is raising an army to revive the American Civil War Cape Hell ; 8 and 12 in the Page Murdock series, in a edition containing both novels.

Estleman, Wild Justice , about a Deputy U. Marshal who accompanies the body of a judge on his funeral train and reflects on what he has witnessed of the judge's thirty-year career; 13 in the Page Murdock series. Fitch, A Promising Man , about a man whose failing stagecoach business has a fateful encounter with a band of outlaws; self-published. Fitch, Revenge , about a former stagecoach operator whose new life as a rancher is threatened by men bent on revenge; sequel to A Promising Man ; self-published.

David Fuller, Sundance , a novel which imagines that Harry Longbaugh - the Sundance Kid - does not die in the shootout in Bolivia, but survives to serve time in a Wyoming prison, is released in into a greatly changed world, and goes to New York City in search of his wife, Etta Place.

Old West Novels:

Patricia Gaffney, Crooked Hearts , historical romance about two con artists, a woman posing as a nun and a man pretending to be blind, who decide to team up after meeting on a stagecoach. Brian Garfield, Manifest Destiny , about the young Theodore Roosevelt's efforts to operate a ranch in the Dakota badlands in the s. Molly Gloss, The Hearts of Horses , about a nineteen-year-old girl who goes to work on an Oregon ranch in Zane Grey, Riders of the Purple Sage , about a Mormon-hating cowboy and a young Mormon woman who fall chastely in love when he helps her defend her ranch; perhaps the best-known of Zane Grey's numerous over 50 romanticized novels of the Old West.

Guthrie, Jr. Charles Hackenberry, Friends , about a sheriff and his deputy pursuing a killer across the Dakota Territory; Spur Award winner. Oakley Hall, Warlock , about a gunfighter whose efforts to restore order as a newly minted lawman in a fictional Old West town ultimately lead to greater violence. Dana Hand, Deep Creek , about a small-town judge in Idaho who investigates a massacre of Chinese miners along the Snake River and tries to bring the killers to justice.

Ron Hansen, Desperadoes , about the last surviving member of the Dalton Gang who revives his memories of old times writing adventure stories for Hollywood. Will Henry, I, Tom Horn , a psychological portrait of an Indian fighter and rodeo rider who was capable of both compassion and cold-blooded murder. William W. Johnstone with J. Johnstone, Butch Cassidy: The Lost Years , a novel which imagines what might have happened if Butch Cassidy had survived the shootout in Bolivia.

Anna Keesey, Little Century , about an eighteen-year-old Chicago girl who migrates to Oregon as a homesteader after she is orphaned, and discovers herself in the middle of a range war. Gerald Kolpan, Etta , a novel which imagines that Etta Place, the refined young woman who became the outlaw companion of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, began life as a banker's daughter in Philadelphia. Robert Knott, Robert B. Parker's "Cole and Hitch" series with a story about two U.

Al and Joanna Lacy, Outlaw Marshal , about a federal marshal who persuades an outlaw to go straight and then tries to save him from hanging when a pair of train robbers frame him for murder; Christian message. Joe R. Lansdale, Paradise Sky , about a former slave from post-Civil War Texas who must flee an irate white man, and his travels through the West.

Melissa Lenhardt, Heresy , about two women who turn outlaw and form an all-female gang after they are run off their farm by a greedy cattleman. Richard Matheson, Journal of the Gun Years , a dark psychological study of a man was an outlaw and a lawman at various times; Spur Award winner. Marshal's deputy and in , after envying his mentor's frontier experiences, is faced with a violent challenge. Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West , a literary novel about a teenaged boy who joins a group of Indian fighters who not-so-gradually evolve into a gang of murdering outlaws.

Review at Bookreporter. Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing , a dark literary novel about a boy who captures a wolf and crosses into Mexico with it during the s; 2 in the Border Trilogy. Michael McGarrity, Hard Country , about a Texas rancher who goes to the New Mexico Territory in search of his brother's killer in , where a job trailing cattle changes his life. Larry McMurtry, Telegraph Days , about a woman who takes over a telegraph office in a small town in the Oklahoma Territory and becomes involved with many of the legendary gunfighters of the Old West.

Mark Mitten, Sipping Whiskey in a Shallow Grave , about cowmen in Colorado, a gang of thieves, and the posse that's after them. Kerry Newcomb, Rogue River , about a group of people trying to survive after a battle with the Cheyenne; 4 in the Texas Anthem series. Robert B. Parker, Appaloosa , about a pair of courageous gunslingers who trail a remorseless villain to the small Western town of Appaloosa; 1 in the Cole and Hitch series.

Parker, Resolution , about a pair of gunslingers who relocate in a newly built copper-mining town as conflict looms between the miners and the local ranchers; 2 in the Cole and Hitch series. Parker, Brimstone , about a pair of gunslingers in search of the woman one of them once loved, who ran off with another man; 3 in the Cole and Hitch series. Parker, Blue-Eyed Devil , about a pair of gunslingers in trouble after a crooked new sheriff arrives and a showdown looms; 4 in the Cole and Hitch series see above for a continuation of the series by Robert Knott.

Conrad Richter, Sea of Grass , about conflicts between farmers and ranchers in late nineteenth century New Mexico.

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Review at the Rough Edges blog. Jack Schaefer, Shane , about a former gunslinger who stays with a family in a small Montana town. Lauraine Snelling, Valley of Dreams , about a young woman who works as a trick rider for her late father's Wild West show, which she discovers has been bankrupted by its manager; Christian message; 1 in the planned Wild West Wind series.

Gary Svee, Sanctuary , about the conflicts that erupt when a traveling minister rides into a brutal Montana ranching town; Spur Award winner. Miles Swarthout, The Last Shootist , a coming-of-age novel about an eighteen-year-old boy who thinks his killing of a famous gunfighter will bring him fame and glory; a sequel to The Shootist , the novel by Glendon Swarthout, the author's father. Guy Vanderhaeghe, The Englishman's Boy , about a Hollywood producer in the s who hires a screenwriter to find and tell the story of a bit player who is one of the last surviving Indian fighters; 1 in a trilogy.

Guy Vanderhaeghe, The Last Crossing , about two Englishmen searching for their brother, who has gone missing in Indian country somewhere in Canada or the U. Guy Vanderhaeghe, A Good Man , about a wealthy Canadian's son who tries to make it as a rancher in Montana, where he is not welcomed; 3 in a trilogy. Irwin, who became a prominent rancher in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and was involved with such legendary Westerners as Buffalo Bill Cody, Will Rogers, painter Charlie Russell and outlaw Tom Horn; published both as a single volume and in two volumes.

Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horses , about a woman who grew up on a New Mexico ranch, becomes a schoolteacher in Arizona at fifteen, moves to Chicago for a time, and then returns to the ranching life in Arizona; based on the life of the author's grandmother. Kaki Warner, Pieces of Sky , historical romance about a pregnant Englishwoman who travels to the American West to make a new life for herself and meets a New Mexico rancher with a violent past; 1 in the Blood Rose trilogy.

Kaki Warner, Open Country , historical romance about a woman desperate to protect her sister's children who marries a man injured in a railroad disaster in order to claim the widow's settlement when he dies; 2 in the Blood Rose trilogy. Donald E. Westlake and Brian Garfield, Gangway!

Richard S. Wheeler, Masterson , the aging ex-gunfighter Bat Masterson makes an impulsive trip west to revisit the legendary scenes of his former life; Spur Award winner.

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Jeanne Williams, Home Mountain , historical romance about a young woman who moves her family to Texas after their parents die and struggles to make a living ranching; Spur Award winner. Joe Yogerst, Nemesis: A Novel of Old California , about a US marshal and a newspaper reporter, once best friends, now bitter enemies because of a woman, in the dangerous San Diego boomtown of the s. Hervey Allen, The Forest and the Fort , about an eighteenth century frontiersman kidnapped as a boy by the Shawnees; 1 in the Disinherited series. Hervey Allen, Bedford Village , about an eighteenth century frontiersman kidnapped as a boy by the Shawnees; 2 in the Disinherited series.

Hervey Allen, Toward the Morning , about an eighteenth century frontiersman kidnapped as a boy by the Shawnees; 3 in the Disinherited series. Hervey Allen, City in the Dawn , an omnibus edition containing all three novels in the Disinherited series.

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  5. Catherine Bell, Rush of Shadows , about two women, one white and one Native American, who become unlikely friends as tensions flare between the two cultures in nineteenth-century northern California. Army in pursuit. Win Blevins, Ravenshadow , a modern Lakota Sioux makes a pilgrimage to Wounded Knee and experiences a vision of the massacre of his people that took place there.

    Kelly and Tricia Cheek, All We Hold Dear , about a present-day woman and a young Englishwoman whose diary describes her efforts to evade an organization that wants her silver artifact amid the conflicts leading to the Trail of Tears march.

    Alan Cheuse, To Catch the Lightning , about Edward Curtis, who gave up his career as a studio photographer and left his wife and children to travel the West photographing Native Americans. Frederick J. Amanda Cockrell, When the Horses Came , about a buffalo hunter in prehistoric North America who has a magical dream of a horse; 1 in the Horse Catchers trilogy.

    Robert J. Conley, The Way of the Priests , about the Cherokee before the coming of Europeans to the American continent; 1 in the Real People series; first three novels in the series also available in one volume. Conley, The Dark Way , about the Cherokee before the coming of Europeans to the American continent; 2 in the Real People series; first three novels in the series also available in one volume.

    Conley, The White Path , about Sequoyah, the Cherokee leader who fought at the side of Andrew Jackson and developed a system for writing the Cherokee language; 3 in the Real People series; first three novels in the series also available in one volume. Conley, The Way South , about a young Cherokee trader who tries to persuade the tribes south of his own to band together with his own against Spanish invaders; 4 in the Real People series. Conley, The Long Way Home , about a priest forced to serve as the conquistador De Soto's interpreter, who tries to escape and warn the Cherokee of his coming; 5 in the Real People series.

    Conley, War Woman , about a Cherokee woman with part-Spanish blood who becomes a warrior; 8 in the Real People series.


    Conley, The Peace Chief , about a young Cherokee man exiled from his people after he accidentally kills a friend; 9 in the Real People series. Conley, Ned Christie's War , an innocent Cherokee accused of murder becomes a warrior for justice. Conley, Nickajack , about a murder trial in the years following the Trail of Tears march; Spur Award winner. Conley, Captain Dutch , about a Cherokee warrior whose Osage wife is murdered by her own people. Conley, Incident at Buffalo Crossing , about conflicts between the Cherokee and white settlers drawn to a place known as Sacred Hill.

    Conley, Medicine War , about a Cherokee shaman fighting a curse that has brought him into conflict with U. Conley, Killing Time , about a Cherokee sheriff who takes it personally when one of his prisoners is murdered in the jail. Conley, Colfax , about a gunfighter who sets out to avenge the murder of an honest man; sequel to Killing Time. Conley, Quitting Time , about a hired killer on the trail of some cattle rustlers.

    Conley, Fugitive's Trail , about a boy who becomes an outlaw when he kills a man for shooting his dog; 1 in the Kid Parmlee series. Conley, Barjack , a humorous novel about a marshal in a small Old West town; 1 in the Barjack series. Conley, Broke Loose , a humorous novel about a marshal in a small Western town who enjoys trouble too much for his own good; 2 in the Barjack series. Conley, The Gunfighter , a humorous novel about a marshal in a small Western town and the gunfighter who rides into town to challenge him; 3 in the Barjack series.

    Conley, No Need for a Gunfighter , a humorous novel about a lawman who risks his life trying to hold onto his job after his town decides it has grown too respectable to have a gunfighter as their sheriff; 4 in the Barjack series. Conley, Barjack and the Unwelcome Ghost , a humorous novel about a marshal who must maintain order and profits when bank robbers ride into town with a vengeful Cherokee in hot pursuit; 5 in the Barjack series. Conley, Strange Company , about a reluctant, part-Cherokee Confederate soldier and a Union prisoner of war who become unlikely allies after a sadistic officer forces them to fight each other to entertain his men.

    Conley, Border Line , about a conflict over gold; sequel to Strange Company. Conley, Outside the Law , a Harvard-educated Cherokee sheriff investigates the murder of a schoolteacher; 3 in the Rider series. Eric Flint, The Rivers of War , a novel of alternative history about what might have happened if the Cherokees had teamed up with African-Americans to create an independent nation in Arkansas.

    Eric Flint, The Arkansas War , a novel of alternative history about what might have happened if the Cherokees had teamed up with African-Americans to create an independent nation in Arkansas; sequel to The Rivers of War. Charles Frazier, Thirteen Moons , about a white man adopted by the Cherokee. Michael Gear, The Morning River , a philosophy student turned riverboatman in falls in love with a Shoshoni medicine woman. Michael Gear, Coyote Summer , about an educated white man and his search for the Shoshoni woman he loves, who has returned to her people to prepare them for the onslaught of white people about to move west; sequel to The Morning River.

    Cynthia Haseloff, Man Without Medicine , about two Kiowa men searching for horses taken by white horse thieves. Joyce Henderson, To the Edge of the Stars , historical romance about a white woman in Texas who falls in love with a half-white, half-Comanche rancher. Joyce Henderson, Walks In Shadow , historical romance set in Texas about a woman rancher and a white man who was raised by Comanches.

    Joyce Henderson, Written on the Wind , historical romance about a white woman raised by Comanches and the Texas Ranger determined to "rescue" her.

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    Paul Horgan, A Distant Trumpet , about an army officer on frontier duty in Arizona during the s. Gerald Kolpan, Magic Words , about a Jewish immigrant who becomes an interpreter for a Ponca Indian tribe in Nebraska, his magician cousins and a murderous prostitute. Review or Author Interview. Deborah Larsen, The White , about a sixteen-year-old white woman captured by Indians.

    Laugheed, The Spirit Keeper , about the youngest girl in a family of Irish immigrants who is taken captive in at age seventeen by a young Indian man who has seen her in a vision. Alan LeMay, The Searchers , about the violence between Indians and white settlers in the Old West and how it affected the survivors; the classic John Wayne movie was based on this novel.

    the new dawn Manual

    Joseph M. Gary McCarthy, River Thunder as an audio book; as a self-published paperback , about a Hualapai boy from the Grand Canyon's South Rim who is forced into a Indian school in Marjorie Mogonye, Flowers and Foxes , about a Choctaw family during the government's forced removal of the tribe from their Nanih Waya ancestral land in Mississipi to Oklahoma's Indian Territory.

    Vella Munn, Blackfeet Season , about two Blackfeet half-brothers who vie for a woman's love and the honor of leading their tribe into battle. Vella Munn, Cheyenne Summer , about a Cheyenne tribe's struggle to survive after a fire destroys half their village. Vella Munn, The River's Daughter , historical romance about an Indian woman and a white loner on the Oregon frontier. Vella Munn, Daughter of the Forest , about a conflict between two tribes in the Pacific Northwest after the coming of white settlers. Vella Munn, Spirit of the Eagle , about a Modoc woman who falls in love with a maverick Army officer on the California-Oregon border.

    Robert Murphy, Eagle Talons , about a fourteen-year-old boy who travels West in and is given two eagle talons in thanks when he saves a Cheyenne boy's life. Kerry Newcomb, In the Season of the Sun , about two brothers, one an outlaw, the other raised by Indians. Kerry Newcomb, Morning Star , about a veteran of the Civil War and his quest for vengeance after his Cheyenne wife is murdered.

    Kerry Newcomb, Sacred is the Wind , about a Cheyenne struggling to save his people. Kerry Newcomb, The Arrow Keeper's Song , about a Cheyenne who leaves his people to adopt a white way of life at the beginning of the 20th century. Conrad Richter, The Light in the Forest , about a boy kidnapped as a small boy by Indians in Colonial Pennsylvania but returned to his original family eleven years later, having lost his memory of any life but his life with the Indians.

    Dan Simmons, Black Hills , historical fantasy about a Sioux warrior who becomes inhabited by Custer's spirit when he counts coup on the dying general. Lucia St. Clair Robson, Ride the Wind , about Cynthia Ann Parker, who was adopted by a tribe of Apaches who kidnapped her when she was a child of nine.

    Dan Simmons, Black Hills , about a young Sioux warrior who counts coup on the dying Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn and is haunted by Custer's spirit for the rest of his life.