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Because your direct connection to the source has been relegated to the back of the mind, your conscious mind will be left deeply confused about why you keep attracting negativity and suffering. A dditionally, these experiences cannot be fully reintegrated into the psyche without a sufficient knowledge framework to hold them. Scientific materialism, by pushing these experiences to the fringe and stigmatizing them as illusory and delusional, also limits access to knowledge frameworks incorporating spiritual experiences, which are important for sensitive people to properly make sense of their experiences and thrive.

F ortunately with the new influx wave of energy that is waking up a lot more people in recent years, a grandiose, upward shift is being made in the collective consciousness of the planet towards psychic sensitivity. One of the questions we need to ask ourselves is does everybody have extrasensory abilities? R eality is that everybody is a psychic to a certain extent.

Not everybody is a painter like Rembrandt or a musician like Mozart but everybody has a small part of it in them. L isted below are many traits of psychic sensitiveness which can indicate that you are more sensitive than average and have a divine gift. I t might seem as if life is just picking on you.

But the origin of the issue usually lies in the spiritual realm; a result of unprocessed energy in your spirit body. T he energy densifies into physicality after the countless unconscious efforts on your part to conceal your psychic nature from the judgmental gaze of society.

Gradually, the spiritual pain grows larger and moves further down the chain of your being, spreading to your physical body and causing physical ailments. T elltale symtoms include experiencing moments of distress with no obvious cause, feeling as if you lost your spirit, feeling uncomfortable in the presence of other people, having repetitive headaches, cognitive memory lapses, or even complete shutdown and reboot of the brain! All are sure signs that you are suppressing and neglecting a part of yourself that wants to naturally come out in the open.

T his neglect affects every area of your day-to-day life. Especially your ability to communicate with others and to carry out your work efficiently, thus creating a vicious cycle where you feel the solution necessary to return to a state of balance always escapes you.

O ne of the ways to help yourself if you suffer from depression or higher levels of anxiety is saging. The daily practice of saging is quite helpful for feeling like yourself again. However, when growing up the chemical balance in our brain changes and we lose the direct, pristine contact with the spiritual world. A nd although this gift disappears from most children around the age of 9 or 10, others continue to have it and it will most likely stick with them for the rest of their lives. T his leads us to the next point in our list of exhibited symptoms of psychic abilities — hypersensitivity.

A s our intuitive side is strongly connected to being sensitive, there are many levels of sensitivity you can display. For example sensing whether the food you eat is organic or lacks any connection with nature, having allergy towards dust, animals, flower pollen, to gluten, or also resistibility to electronics. T o combat the stress and flourish the positive symptoms of psychic ability, plant the seeds of mindful breathing and of being mindful of your actions by exercising the power of focused presence in the Now.

W hen you let mindfulness wrap all the layers of who you are, you will gain the ability to tunnel that intense energy flow, that constant incoming information flow to an acceptable and bearable degree. You will be able to weed out any unnecessary psychic downloads. Quite often it happens that close family members are energy vampires who drain your life force more than anyone else you know.

What you can do is limit the time you spent with them and when you must interact, keep the amount of energy you give to a minimum. T his feeling is that strange insight of knowing exactly how a situation will play out, like you dreamed it before or it has already happened to you. T his type of knowing can sometimes surprise you, for example when something big happens and everyone is shocked and stunned by it- only you feel calm and somehow instinctively know that this was the way it was going to happen.

W hatever happens in our energy body, in our energy centers — the 7 chakras, will have a corresponding physical response. A growing pressure in the center of your forehead is a physical response to a spiritual event. Drewes is a consultant for the Parapsychology Foundation in New York and helps parents and children talk about and understand their experiences. Connie, in a recent conversation, commented on how she as a child had various psychic experiences, and now her daughter, age three, was showing similar signs. They were not truly supportive and even laughed at me. I know I am not a freak.

And my psychic experiences have often been helpful to me in many ways. In addition to the books by Dr. Louisa and J. Rhine, there are other helpful books that parents and children can read in order to understand their experiences:. The Gift. Is Your Child Psychic?

A psychically gifted child is not odd or weird. He or she is talented, but looks, acts, and plays like any other child. The difference is that the psychic abilities are so pronounced, they cannot be hid. The child cannot deny them nor develop strong defenses to block them from use. The child most frequently misunderstands them. In addition, psychically gifted children may have unusual sensitivities, being more affected by a casual slight or emotional experience, or is more reactive to the emotionally confusing states of other people.

Because the child cannot create strong defenses, feelings of being vulnerable, hurt or confused by the actions of others can result. This can lead to withdrawal into oneself to create a sense of balance, or may result in feeling overwhelmed or at odds with the sometimes conflicting energies of other people.

There are many ways in which parents, teachers or friends can help psychically gifted children begin to see themselves and their abilities in positive ways and to explore those areas to find out who they are and could become. Listen to your child without judgment. Create an accepting atmosphere of understanding and caring, without ridicule, so that your child will not be afraid to speak of the experiences. Allow your child to talk freely about the experience.

Try not to display your disbelief, fear, worry or embarrassment to your child.

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Otherwise, they may withdraw or avoid talking to you about their experiences. Do not force a child to explore or consciously develop psychic abilities if the child does not wish to do so. Normalize the experience. Let your child know that such experiences have happened to other children and adults, and there has been research conducted on such occurrences. Let your child know there are places to get answers to their questions about their abilities and experiences and you can help them if they want.

Psi often occurs when not pressured to make it happen. It is a tool and not an end in itself. Do not focus on using psychic abilities for personal gain. These abilities are there for the child to use, grow with, and share. Such approaches may actually cause abilities to decline, result in feelings of being exploited, may result in an inflated sense of ability or force the child into resorting to fraudulent activities to keep the attention and positive regard of the adult.

Psychic Kids… 23 Signs Your Child is Psychic.

Children often feel conflicted in such cases, in conflict with the need for approval and acceptance of others, and the push of their psychic abilities. Set apart because of these talents, the child may begin to feel something is wrong or may feel bad or unloved. The child will therefore focus on using these talents to gain attention rather than using them as potential tools for personal growth and development.

Put psychic abilities in perspective. The spontaneity of psychic events and abilities will decline under feelings of self-consciousness or anxiety. The child should understand while they may be talented in psychic abilities the child has other things to learn and other talents to develop. Let your child be a child, not treated as a little adult. Let your child develop all sides of him or herself, including psychic abilities. Help your child to understand that these abilities are just like any other talents or skills people have like being a gifted pianist, artist, actor, or athlete.

Keep communication open. If a child tells you about a psychic experience, accept what has happened, whether you feel it is coincidence or otherwise. Your child may also lose faith and trust established by feeling unable to talk about problem areas in general, or special unusual dreams or disturbing impressions. As a consequence, the child may try to suppress their psychic abilities, losing creativity, and may develop feelings of distrust and anger toward a parent.

Keep a journal of psi experiences occurring in the family. Encourage the child or teen to record such events or dreams.

Famous Psychics: 10 Most Famous Living Psychics of the World

Write them down as soon as possible after it occurs to keep information fresh and get the most details as possible. Over time patterns can be seen, and the ability to distinguish a regular dream from one that might have precognitive components. Try to add documentation when the events have occurred, and record the times the events did not seem to occur or missed significant details. Often psychic impressions come through when there is minimal interference and the conscious mind is not distracted by other things, such as during sleep, during car rides, or when daydreaming.

Try out simple ESP games, which can be enjoyable and fun for child and parent alike. Guessing games can be used whereby the child guesses a word the parent is thinking, or draws a picture of an item being thought about. Reverse roles and have the child think about a word or item and have the parent say or draw the impression that comes to mind. Using a deck of 25 cards, or making up a special deck of Zener cards can be used for guessing. To make your own Zener cards, use 25 index cards. Make up five cards each, one symbol per card, of these five symbols: a star, three wavy lines, cross, circle, and square.

Mix the cards up and have one person concentrate on each card while the other concentrates and calls out or draws what they think the symbol is testing for telepathy.

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Repeat two or three times. Shuffle the cards, then put them face down. Have one person guess each card, just before it is turned over, without anyone looking at it ahead of time, will test for clairvoyance. And for precognitive abilities, have the person say or write down 25 symbols and then shuffle the cards. Then turn them over one at a time checking against the answers already given. See how many match the guesses! A score of 5 out of 25 is considered chance, the usual number when no psi phenomena may be occurring.

Set the game up for the child to guess which candy will be selected from the paper bag precognitive , or which candy has been selected and is being held in the bag by you clairvoyance. Once the child has guessed the color, you can show it from the one selected from the paper bag, and then replace it in the bag, keeping 25 candies in the bag at all times. You could give a similar color candy to the Athena A. Drewes, Psy. DSally Feather, Ph. Research by Dr. Drewes with Dr. The authors are interested in hearing from children and teens about their psychic experiences and welcome letters or e-mails.

They can be contacted as follows. Drewes: e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Feather at This email address is being protected from spambots. What We Do.


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