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No events in your area? Let me know if scheduled in the future. Send Request! Affect or effect? Making the right choice between confusing words like these just became a whole lot easier! You need to know your audience's audience. You need to understand why the reporter you're pitching is right for the story, and you need to let them know that you know why they're right for it.

Nothing irritates a journalist more than a grossly misplaced pitch, and--other than ridiculous grammatical errors--nothing will get you blackballed faster. Spend time researching what your target covers and the voice in which they do so. This will allow you to provide them what they want AND need, and tailor your approach in a way that resonates stylistically.

Media databases can be helpful, but do not rely solely on them.

Media and Your Message | Business Communication Skills for Managers

Journalists' beats can be vague, and it takes legwork to really understand the topics they want to cover. Be thoughtful and take a research-driven approach--the fruits of these efforts usually taste like great working relationships. Think like a virus--a virus that creates extraordinary value for its host read: your business.

This weirdly relevant analogy is me telling you that conditions in the media and technology landscape are changing rapidly, so you better drive it like you stole it or you'll be eradicated by the competition.

Media & Communication Skills Made Easy: 2017 Edition

The only way to stay ahead of the game is to pivot as soon as you spot the tide shifting. Perhaps that means the rise of a new social media platform, the launch of a better analytics tool or shift in consumer consumption patterns. The message here is that complacency or stagnation is a surefire way find yourself playing "catch up" instead of "catch me.

True networking masters don't just forge connections, they are connectors. Focus on cultivating meaningful relationships with the media by being proactive and responsive. Start with a great, well-placed idea and then over-deliver. Properly prepare, be on time for interviews, have a contingency plan and always be professional. If a journalist asks for something you may not have, go out of your way to connect him or her with someone who can provide it.

They'll remember that gesture far longer than any great idea you might have. Messaging, messaging, messaging. Live and breathe it.

Messaging is the foundation of strategic communications, and must be the first priority before starting a campaign. What techniques can be used to manage your fears? Pincus answers all these questions, and many more. She has personally been my coach and mentor for public speaking and it has been a life-changer! Her book, Presentation Skills for Attorneys, is a must-read! There is a wealth of practical information and guidance presented in an easy to locate and easy to read format.

It is a compilation of actual experiences of the author and other contributors that set out how to make presentations that are effective with the audience and enjoyable for the presenter. I wish that the information in the book had been so readily available when I found myself first addressing gatherings, rather than learning through experience. Faith brings her own expertise and experience, as well as that of her many contacts, to create a book that is witty, an easy read, and a bible for any public speaker.

It takes the anxiety out of the picture. She explains what to do, it makes sense, and then you feel empowered to do it. As a public interest environmental attorney, public speaking is a critical advocacy tool but one that I was never taught or felt particularly confident in. Presentation Skills for Attorneys gave me the tools I needed to refine how I prepare and deliver presentations and helped me up my game. There are so many useful tips in here, I continue to go back to it. A must for beginners and more seasoned speakers alike.

Faith expertly and succinctly covers the practicalities of public speaking — from organization to the impression you leave on your audience. She also addresses the concerns and roadblocks public speakers face and how to best practice and prepare to avoid them. Beginners and experienced public speakers alike will find something new to take away from this book every time they read it — and every time they prepare to speak.

Business Writing and Grammar Skills Made Easy and Fun!

I know I do. The sections for lawyers are full of good advice, and lawyers and others will also benefit greatly from the other public-speaking and media-handling advice she offers. Full of sound, practical advice from start to finish, it will put new attorneys years ahead of their colleagues, and even the most seasoned trial attorneys will pick up valuable pointers and understand in a new light lessons already learned. Doing it well is essential to success, but nobody ever teaches you how to do it.

Until now. Faith Pincus breaks down the art of successful public speaking into bite-size chunks. She identifies all the common mistakes speakers make and warns you away from them, especially including misuse of PowerPoint. Her best tip: Enthusiasm on the part of the speaker really counts! But, most of our activities are outside the written arena. In this book, Faith Pincus helps you prepare your message, organize your thoughts and present your speech.

Keep her book by your side when you begin thinking about accepting an engagement to present. I cannot begin to tell you how much she helped me…I plan to use Faith for more coaching for my senior staff and me. She does terrific group presentations as well as one-on-one. She broke the preparation process down into steps which ensure that I am prepared to persuasively advocate on behalf of my client. She is a smart, challenging, and demanding coach.

I will benefit from my investment in her for the rest of my career. I am the identity of my firm!

I always need and strive for improvement in my presentation skills. Faith Pincus is a true pro! I have training next week and will put these tips to use immediately! Thanks again.

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I know, for a fact, I will give a presentation that will be times better than what I would have given. Sakamoto, Esq. Excellent job. Faith clearly practices what she preaches. My fear of public speaking holds me back in court, so I took the seminar to improve and gather some confidence.

How to improve Communication Skills? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

The material was well-organized and memorable. The actual presentation exemplified the material. You not only told us what to do, you were showing us at the same time. The coaching was very helpful too. Very useful. I hope to put these techniques to good use….


I would recommend her and this class. Rodriguez, Esq. First off, I would like to say that I thought she did a great job and conveyed some very useful information. My next oral argument or public speaking engagement will be much improved as a result of my attendance. I thought it was time and money well spent. In fact, I came away with a ton of tips to use immediately to improve my programs. Both speakers were interesting, entertaining and totally engaging. Concise, but filled with all of the practical tips that every attorney should know and practice — not just new attorneys, but those of us who think we know but have forgotten the basics of communication.

Thanks to your video tips and the suggestions you gave me on the phone, my presentation was a great success!