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I should mention that Adrian Hammersmith and Summer are no more real names than Wintermute. And the story I've told here may be a work of fiction, gleaned from hints, here and there. Seri or Serijules, I'm not sure which is correct used to post frequently on soc. Seri is into spanking and BDSM.

Sex, spanking and submission are definitely joined together for Seri, as they are for me. She is a very good writer and some of her stories are breathtakingly sexy. SarAdora is a prolific writer whose love of sensuality, spanking and sex burns through her stories. Reading her stories you can feel the palm smack her ass and feel her burn for her lovers cock.

Some of her longer stories have a bit of the feel of erotic spanking Romance works, the story building to conquest and climax. This is a site written by a woman I think , who calls herself Owl. It only has a few stories, but they're well written. Most of the stories are "age play". That is, about fantasy children, where the charge in the story is the adult taking part in that role. I've never tried to make money from my stories and with all of the wonderful free material I'm skeptical if there is much of a market when it comes to web publications.

This is Bethie's spanking community site. Bethie is the love of SpankBoss, the author of Spanking Blog. This is a UK based site with active discussion groups. They publish stories, include, with my permission, some of my stories. To read the stories or view the photo galleries you have to have some number of posts in the forums.

Its a pretty nice community, without the nastiness and bickering that sites sometimes degenerate into. This is probably because the site is moderated. This site has discussion forums and member written stories. The site has some rather fetching photos that are, allegedly, of members mainly femail members. Love and Chains. This is a site that hosts free kinky personal ads. The ads are truely free, no hidden strings as is the case with some sites. One of the attractions of this site, compared to sites like Alt.

The site is free and responding to people is free. The site seems to make its money from advertising. I was almost entirely ignored, which is a commen experience for men, especially those who are honest about being married. The site seemed reasonable, never-the-less, so I recommended it to a woman friend.

Her experience was not good and she soon canceled her ad. My friend wrote:. Oh my god, I took your advice and posted an ad on collarme. I said I basically wanted a boyfriend who would spank me, nothing medieval. And all scary, all terrifying, in fact. These guys have dungeons in their basements! I had the most horrifying emails calling me names, discussing how I'd look trussed with a ball gag in my mouth, a collar, hood and welts on my back, describing how I'd be tortured and beaten, spit upon, I almost threw up.

It was terrible. Only one nice guy wrote and said:. Me thinks, Princess, that you have journeyed to the wrong valley in your quest. Your likeness is quite beautiful, so fresh, with your innocent eyes and long red locks, you are a dominant's dream, in fact. I know any man that resides in this world would happily spank your bottom for you, but alas, you would not like what would come next, for in this world we have far, far darker pleasures The motto that was used is safe, sane and consentual.

This is the rule that peole who really play follow. If it gets out that you're not like this, people who soon quite playing with you. I wonder if these Collar Me dweebs have every actually played with anyone. Long ago when the movie Body Heat was released, with the fantastically delicious Kathleen Turner, the movie reviewer in Newsweek wrote that this was a movie that was so hot it would melt the Chunkys in your hand.

Well, I'm here to tell you that Remittence Girl's writing is so hot that she'll melt the Chunkys in your hand. She is the literary equivalent of Kathleen Turner's little white panties slipping down her thighs. Rimittance Girl is simply one of the best writers I've ever read. Anything she writes is good, but her erotic writing can be white hot. Remittance Girl does not usually write spanking erotica, but when she does, it burns like all of her other writing.

She has a remarkable talent to get into the heart of a kink, even if it is not her particular obcession. Remittance Girl generously wrote Grown-up Games in my honor. I was left breathless, both for her kindness and because this is one of the finest spanking stories I've ever read. I am humbled by her talent. Remittance Girl RG to her friends lives in Vietnam, which perhaps accounts for her name she was born in Canada.

She is not only a fantastic writer, be one of the best web site designers I've seen. She posted recently that someone on one of her writer's groups wrote that erotic literature could never really be literature. Well, to summarize RG's response: fuck that. I've included RG's web site at the top of the stories section because RG is a wonderful and creative writer. I have thousands of books and the Amazon bills to prove it. My name is Wintermute and I'm book addict.

I live through the written word. Chelsea Girl does like a good spanking, but she does not seem to be a spanko, a spanking fetishist like yours truely. Although Pretty Dumb Things is not a spanking blog, it is a very well written sex blog. Chelsea Girl is a wonderful writer and a sexual, sensual woman, with omnivorous sexual tastes for both men and women she published a delicious account of a woman straddling her face. Chelsea Girl comes up with lyrical sexual images like "he slips inside me like a hot knife into cheesecake".

She definitely needs a good hard spanking and much more. Susie Bright is one of the early writers on sex-positive feminism. The sex-positive feminist movement arose in part as a response to the writings of Andrea Dwarkin and other "feminists" who ranted on about the evils of pornography. In this line of feminist thought, sexual activity like spanking was especially evil beating a woman for sexual pleasure.

Susie Bright and a whole movement of sex-positive feminists stood up and said that they liked sex. The sex-positive feminists whose taste ran to men they said that they liked being penitrated by a cock and for those whose tastes ran to women, some also stated that they liked being fucked by a dildo. And Susie even wrote that she liked a good spanking now and then. As all of the blogs here authored by women will attest, the idea of a successful, intelligent, articulate woman enjoying a spanking is not as radical as it once was.

Although Susie Bright's writing may not be as radical as it once was, I still enjoy her essays. Bright has written a number of books, including essays on sexuality and anthologies of erotica. Clean Sheets is one of the oldest literary erotica sites on the Web. They go back to the early days, when the Web was new and all things seemed possible. Clean Sheets publishes some well known writers like Susie Bright the lovely Ms. Bright is the author of the book Sex Wise among others. In addition to publishing erotica of a variety of flavors including some very good spanking erotica , Clean Sheets publishes book reviews, non-fiction, poetry and reviews of adult sex toys.

Since February of , Scarlet Letters has been one of the web's premier publishers of humanist, feminist, sex-positive, original and visionary creative and artistic work of all kinds. Unifying our erotic and sexuality content with an array of other types of work, we break boundaries and bridge gaps, crashing the genre barricades in favor of a collection of constantly updated work from some of the most inventive independent authors and artists online.

Our goal: to give our readers an intimate and unique perspective on artistic expression without pretension or arbitrary limits. Get ready to look at sexuality, erotica, creativity and online media in a whole new way. Lynn Paula Russell is one of the best spanking artists whose put pen to paper. Her work has been published under the name Paula Meadows in spanking publications like Janus. Paula is a lifelong spanko, who loves to be spanked. You can feel her passion for spanking in her work. This is Devlin O'Neill's web site. Devlin is a middle aged man and the author of the A Maid for all Seasons spanking novels.

They are pretty well written. This site publishes some of his short stories to give you an idea of his style. Dominatrixes and courtesans are both sex workers whose success depends on being able to understand their client's fantasies and play a role. One obvious difference is that courtesans provide overt sex, which dominatrixes rarely do. Courtesans usual fulfill the role of a temporary lover and companion.

Dominatrixes fulfill many roles: mother, teacher, nanny, bitch and cruel ice queen, among others. Both dominatrixes and courtesans have to be intelligent to prosper in their line of work. Not everyone who is intelligent can write well, but these women can. Since humans have possessed a thin veneer of civilization, courtesans have been sought out by men of power and wealth. This was true in classical Athens, in Rome though many ages and in the renaissance era. The allure of courtesans for powerful, wealthy men has been their intellect and conversation as much as their beauty and sexuality.

What separates courtesans of the modern era from the courtesans of the renaissance is that modern courtesans have Internet "blogs". As one might expect, these intellectual sex workers write exceptionally well. These courtesans or, as they are sometimes referred to, Call Girls are not sex workers because they are emotionally damaged, addicted to drugs or forced into sexual servitude by vicious oppressive pimps.

These are women who have chosen sex work because it pays extremely well and they like the work. Many blogs die in trivia. I never read those blogs that have something like "Mood today: tired". Writing an interesting blog is not easy. It takes a mind for detal and the talent to write about it. A successful courtesan cannot be boring and self absorbed and these blogs reflect this.

Matisse is a professional dominant in Seattle. In this blog Matisse share little glimpses of her life professional and non-professional. She is "polyamourous" and it is interesting to read about how this works in her life. Matisse is not only a beautiful woman, but a excellent writer. In addition to her writing for the blog, she writes a column The Control Tower for the Seattle alternative publication The Stranger.

Some women who become professional dominants seem to do it because it pays well and they don't have to have sex with their clients. Matisse really likes what she does. She's a natural top and from reading her blog I suspect that she is very good at what she does. The novel tends to be naturally interesting and for most of us the life of an escort or call girl is novel. The author of this blog writes well.

The view the author gives of her work as an escort removes any Pretty Woman romance from her job in sex work. Being an escort pays well, but in many cases it's just a job. This is a blog by a call girl in Las Vegas. From what I have read I would not quite call her a courtesan, in that a courtesan presumably provides educated conversation and the illusion of a relationship. The most common complaint of people who have a kinky sexual obsession, like spanking, is that their partner does not share the obsession.

Finding a wonderful person that you love with all your heart and who also shares your sexual obsession so difficult that such a match is almost like winning the lottery. If you are a woman, with some patience and care, you can pretty much find what ever you want when it comes to erotic or sexual activity. This is not true for men. If you are a married man and a spanking top, it can be very difficult to find a spanking friend.

The situation is even more difficult if you are a male spanking bottom. Most of the women in the spanking community are spanking bottoms and are not interested in topping. For many men one of the few options is a professional Domme a woman top or a professional submissive. These sessions do not involve explicit sex or touching of the other person's genitals.

The vast majority of the women who do this work play with spanking or BDSM in their private lives. They are getting paid to do what they like. You should treat them like any other professional a lawyer, doctor or massage therapist. You should also be totally honest about your level of experience. If you visit Fantasy Makers or The Gates , or one of the other places places listed below, you should be discrete. Many of them are located in residential neighborhoods and it is not appropriate to wear outrageous dress or carry spanking or BDSM toys openly.

In the United States there are lots of professional Domme's women tops and relatively few professional submissives. Some professional submissives do only bondage scenes, and there seem to be even fewer who like to be spanked. The fact that a link is listed here does not constitute an endorsement. In the majority of cases I do not have any direct experience with these power exchange providers or play spaces. Fantasy Makers has women who top and bottom and some who do both.

The women who make up Ms. They are a smaller group that either Fantasy Makers or The Gates and also include Dominants, switches and subs. This section lists independents in the Bay Area. These women all switch I'm a top, so in general I'm not interested in women who are just Dommes. There seems to be more demand for female tops, so these web sites tend to emphasize this part of their services. As this short list demonstrates, there are few professional submissives or switches compared to pro-Dommes.

The links below are found links. These links are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that I am not providing any recommendation. Other than what I can read on the linked web pages, I have no knowledge of the services provided. Penny Barber "Naughty Little Switch". Madison Submits a professional submissive in San Jose. Silk Christine. Christine's blog can be found here. Love lists spanking and submission among her services. Unlike many of the woman listed above, she does not seem to be someone who is strongly drawn to BDSM or spanking, but perhaps likes it as play.

Wondering where to host your next birthday spanking party? The SF Citadel web site shows an attractive space that comes complete with lots of naughty furniture spanking benches, St. Andrews cross, etc. Andrews Cross, etc They also have fucking machines you buy your own dildo before using it. The club includes a dungeon space. There are various events with names like "Sodomy Sunday", for men only. Or the "Fuck Ball", which I assume is an orgy. At least for Wintermute this is all a bit too far on the wild side. They used to rent a space in Mountain View, but gave this up in probably a result of Silicon Valley rents.

Erotic Lesbian Stories post

There continue to be events and classes organized by The Back Drop Club. This is a collective of women in Chico, who also seem to travel to San Francisco on occasion. They seem to do both dominance and submission sessions. Passive Arts Studios offers both play space rental and sessions.

Passive Arts has a relatively large number of pro-subs. Like Passive Arts , The Dominion has a relatively large number of switches and pro-subs. The web site provides no details on what the various women like to do, unfortunately. The Lair De Sade is a membership playspace. They host parties and other BDSM themed events e. Caine seems to have had some bad experiences with clients, which is reflected by the preemptive scolding on her web site. She does appear to be a true professional submissive however and I suspect that if you treat her with respect the favor will be returned.

This is the web site of a French photographer who does breathtakingly erotic work. The photographer captures the eroticism and beauty of spanking, bondage and whipping as few people have. The author of this site has the talent and polish of a professional photographer, but oddly there are not prints available for sale on the site. This is a photography site, mainly of the author, Lili, photographing herself and her male love. If you're offended by closeups of pussies and cocks, this is not the site for you. Some of the photography on this web site is truely inspired. Lili at her best is a true artist, if rather obcessive about her subject but so was the painter John Kacere whose work I like a great deal.

Lili's photographs runs the gamut between unretouch photographs to heavily photoshopped images. Lili also has a companion site, Eroticalee1 , where she publishes more photographs and some of her writing. When she was younger Lili was a prostitute and some of her writings on this period are both powerful and scary to read. This is not Pretty Woman , but a slice of what it is like to be a call girl, working for a pimp. I'm glad that Lili survived to be here with us today. I think that one's taste in lingerie is influenced by the styles that were popular when you grew up.

I love to see a shapely bottom in sheer or lace string bikini panties. Lingerie is a product that lends itself well to sale from a web site. So there are lots of great sites where you can buy lingerie, like Bare Necessities. I've listed a few sites here that you might not have otherwise found. Retrogirl: the original vintage vamp eBay Store. Retrogirl sells some very sexy custom made panties. They are modeled after panties that were popular in the s and s. She has many of them made with only a single layer of nylon in the gusset. This puts just a sheer layer of nylon over the woman's pussy, which is very sexy.

These sheer panties don't offer much protection for a naughty girl who is being spanked, which is just the way it should be. Some men who are spanking bottoms wear women's panties when they are going to get spanked. There is a special resonance that women's panties have and that being "forced" to wear women's panties has. But if it's just the sheer fabrics and bikini style that is the attraction, you can now find this in men's panties.

Teddy Girl has a selection of men's bikini underwear in sheer materials and silk. My impression is that this is aimed mainly at a gay clientele, but spanko men may like them too. They make excellent spanking straps. First class workmanship and reasonable prices.

What more could you want other than a red bottom. The London Tanners straps are are all modeled on historical punishment straps of one kind or another. We own one of their "My Lady's Strap". This is a strap that works very well for a woman's smaller hands. I had a fantasy about being bent over the end of the bed and being spanked with a strap by "Mommy". Leather Thorn makes beautiful leather paddles.

Surely something so pretty couldn't hurt too much. I am sure that this is the perfect gift to give your top, but I'm equally sure that these paddles are not only beautiful but effective. The Hanson PaddleWerks make and sell a variety of beautifully crafted paddles. These paddles can be ordered in a range of woods, including exotic hard woods. The Hanson Ruler Paddle appears in many of the spanking stories, as does the Hanson ping-pong style paddle. The ruler paddle is stingy and is good for a warm up spanking.

The ping-pong style paddle does not look like much, but it really hurts. This is a good paddle to finish a spanking with. Perhaps twenty smacks on each buttock, given nice and hard over the cane welts. If you are fortunate enough to be able to cry during a spanking, the paddle will have you crying like a little girl or boy. The Hanson PaddleWerks gets orders out promptly. I have given a couple of their paddles to my friend Kay, along with replacing our ruler paddle after the original one got worn out on my bottom.

Forbidden Expressions sells beautifully made floggers, canes and a particularly intriguing implement for over the knee spankings called The Nasty. Their workmanship looks very good and their prices seem reasonable. Their rattan canes have elegant braided handles that may make the cane easier to use perhaps to the regret of the bare bottom receiving the strokes. However, the web site states that these are prices so I don't know if these prices still apply in and beyond. Prysm Creations sells linseed oil saturated canes and other spanking and bondage toys.

Prysm Creations obviously takes pride in their products. The canes can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. They have braided handles. Prysm Creations also sells delrin canes, which in my experience hurt even more than rattan canes. Other than a sexy pair of panties, the only thing that can enhance the beauty of a woman's bottom is a beautifully crafted spanking paddle. Walt makes a variety of carefully crafted spanking paddles in range of beautiful hard woods. His prices are reasonable and he has a great selection.

Among other things Walk has a walnut wood smacker. I have not seen anyone else craft spanking paddles from walnut. Given the density of the wood, I'm sure that this paddle is very effective. This site sells beautifully made spanking paddles. The paddles have shaped, curved handles that seem to be designed to fit naturally into the hand of the disciplinarian. The site also sells delrin canes. Delrin canes hurt more than rattan canes and these canes work well for punishment spankings.

Among the paddles in the Satinwood inventory is a heart shaped paddle. Just the thing for a naughty girl to give her husband as a wedding or anniversary present. The beauty and craftmanship of the Satinwood paddles is high and is matched by their prices which is higher than many spanking implement vendors.

Adam and Gillian is one of the oldest spanking toy sites on the web. Tehy sell a variety of leather paddles, straps and canes. We've purchased several of these and their quality is excellent. They include "pain" ratings for their toys. This site in Canada sells beautifully crafted paddles. We have their "Teacher's Rule" and "The Foil" paddles. The paddles made by Spankinc look like they are made with love to be loving applied to a bare bottom. I've been eyeing their "Hairbrush" paddles. The Canes 4 Pain site sells a range of spanking canes.

Some of these are works of corporal punishment art. Others are just simple rattan spanking canes. A spanking can be more erotic and speak to a deeper part of us when it includes certain rituals "go to your room and pull down your panties" and implements that are used to administer the spanking. Hair brushes and bath brushes have an association with childhood spanking, over Mommy's or Daddy's knee.

One of the most popular bath brushes for spanking is the Vermont Country Store bath brush pictured above. This bath brush really hurts. The only paddle I've felt that hurts more is the Hanson Paddle company "ping-pong" style paddle. Like the ping-pong style paddle, you smack one buttock at a time when you spank with this bath brush. Twenty strokes on each cheek should deliver a memorable spanking. Forty strokes on each cheek will result in a very sore and possibly crying girl or boy that's adult girl or adult boy. This brush leaves bruises, so don't play with it if marks are a problem.

Links to spanking (and a few non-spanking) sites I like

Indeed it does. I've always wondered how many of these brushes they sell to spankos, vs. And does the Vermont Country Store realize how popular this produce is in certain quarters? I not have purchased the Recovery Time Spa Kit but I loved both the price and the look of the dark wood bath brush. Since I have not done business with this vendor I cannot provide a recommendation based on experience. They do provide full contact information so they seem reliable. They give this description for the Recovery Time Spa Kit :. Makes a great gift for any man on your list.

Indeed, just the thing for the "man on your list". Perhaps the perfect gift for a honeymoon. Or anytime. Order the Recovery Time Spa Kit and when it arrives change into some sexy panties, bring your man the bath brush and tell him that you've been a very naughty girl. The Frugal Domme sells spanking and corporal punishment toys at reasonable prices. I've purchased one of her carbon fibre canes and it was both reasonably priced and promptly delivered.

The last time I looked at the site it was a bit hard to navigate to find the catalog.

Top Authors

The site seems to be evolving. After clicking around I did finally get to the right page. Seeing those lovely paddles and thinking about having them used, hard, across my ass rewarded my efforts. I tried to buy a couple of canes from this site. The on-line shopping failed.

When I write to the site owner, I got no reply. Unless these issues are fixed, I would attempt to buy from this site. When the shopping interface failed I had already entered my credit card information and my address. While this is probably innocent, this is rather disconcerting. Spank 'n Cane caries a nice selection of canes including rubber coated canes , wood, lexan and rubber paddles and leather and rubber straps. I have purchased more than one spanking implement from many of the vendors listed above. In all cases these are well crafted spanking implements, made for and by people who do adult spanking.

Most of the people who craft paddle are crafting them for use on adult bottoms. In most cases, when you look at the Web pages of a spanking implement vendor there is no question about what the paddles are for: spanking adult bottoms. Very few people who sell spanking implements would sell to anyone who they knew were going to use the implement on a child. This is true of all of the links above. Although I have a large spanking implement collection, I always want more. In my travels around the Web looking at sites that sell spanking paddles I've only found one site that really set me on edge.

This site sells wooden paddles, leather paddles, a riding crop, and a few floggers. But what caught my attention was their laser engraved paddles. They sell a paddle with the following engraving:. Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him wih the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death. Proverbs I know that some people have spanking fantasies involving nuns with rulers OK, it does sound sort of sexy, especially if the "nun" were wearning only stockings, a garter belt and sheer bikini panties beneath her habit.

Spank me hard Sister, for I have sinned! I think that it is only fair to ask someone whether your assumptions are true. The vendor at this site wrote, in response to my question, that the paddles they sold were for "novelty" purposes only. I find this a disingenuous answer. They pointed out that they can't control how a paddle is used once they sell it. And indeed they cannot. In response to a second email, they wrote:. The paddle you are referring to with the laser engraving of the religious phrase was a custom order. The customer had a thing for school type spanking and wanted it for their collection.

It is not a paddle we offer for sale and is only there as an example of how much can be engraved on a paddle. Only one paddle was made that I am aware of. So with this knowledge it would seem unfair to jump to the conclusion that this paddle vendor is a "Christian" right, MoFo Republican nest of supporters of child abuse.

But since there are fine paddle craftspeople who are also spanking fetishists, why not buy from them rather than someone who sells paddles for "novelty" purposes. They field test their products. The web pages or blogs listed below have died out or been removed from the Web. When a site is not updated for months, it gets moved here too. Sometimes these sites come back from the dead. With all of the free "blogging" software out there it is very easy to start a blog and discuss an obsession like adult spanking.

Often, after a promising start, the blog simply loses interst for the author. Some people feel like they have written all they have to write on what is, after all, a rather narrow topic e. Olympia, who writes the Postmodern Courtesan blog points out that an author can quickly exhaust the possibilities of sexual description. At least with heterosexual sex there is a cock, a pussy, a couple of other orifices.

The variations are not unlimited. I think that spanking has a bit more range, since spanking includes sex and much else beside all of those little games with naughty school girls, nannies and their naughty boys. But eventually descriptions of spanking reach a limit in their possibilities too. Successful bloggers who write about sex write about much more than sex. The descriptions of sex and spanking are a thrill, especially for those of us who have an almost limitless obsession with spanking. What is always new and different are the stories people tell about their lives and their relationships.

In the end, people's stories are more fascinating than sex or even spanking. The self-exposure needed to keep a blog interesting to the author and their readers can be problematic. I've toyed with the idea of putting up "Wintermute's Spanking Blog". The attraction would be to write a warts an all diary of the sensual side of my life. But the whole idea of publishing such an intimate account on the World Wide Web is a rather odd one "I know, I'll share the most intimate details of my life with my 2-billion closest friends.

There is also the danger that a connection between blog to the "other me" would be forged this has happened to people countless times. Such a connection could hurt those close to you or have unpleasant professional ramifications. In writing about why she shut down her blog I'll Beg , Kasey writes:.

I can't talk about my vanilla life -- I have a job that would fire me in an instant for writing "porn. While I would not be overjoyed to have my spanking stories connected to the other facets of my public life, I could live with it if it happened. However, a sufficiently honest blog could wreck proportionally more havoc. Katie Spades blog has gone dark. Apparently her disappearance from the spanking community is a result of health problems and the fact that Ms. Spades, unlike the majority of people who make spanking erotica, is not a spanko.

In an interview MP3 with Ms. Spades on a site with the frat boy name and frat boy esthetic of beer. Spades states that she was looking to start her modeling career. She did not want to do porn and looked around and found the spanking community. Spades felt that she was much better looking than most of the spanking models and so could be a great success. She was never a spanko who always got a thrill from all things spanking. Spades was just in it for the money and was, in fact, disgusted by the whole thing. A post on the American Spanking Society , The last of Katie Spades summarizes the interview in which Ms.

Spades abjures all things spanking. Having listened to the interview I can vouch for the accuracy of the the American Spanking Society summary. Spades posted to a number of blogs and seemed to put some effort into becoming part of the spanking community. As a result, when her interview came out revealing that it was all a cynical ploy, many people felt betrayed. The fact that Ms. Spades described people who are into spanking as "sickos" did not help either.

Spades was smart enough to realize that to succeed she would have to take hard spankings, given with a variety of implements. From the pictures posted on her blog, she did indeed get soundly spanked something I think, in retrospect, she richly deserved. In the interview Ms. Spades said that to get through the odious business of a hard spanking she had to get very drunk and that her boyfriend didn't really want to do it. Spades apparently has some serious health problems.

Like many people in the United States in this wonderful until recently Republican dominated country, she did not have health insurance and incurred large medical bills. Spades or her boyfriend put up the web site Save Katie which asks for donations to help with Ms. Spades medical costs. I suspect that most of Ms. Spades fans are spankos. After describing all of the money she made selling spanking videos and how she holds the spanking community in contempt she may have hurt her fund raising prospects.

Also, a number of people in the spanking community felt that Ms. Spades was being dishonest with the spanking community and that, perhaps she is being dishonest about her health issues. I actually think that the health issues are real, but I have no desire to help someone who views me as a pervert. Spades' blog publishes nice pictures of the extremely spankable Ms. Spades, along with accounts of the spankings she gets from her husband Jake.

Kate is a true spanko and has also published some of her spanking stories on her blog. The blog links to a site where you can purchase downloadable videos of Ms. Spades numerous spankings. Well, as long as your not a Linux user that is, since the clips are in Windows Media wmv format. She has been an inspiration to me, since she is married and has been able to find a spanking friend, The Professor. All of this with knowledge of her husband. Naughty One mentioned that she is still getting spanked by The Professor, but has moved away from blogging.

I hope that at some point she will return. The graphic layout on this site is very impressive. NaughtyOne who writes The Adventures of Spanko Girl is articulate, thoughtful and can form those thoughts elegantly into written words. NaughtyOne has a spanking relationship no sex with The Professor , who apparently has his own site at Fairchild Academy.

The Fairchild Academy is a fantasy site, but at first glance it actually looks like a site for an actual school. NaughtyOne has a truely unique, and at times, profound voice. The path that she has walked with her spanking kink has not always been an easy one.

Erotic stories you can customize

She writes of her relationship with The Professor , its early genesis, its difficulties and the spanking scenes they have played out together. NaughtyOne has become one of my favorite spanking writers. Sadly the Postmodern Courtesan has gone dark without any comment. I hope that Olympia is well and making great meals on her professional style range. The Postmodern Courtesan writes under the name Olympia. I became a fan of her writing when I read her post on investment and managing one's finances if you lose your job. Sex workers are like professional athletes, the rarely have careers past their early forties.

So a healthy investment account and some plan for a second career is wise. Olympia wrote about her past life working at [a financial institution] and her early days as a sex work entrepreneur. It's clear that Olympia could have gone the corporate career route that many of us have followed.

But she chose a different path. The post that really caused me to develop a slight crush on Olympia was when she wrote about something so sexy, so hot that I could not keep my eyes off the pictures: professional kitchen ranges. Olympia is a woman who lives with gusto. No little 40", six burner range for her. No sir. She's going for the dual oven, 60" Viking or Dacor.

Some people buy a four or six burner range to make their kitchen look good. But only a serious cook buys a 60" range. In fact, a serious cook who entertains. Perhaps Olympia is planning a second act as a caterer. This would sort of make sense: a caterer simply serves a different set of senses. Olympia is obviously a woman animated by the mind, by sexuality, sensuality and food. Or simply put, the core things in life. Olympia writes:. Because the biggest issue when involving yourself with an older man is the inevitable power dynamic.

Whether consciously or otherwise, a young girl becomes infatuated with an older man because he has more. More power, more money, more experiences, simply more. I wanted a piece of that more and thought I could get it through a relationship without considering the reality that in a situation where there is more on one side, there is necessarily less on the other. Olympia writes that a younger woman who has "less" less experience, accomplishment, money, power, what ever can come to be totally dominated by the power dynamic in the relationship.

But what the young woman needs to consider is that she has power too. She may be insecure, but so is the man she is involved with. And realizing this, they can meet in the middle and have an equal relationship. As a man in his late forties, I think that Olympia's observations are accurate. A middle aged man who has a sexual relationship with a woman in her twenties courts not only the woman, but a whole host of insecurity.

For most men our sexuality is not as strong in our forties as it was in our twenties. Our bodies are not as youthful. Many middle aged men, involved with a woman who is young enough to be their daughter, may worry that a younger man will come along and take this lovely woman from them. Before Elle's blog went dark she mentioned that she had come to an accomodation where a man, who I'm sure Elle also liked, would make her second profession as a call girl unnecessary. Both Elle's blog and her professional site have gone dark.

A brief article on Ellie can still be found on Fleshbot. The update on Elle's web site can be very infrequent. Like Olympia, Elle is a high priced courtesan. She has a professional page which can be found here. Like Olympia, Elle appears to be beautiful, well educated and interesting. Unlike Olympia, Elle has another job and the call girl part of her life subsidizes a lifestyle that she otherwise could not afford.

I suspect that courtesans are a bit like yachts. If you have to worry about how much they cost, you can't afford them. I am sure that dinner, drinks, and what ever else, with Elle would be divine. For anyone but those with an exceptional income, these are high prices indeed. An evening with Elle costs about as much as a two week trip to Europe. How does the divine Elle stack up to the divine city of Venice? After all, how good can one sensual encounter actually be?

But again, I suspect that if one has to make such a comparison, you can't afford her. And maybe I'm just jealous. I don't think that anyone is going to be paying this kind of money to spend time with an extremely well read, well educated middle aged man like me, regardless of what I offered. This blog is written by Melinda, who is a sexworker in Phoenix Arizona and a University student. Being a sexworker pays better than most jobs, but it can exact a cost on the rest of your life. You have to keep what you do secret and it makes outside romantic relationships very difficult. Melinda has written about some of these complications, but she has also written "I love my job".

She seems to like sex and men and has found a way to pay for University without going deeply in debut. Spoon's blog evolved so that there was less spanking and more of her homemade videos, many of which showed her lovely body in various stages of undress. Then the blog disappeared. Where ever Ms.

Spoon's adventures have taken her, I hope that she's well. Spoon is a New Yorker. She has at least five boyfriends. They all have numbers. As I recall at least two of these like spanking and spank her. Who can argue with that? From a few pictures she's posted she looks delicious, so I can see why men like her. Spoon is not only lovely, she also writes in a lovely lyrical way. Spoon has all of the best traits: brains and body. I'm starting to realize that for many people we're at the start of what might be described as a post-literate world.

For many people writing more than a few paragraphs is a stretch. In the world of spanking blogs it is easy to get spoiled by the good writing. Spanking is, by its very nature, an intellectual kink. The barbarians who make up most of the human race just like to fuck. Those of us who are smarter like seasoning with our food and our sex.

And Ms. Spoon is a radical gourmet. La Fessee is spanking in French. Paul is a switch and his site includes postings about both women and men getting spanked. La Fessee went off-line for a while, then it came back. Posting was sporadic, with sometimes just a few paragraphs about spanking.

Customizable sex stories let you change the characters

La Fessee now seems to have gone off-line. What ever else is going on in Paul's life, I hope that he is finding some happiness and spanked bottoms. Jennifer writes on her blog that she gets spanked every saturday night. Lucky girl! If she's been naughty that week the spanking will be given with an implement like a ruler or a hair brush. If she's been a good girl she gets a nice sexy hand spanking. Jennifer's Spanking Art web page publishes drawings of spankings. These include classic drawings from Victorian erotica and modern drawings by artists like by Lynn Paula Russell.

In addition to getting spanked, Jennifer likes nice lingerie. She has a "sister" site with pictures of women in lingerie. These sites seem to be a combination of "labor of love" and commerce. As I've noted above, traffic is worth money, so this might be a nice side line. I find Julie's blog fascinating because she is a female top who likes to top for herself, rather than for a man who likes to be spanked.

Julie is a "spanko" and loves all of the little rituals that go with spanking: sending her "boy" to his room, making him pull down his pants before lying over her lap for a hard spanking. We made googly eyes at each other and I left a hefty tip. I was reluctant to leave but I knew she had other customers. She curtsied again, blinded me with her teeth, and turned away. I strolled off, trying to look casual as I tugged my cock into a more comfortable position. The sun beat down, warm even in October. Scantily clad women and men in period clothing or outlandish fantasy attire wandered around or stood in front of shops hawking their wares.

Minstrels playing Victorian instruments strolled among the crowd. People treated a nearly naked barbarian far differently than they did the tongue-tied teenager I was on all other days. Several hundred merchants worked from permanent structures of wood, brick, and stone that gave a reasonably convincing impression of a Medieval town.

Stages offered musical acts, jugglers, and magicians, and there was full-contact jousting and a daily parade. I felt despondent about leaving Rochelle and found myself moping around. Snap out of it, I told myself. I still have a shot at her. She had not discouraged me when I suggested I would return. I felt my spirits lift. The womanizing, devil-may-care persona flooded over me. The air was thick with the smell of roasting meat so I bought a turkey leg and an overpriced ceramic stein filled with cold beer. Laughing, I gnawed the leg and gulped the beer like a true barbarian.

Women of all ages seemed drawn to me. Giggling schoolgirls pointed and whispered, while housewives and secretaries clustered around me as their friends took pictures. A couple of women gave my ass a squeeze and one even slipped her hand under my loincloth. But this was a surreal fantasy world where regular folks mingled with half-naked people from another time. Different rules of behavior seemed to apply. Several women, entranced by the magical atmosphere and possibly a little drunk made their willingness to venture off with me quite clear.

A few wooded areas would be perfect for a quick tryst, or we could just walk out to one of our vehicles. Normally I would have been happy to fuck any of them. But I was The Barbarian. I wanted Rochelle. After a few hours the sun dropped below the trees and the crowds began to thin. Criers wandered about letting everyone know the faire closed at sunset. Would she still be there? Was her interest just an act? Her hair spilled over her shoulders and I had a great view down her blouse as she bent over to pick up another tray. I puffed out my chest and marched up to the shop, one hand on the hilt of my broadsword, the other carrying my empty beer stein.

Rochelle glanced up. She gave a delighted smile as she packed the last of the trays. That sounds nice. After conferring with an older couple, presumably the owners, she joined me in the street. I gave her a devilish grin as my gaze lingered on her cleavage. I paused a moment, drinking in her beauty, before strolling off. Neither of us spoke as we walked through the town. The sky was dark purple and the temperature had dropped into the high 70s. A few knights clumped by on horseback and the humid air smelled of wood, dirt, and leather.

I escorted Rochelle to the bar of an open-air pub. A bearded man filled my stein and brought a bottled beer for Rochelle. I paid and we strolled off again. We walked for several minutes in silence. Talking in our ridiculous accents for any length of time would be quite cumbersome. Besides, were we really going ask each other personal questions? The delicious tension of the game was everything. With no street lamps and an hour past sunset, it was fairly dark.

The glow from shop windows and the rising half moon gave enough light to navigate. Few people were about. The merchants slept in their shops while the performers had a huge campground on the other side of the faire. Over here by the arena there was no one. I looked at the stocks as we sauntered past. Rochelle looked at it too, then up at me. I guided her to a bench beneath a tree. With dense bushes on three sides, it had a view of a small lake and the low moon. If possible, she was even more beautiful in the moonlight. Her hair seemed to glow and her full lips gave a hint of a smile.

Her large, dark eyes bored into me, waiting for me to make the next move. My cock was hard as a sword hilt. I basked in the tingling excitement of knowing she wanted the same thing I did. She gave no resistance as I pulled her toward me. Her lips met mine. Soft and warm, they parted instantly. Her tongue probed my lips, which opened as well. Our tongues met, tangled, withdrew, then met again. Her arms went around my neck. I slipped my free hand around her waist, still kissing with gusto, as my other hand drifted from her neck, over her collarbone, inexorably downward.

Instead of pulling away, she arched her back to bring her breast into my hand more quickly. I thought I might spew right there. I seduce beautiful women all the time! So I pulled her closer and caressed first one full globe, then the other. I felt her nipples harden beneath my palms and her breathing grew faster. Suddenly I felt her fingers inching under my loincloth.

I moaned into her mouth. Her hand stroked my throbbing dick through my skimpy underwear. I spread my legs to give her better access. As she stroked me I tugged down the shoulders of her peasant blouse. She squeezed my cock harder as her magnificent breasts burst free. I pulled my lips away from hers and took one nipple in my mouth.

She moaned as I sucked gently, first one and then the other. They jutted from her chest, flawless and firm. Large areola tipped by thimble-sized nipples stuck out proudly, dark against her moonlit skin. She freed my cock from the underwear and vigorously pumped my shaft. I started to fear I would cum soon. She relaxed her grip and slowed her strokes.

Wiggling free of her grasp, I knelt on the ground between her legs. I pulled her forward, kissed her again, then turned my attention to her breasts. Caressing, licking, sucking, I worshiped those noble tits as they truly deserved. She moaned her appreciation. I was overcome by lust. This stunning girl seemed just as excited as me. Throwing caution to the wind I stood up, lifted my loincloth, and brought my throbbing cock within inches of her face. Before I could even tell her what to do she engulfed it in her mouth.

She slurped the head of my seven-incher, tongue swirling around my cock-head, then licking the underside of my shaft. One hand pumped me while the other cupped my oversized balls. I grabbed her head and thrust in and out of her mouth. I bit my tongue hard and thought of roadkill. She sucked and slurped enthusiastically.

I bit harder. I would bring this girl to climax first, leave her panting in the dirt. Taking two fistfuls of hair, I pulled her head away. My cock popped out of her mouth with a sucking sound. This ravishing girl was now at my command, at least for as long as I could stay in character. Then an idea hit me.

Medieval Sex Stories – A Lesbians Spanking

I brought her to the stocks. She looked at them, then back to me, uneasiness plain on her lovely face. Bending over at the waist, she placed her wrists and neck onto the three half-circles cut into the lower stock. I brought the top piece down, trapping her. She could just stand up and walk away at any time.

We both knew it. I raised my loincloth and again fed her my cock. She slurped away, but this time without the use of her hands. Half her face in moonlight, half in shadow, she gazed at me as I thrust in and out.

Romance of Lust Book 1 audio archetypal, erotic Victorian novel

I held her hair and mouth-fucked her for a minute or two, then slowly withdrew. I moved around behind her. She gasped as I raised her skirt and bunched it around her narrow waist. I tugged her panties down and she kicked them away. I knelt behind her. Her fair skin glowed a faint blue, highlighting the contours of her ass and legs. Thin lips and engorged clitoris nestled between soft mounds. Her crotch and inner thighs glistening with moisture. I inhaled the earthy scent of her.

It intoxicated me, drew me in like the smell of food to a starving man. I lapped the back of her thighs, moving upwards and planting kisses on her glorious ass. My tongue lapped the tender flesh of her labia. Her pubic hair felt coarse against the smoothness of her skin. I heard her moan again. When I gently licked her clit her whole body twitched. Spreading her labia with my thumbs, I slithered my tongue up and down her clitoris.

I felt her tremble.