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She revised this passage heavily, crossing out and replacing words and entire phrases. After encountering Mary Ann, O'Connor wrote and revised several stories, essays, and lectures. In her introduction, O'Connor returns to the image of Mary Ann's face to refer to "a new perspective on the grotesque" in relation to the good:.

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Most of us have learned to be dispassionate about evil, to look it in the face and find, as often as not, our own grinning reflection with which we do not argue, but good is another matter. Few have stared at that long enough to accept the fact that its face too is grotesque, that in us the good is something under construction. The modes of evil usually receive worthy expression.

When we look into the face of good, we are liable to see a face like Mary Ann's, full of promise. O'Connor clearly perceives a crystallization of her ideas about the good in the image of Mary Ann's face. Perhaps because O'Connor's career was so brief, however, scholars have applied O'Connor's thoughts about the grotesque here to her writing in general, rather than particularizing Mary Ann's case. Mary Ann's imperfection is unique in that it is not connected to social, psychological or moral frailty.

Rather, because her affliction produces an "obvious happiness" internally, and inspires good externally in others' reactions to her, it is an instance of profound mystery. Considering how O'Connor's perspective changed after she encounters Mary Ann may yield insight into the discovery she describes in her introduction to the memoir, as well as into how her fiction evolved.

O'Connor's insights about the good in the figure of Mary Ann contradict the modes of good in two of her stories that are most concerned with the meaning of the term "good": "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" and "Good Country People. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while.

Read preview. He left Philadelphia at the age of 3 days. He later managed to avoid Philadelphia until when he got drafted. Growing up in a Navy family, he lived just around everywhere that you could park the aircraft carrier.

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As such, he missed very little of the country. After finishing high school, education had given him an early introduction to the nature of change and American geography which he used to start his writing career. Now that he is retired, Mike Moscoe is concentrating more on his writing projects.

Besides being trained in International Relations, Mike also studied history, salary administration, counseling and theology. In retirement, he is still looking forward to studying of human glory and folly.

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Mike currently lives in Vancouver, Washington together with his wife Ellen, mother-in-law and all the visiting grandchildren. He enjoys writing, reading, watching his grandkids for story ideas and constantly upgrading his computer — all that are never ending. The first series that he wrote was titled Lost Millennium with the first book being published in Among the tribes of primitive hunters, these travelers will trace a very fatal chain of events and in turn alter history so as to save humanity. The book does that extremely well.

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Told in the third person perspective, it clearly follows our future humans Jack and Launa as they navigate. The premise here is that some time within the future humanity is completely and utterly screwed to an extent that the only hope will be sending a team back in the past so as to fix things. They decide that they must go back, all the way up to BC so as to set humanity on a very different path as it were in the beginning.

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It is a very fascinating idea, going far back in time to remake history completely. The main idea is that there was a certain conflict between peaceful people of the plains and Kurgan horsemen who conquered them. The conflict drove everything which followed in the story. The place is close to Danube river The choice of the place ignores most parts of the world where civilization arise Africa, India, the Americas and China and suggests that this conflict in middle of Europe is the most significant in all human history.

The team consists of one woman Launa , one man Jack , three dogs and two horses. The main mission is to hastily put together and then implement in desperate times. The team brings supplies with them using horses. However, the important commodity here is knowledge.

The rest of the storyline is kind of historical fantasy. They then make friends with the tribe and dig in slowly to learn the language and also gain their trust. The hunters gather using their matrilineal structure. The goddess worship are Romanized and horsemen are equally villainized.

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The setting is all very black and white in contrary to the realistic understanding of the human nature. The year in this book is 4, B. Although the epilogue of the previous book seemed to indicate that they accomplished their main goal, the fight is no yet over. The introduction jumps back into the future that they were sent from.

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Jack and Launa continue training the recruits from People of the Badger who will fight in the upcoming wave of the horsemen.