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Rules about listening to each other, respecting a chain of command, looking after equipment properly, and not rushing, will all help to keep people safe and happy. Though some hazards might seem very obvious, people might still need to have them pointed out.


Extremes of weather are one commonly overlooked hazard. If you are filming outside all day, it is essential to make sure the crew are dressed appropriately. A lot of the time you may be standing around and people will get cold very quickly even in what seems quite mild weather. Layers of clothes are best, and get everyone to bring a waterproof and a woolly hat - they keep out wind as well as rain and are invaluable.

Sunburn and heatstroke are other outdoor hazards. Always have high protection sunscreen on hand and make the students put it on. Try to get students to wear some kind of sun hat or stay in the shade when possible and make sure lots of water is available to drink.

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The other reason for sunscreen is to stop the actors' appearance changing drastically and messing up the continuity of the film! Rushing to finish in time is when hazards get missed, or people start taking risks. If this starts to happen, take a moment to calm everyone down and remind them: this is only a film. If you feel really pressured try to think of how to lighten the work-load: can you cut out some shots or set ups to give you the time to get the most essential stuff for the film without a panic?

Or can you come back tomorrow to finish? Shots might look illegal if you didn't know a camera was there. Remember filmmaking is about illusion. You can act, shoot and edit in a way that suggests all sorts of scary things without having to put people at risk.

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Someone at height can be faked by lying on the ground with the camera looking up at someone with only sky behind them, acting as if they are on the edge of a great height. Young people often want to depict violence, with or without weapons. This can get out of hand and lead to real injury. The safest way to deal with violent scenes is to suggest the violence, or show the aftermath but leave the detail to the viewer's imagination. Example: a scene about bullying.

The victim stands alone, the bullies advance. We see a shot of the victim's face, scared.

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We see the victim's point of view as the bullies crowd round. We see a shot from a distance as the victim is finally surrounded, the camera tilts up to the sky, a lovely sunny day, birds sing, we hear the SOUND of the bullies thumping our victim. Cut or Fade to the aftermath, victim sitting crying in a heap on ground, or in hospital bed, headmaster's office - wherever you wish to take your story next The point is: your viewer will probably imagine something far worse than you could ever safely show.

Get your students to think about examples from films where violence has been suggested rather than graphically shown.

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One of the most famous scenes is the shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho: very little is shown, but audiences were horrified and that was in black and white! Obviously this exercise depends on the age of your students. Young people will take extra risks when filming, usually because they are caught up in the moment and want to make their film look like the ones they've seen on TV or cinema. It is your job to be vigilant, listen to what they are trying to achieve and help them find a way to do this safely.

Look for solutions to problems, there is nearly always a safe way of creating the same shot.

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And remember you might want clearance to go on a school website or vimeo - think festivals so these should be covered too. A letter with the release form, detailing the benefits of the project will encourage parents to say yes to their child being involved. Disclosure Scotland should be contacted if you are enlisting the help and practical support of others on the film project to work alongside young people. Enhanced Disclosure forms will certainly be held by most professional filmmakers and project facilitators. To get your form visit www. No problem! Our full-time 48 week training will provide plenty of hands-on experience in the many interrelated roles that make movie magic happen over the course of four progressive terms.

Steady growth is expected in the television and film industries, with rapidly increasing opportunities available in corporate and artistic online video. It is a highly dynamic, competitive and collaborative industry, where networking and apprenticeship may open unexpected doors. Trebas commits to ensuring your success by offering lifelong employment assistance, including coaching to market yourself professionally, exclusive access to internship and job offers, and interview preparation.

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