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Show both types of examples to students and encourage them to create their own context using three idioms under the same topic. Believe me: your students will surprise you with their creativities.

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Expanding your lessons internationally is possible with the help of advanced information technology and globalised vision of you as a facilitator in class. Step 6: This last step is quite a challenge. You can only move to it after you have finished all the five steps above and do have some time left for students to make it happen. For the elective course, I keep it as one assignment for final assessment.

For each new added body idiom, I would give them an example sentence Figure 3. Students were suggested to keep a portfolio of these added idioms including the given examples and their own creation to use them. When we had several minutes left in class, students would exchange their portfolios with each other, doing peer evaluation towards their works.

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They would come to me if questions or confusions occurred. At the second half of the course, I encouraged them to pick three added idioms from their collection and make a video just as The Teacher did, presenting the idioms as well as meanings in various forms including language, actions and pictures. The basic requirement was to clearly introduce three English idioms with meanings and examples.

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Remember to make a checklist for the video, so your students will know to which directions they should go. The six steps are actively involved in the elective course Leaning English Idioms for Fun. Each topic has been supplemented with a PowerPoint, which contains topic-related pictures, cartoons, video links, exercises and model sentences. And they will go on a diet or take slimming products instead of exercise. This is as good as a chocolate teapot. At the end of the course, a questionnaire was made for all the thirty participants to give feedbacks to the course.

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Eight questions were listed in the questionnaire asking about this course from various aspects, such as: why do you choose this course? Can you explain the definition of idiom after learning this course? What is the most difficult part for you in this course listening, sentence making, understanding idioms under different cultures, etc. Which topic impresses you most?

Are you going to learn more English idioms from now on? The feedback analysis showed that most students chose the elective course because they were interested in English and wanted to improve it. This motivation kept the whole course alive and fully attended. However, though the definition of idiom has been explained in the first lesson, many students still had confusions between idioms and proverbs due to the close relations of the two in Chinese language. More than half participants chose listening as the most difficult part for them and claimed that repeating practice helped them with the listening.

Pie, Tea and Fish were listed as three most impressive idiom topics among all the participants. Two thirds participants said they would learn more English idioms in the future. This is an interesting experience to use BBC learning English resources in EFL classes and see students have fun during the learning process. The combination of appropriate online resources and learner-based teaching plan can really make teaching and learning easy and rewarding.

I hope it will work well in your class and look forward to hearing from you to share your experience with me.

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