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He meets Isabelle [who we later learn is Lady Zastra of Abras, biomimetic android].

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Proactive in her waiting, she has secretly embedded herself into the stockholder lists of many large corporations, hiding behind a myriad of names and faces. A little tweak here, a little nudge there, quietly shepherding Earth's technology toward the day when it would be able to help her return to Abras. None too soon -for out in space, the fleet of ravenous reptilian Drolla reach Abras -intent on making it their new homeworld.

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For humanity to avoid the fate of being reduced to food for the Drolla, Earth and a parallel universe must join forces. But, as the tide battle turns in favor of mankind, a new saurian appears and proves that humans are not alone in the mastery of travel across the multiverse. The final resolution of the war comes to rest, literally, in the hands of Lady Zastra and the outcome of brutal gladiatorial combat. He wrote for his school paper, but rather than doing the common and often mind-numbing interviews with the football coach or chemistry teacher, he wrote stories for the enjoyment of the other students and for the love of science fiction and fantasy.

Many were reprinted in the local city paper as 'byline' articles.

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Embedded in his stories, you will find his varied interests range from quantum physics theory, electronic communications, electronic circuit design, work with lasers and microwave radio lifetime federal license , computers, astronomy, chemistry, and the internet, on through building small robots, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, practicing martial arts multiple black belts , marksmanship qualified expert , writing, oil painting, and photography, to mention a few.

These give a unique and diverse perspective on life.

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Dan tries to make certain the science in his stories is correct; either the latest views in the scientific community, or his own interpretation and projection of logical science discoveries coming in the future. For the readers, he comments: "These novels show the build-up and war that is mostly between humans and non-humans. With any luck, Earth could avoid becoming part of such a conflict and being destroyed by more advanced alien technologies.

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How many must die before he finds and destroys the soul keeper? Books in This Series by Daniel D.

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