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Bag Of Rats. Size: Crow. Animated Limbless Jim. Size: Animated Limbless Jim. Black Bat.

Vinesauce / Running Gag - TV Tropes

Lord of Death Prop. Quaking Cody Animated Prop. Animated Creepy Cathy. Rubber Bat. Lunging Graveyard Baby. Ghoul Head Prop. Hanging Zombie with Lights. Animated Laughing Hag. Gator Chomp Head. Size: Phantom Reaper Fogger. Winged Reaper Animated Prop.


Lullaby Granny Animated Prop. Gauze Demon Decoration. Size: 72 inch.

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Fuzzy Spider. Dead Debbie Non Animated. Zombie Fog Accessory. Size: Zombie Fog Accessory.

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Bad Betty. Stone Gargoyle. Size: Stone Gargoyle. Possessed Girl Animated Prop. Freddy Floor Claw. Jason Floor Grate. Size: Jason Floor Grate. Krazy Kristen Animated Prop.

Spitting Debby Animated Prop. Haunted Clown Doll Prop. Giant Evil Clown Decoration. Hanging Creepy Clown. Animated Bloody Sweet Clown Prop. Hanging Devil Clown. One recurring skit was called "Clown Doctor", in which a doctor that happened to be a clown would call for his nurse by yelling "Noiss Noiss". The harebrained nurse would enter, causing Clown Doctor to point at his forehead with a camera close-up on him and say, "Nobody home From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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