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Sarah - Lush Cosmetics. Hired Silent Disco King for a work event and they were just fabulous!

Disco R35 (For Disco King & Queen) (CD, EP, Compilation) | Discogs

Nothing was too much trouble and the ladies really went above and beyond to accommodate our every whim Catherine P. We engaged SDKA to provide the equipment for a silent disco being held at our College in order to raise funds for schools in Timor Leste Mike Hastie - Assistant Minister. The silent disco was one of the highlights of our wintercamp - something a bit different.

Loved that at the same time kids were singing So the next day I decided to pay a visit to the only library in town and try to reanimate some of the brain cells I was left with.

Nobody could find out why, how, and how to cure this phantom-pain. The only option for solving this Chinese-drug-trap COULD be an intense heroine hit - borderline overdose, emphasis on could. In that moment, I feel my left leg slowly shutting down in cramps.


The doctors said it was all in my mind. Everything became a problem. Taking a shit set me back for an hour as I had troubles getting up and zipping up my pants and using the crutches. Imagine floating around in the midst of a high, and getting stuck above the ground, right below a thunder-cloud, with your head filled with life-questions that cannot be answered. The heroine was going up my nostril - it was safer that way that than injecting it as I might miss the vein and finish the party sooner…and dead.

I line it up. People usually die after the third, oh well. Who would cry over me.


The fourth cut is ready to be sniffed. I lay down for a second, I start gasping for air - the first overdose sign. Fae Moonbeam. Seffi Starshine. Purchasable with gift card. Touch You Again Hunger 4 Love You've Got Me Fingers Down Yr Back Luv Hz All Of U Erotiq World King Of Hearts Nothing 2 Prove We Made It Out Alive Recorded primarily in the summer of First 'official' LP.

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