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Bear Grylls: Spirit of the jungle Mak and his family are in India. Things are going well until their raft is capsized on a wild river and Mak is separated and lost deep in the Indian Jungle. Can Mac survive long enough to find his way out of this strange, unfamiliar and dangerous landscape of bugs, bats, monkeys, snakes, bears, wolves, panthers and worst of all poachers? And if he can survive, will he really want to leave? Sebastian and Elanor seek help from Crowthorne Castle but both allies and enemies will reveal themselves.

Tom and Quinn venture into the mysterious moors where a hideous beast lies in waiting. Beast of Hushing Wood, The Ziggy Truegood feels a threatening presence in her tiny town of Hushing Wood, which is deepened by a recurring nightmare she has. When Raffi, an exotic young boy, and his grandfather come to town Ziggy's fears intensify.

Unfortunately, her own wise and knowledgeable grandfather is ill, unable to help her. She wonders are the pair there to save her or to hunt her? Beetle boy When his dad mysteriously goes missing from his job as Director of Science at the Natural History Museum, Darkus Cuttle moves in with his eccentric uncle. Next door live two lunatic cousins with an enormous beetle infestation.

But, the beetles are anything but ordinary. They're an amazing, intelligent super species, and they're in danger of being exterminated. Darkus and his friends must save the beetles. But, they're up against the mad scientist of fashion and haute couture, Lucretia Cutter, who has dastardly plans for the bugs. Behemoth The behemoth is the fiercest creature in the British navy.

The Darwinists will need it now they are at war with the Austrian Clanker powers. Alek, heir to the Austrian throne, is posing as a commoner while Deryn Sharp, a girl, is posing as a boy in the British Air Service. Despite their different philosophies, the pair unite aboard the airship Leviathan, hoping to end the war.

Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above. Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. See Series lists for individual titles. Their business of scavenging fishing tackle leads to a very dangerous encounter. Beowulf Beowulf, the fearless warrior battles three evils that terrorise the entire kingdom of Denmark. He slays Grendel the merciless ogre and his vengeful sea hag mother. In his old age, Beowulf faces a bloody struggle with the deadly dragon of the deep in which he may not be as successful as in his youth.

Your aunt and uncle told you to stay out of their basement. So, of course, you check it out. That's where you find the dusty old refrigerator. In the fridge there are two containers. One is filled with purple goop. It smells just like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. The other holds a piece of chocolate cake. Your stomach is growling. If you eat the purple goop, you start shrinking. Pretty soon you're battling it out with a gigantic monster - a mouse! If you choose the cake, you grow into a tall giant. Now you're trying to escape the police, who are convinced you're a mutant alien!

Beyond the bright sea Crow was just a baby when she was tied into a boat and pushed out to sea. When she washes up onto a tiny island, there are just 3 clues to her origin; a birthmark in the shape of a feather, a ruby ring and a sea-soaked letter with just a few cryptic words remaining. Crow will set out on a remarkable treasure hunt, and discover what it truly means to be a family.

Beyond the knock-knock door After ruining a classmate's costume party, the Bowman triplets are chased into the city sewers. Locked inside, they discover a gateway to another world where sharks fly, swashbucklers scheme and party costumes become real. The triplets are mistaken for famous heroes and must fight the biggest trouble of all. Big book of Antartica, The Antarctica is the driest, coldest and windiest continent on Earth. Even though it is a harsh and difficult place to live, Antarctica is home to more than a thousand plant and several hundred animal species.

Antarctica has 90 per cent of Earth's ice and plays a major role in our weather. Scientists from around the world live and work in Antarctica to better understand the future of our planet. Welcome to The Big Book of Antarctica. Big dry, The With each year of drought the heat became worse. The lawns and crops withered and died. Buildings began to crumble and collapse, and more people left the city. George and his little brother, Beeper, become worried when their father fails to return from a trip to town for food and fuel.

Fear for the safety of their dad quickly becomes a fight for their own survival in the hot and brutal conditions. Lee Hargrove only wants one thing-to win a scholarship to Summer Sports Camp. His school is holding a competition and the winner gets to attend the camp for free. Lee is one of the favorites to win along with his friend, Cory "Lucky Duck" Duckworth and another athletic classmate, Laura Grodin.

Laura is good Lee has an idea and he's about to give Cory an unforgettable birthday present that will really get the party started. Blackthorn's betrayal: honouring a warrior's pledge Blackthorn's greatest desire, to become a Trahern warrior, is dangling within her reach. But, she must embark on a treacherous mission, deep into enemy territory, to infiltrate the Doane camp. She must locate the stolen daughter of Esil but the stakes are higher than she could ever imagine.

As the mission takes a sinister twist, Blackthorn's instincts are put to the ultimate test. Blackthorn: becoming a forest warrior Alyana is determined, despite being female, despite being so young, to become a great Trahern warrior. When her father dies, leaving her orphaned, she flees the constraints of her religious uncle's household and lives rough and wild, hunting and fighting in the great forest. Then her worst fears are realised. It is far worse to be captured by her enemies, the Doane, than endure her previous loneliness and isolation.

Blind trek Hilton and Tim can't stand each other. They are forced together via their parents' friendship and their bike has crashed in the middle of nowhere. The only way home is to walk. Danger lurks and, if the boys are to survive, they must work together. With his adult side-kick, Frank, he takes on a case to solve the kidnap of football coach, Kelvin Hunt.

Bloodhound Beka Cooper is finally a Dog, a fully fledged member of the Provost's Guard, dedicated to keeping peace in Corus's streets. Delving deep into the gambling world, it won't be enough for Beka be her usual terrier self. She'll have to learn from Achoo to sniff out the criminals and to be a Bloodhound. Blueberry pancakes forever Winter has fallen in the world of story and Tuesday's typewriter lies silent.

Far away in the Peppermint Forest, Vivienne fears she will never again feel the touch of the sun. When the mysterious Loddon appears in Vivienne's treehouse, he brings terrible danger. Without warning, Tuesday is swept up into the world of story as she has never seen it before. In this forbidding and unfamiliar place, and without her beloved dog, Tuesday becomes Loddon's captive and has to muster all her resources to survive. Bombs that brought us together, The Charlie has always lived in Little Town.

It's home: the curfew, the Regime, the thugs, the poverty. He knows the rules. Then he meets Pavel. Scrawny and sweary, he is a refugee from Old Country. The wrongest person in the whole place to choose as a friend. But when the bombs come, the rules of Little Town change. Right or wrong: Charlie must choose. Bones Twins,Danny and Nicki, notice that their dog, Patch, is bringing home bones to bury in the garden.

The only problem is that the bones look like human bones. The police are called in and their dad's prize-winning flowers are dug up. When they follow Patch around the neighbourhood, they get a very big surprise indeed. Book of answers, The: An Ateban Cipher novel Gabe and his companions journey to a remote mountain citadel where they learn the secret of the mysterious encrypted book that he has been tasked with protecting. But their enemies are close behind them, and new dangers lie ahead.

But during a winter of unceasing rain the forces of science, religion and politics begin to clash, and as the weather rises to a pitch of ferocity, all of Malcolm's certainties are torn asunder. Finding himself linked to a baby by the name of Lyra, Malcolm is forced to undertake the challenge of his life and to make a dangerous journey that will change his and Lyra forever.

Book of secrets, The: An Ateban Cipher novel Gabe has lived at the Abbey, learning the skills of the monks, since he was left on the doorstep as a baby. When he is plunged into catastrophe following the discovery of a dying monk who then vanishes, Gabe has to leave the Abbey for the first time in his life.

Lost in the forest and unsure of what to do, he is found by a group of misfits who defy all expectations. Together, they come up with a plan that will lead them all towards their ultimate goal of being able to live normal lives. Book thief, The It is in Nazi Germany.

Death has never been busier and will become busier still. Liesel has just buried her brother when she picks up a book, partially hidden in the snow by his graveside. This is her first act of book thievery and the beginning of a love affair with books and words. When Liesel's foster family hides a Jewish man in their basement, Liesel's world is both opened up and closed down.

In Defiance of Death

A sombre theme that includes some violence. Boy and the spy, The Things have never been easy for Antonio, but now it seems like the war will never end. So when Antonio is caught up in the dangerous world of freedom fighters and spies, will it change his life or destroy him? Boy versus rat dog Colt doesn't know his own strength. When a showdown with a rat dog has tragic consequences, his arch enemy, Officer Katt, seeks revenge.

She steals the thing that matters most to Colt, right when his superpowers seem to have disappeared.


But superpowers or not, Birdy and Colt are on the case, and the secrets they uncover could change Colt's life forever. Bravelands: Broken pride When treacherous betrayal disrupts the fragile balance between the inhabitants of the Bravelands plains, a lion cub cast out from his pride, an elephant calf who can read the bones of the dead, and a baboon adolescent rebelling against his destiny, are thrust together.

These unlikely heroes must conquer their fears to to restore the harmony in the Bravelands. Bridge, The The city is at war. Southside, the hostiles live in squalor and are hungry to cross the river. Cityside, ISIS is in charge, keeping the hostiles at bay. Nik has spent his life training to join ISIS but, when his college is blown up and his friend kidnapped, he must cross the bridge into hostile territory.

Nik and his friends must choose their loyalties in a war that is not as clear as they were brought up to think. Some language in context. Brief candle Based on the adventures of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte and Emily, and their brother, Branwell. Cooped up inside the bleak parsonage in winter, they write adventures for the heroes of their secret worlds. One day, Emily escapes to the moor and finds a mysterious outcast, Heslington, whose story of lost love intrigues her.

She resolves to help him. Brigadista year, My When thirteen-year-old Lora tells her parents that she wants to join Premier Castro's army of young literacy teachers, her mother screeches to high heaven, and her father roars like a lion. Lora has barely been outside of Havana - why would she throw away her life in a remote shack with no electricity, sleeping on a hammock in somebody's kitchen? But Lora is stubborn: didn't her parents teach her to share what she has with someone in need?

Surprisingly, Lora's abuela takes her side, even as she makes Lora promise to come home if things get too hard. But how will Lora know for sure when that time has come? Bring back Cerberus The demand: bring back Cerberus, the new technology that's only whispered about in the furthest reaches of cyberspace. Drawn into the shady world of black-hat hacking and industrial espionage, Dom will need every skill he's learnt to complete this instalment. How can Dom steal something that doesn't exist.

Failure is not an option. In a race against time, they need to foil a deadly plan to attack the Houses of Parliament. Brotherband series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Brotherband: The hunters The Heron brotherband must undertake a long and dangerous river journey to hunt their prey.

But even if they survive the journey, are they ready to confront Zavac in his lair? Brotherband: The invaders The Heron brotherband are on the trail of Zavac and his pirates, but they are in a well-fortified position, taking over a town. The Herons must drive out the invaders, by devising a fool-proof plan. Brotherband: The outcasts Hal finds himself the leader of a team of outcasts called a brotherband, enduring months of gruelling training in seamanship, weapons and battle tactics to become a Skandian warrior.

Bully chip, The A year after they defeated the evil Lester Smythe, Callum, Sophie and Jinx are having problems with two bullies who are targeting them at school. The friends do not back down and take on the bullies. But could the bullies' evil power be the work of Lester Smythe again. Buried ark, The Callie risked everything to try to save her sister Gracie from the Change, but she failed. Now she has to risk everything simply to stay alive in the Zone where the Change is everywhere and nothing is what it seems. Until she stumbles across a secret from her past that might hold the key to defeating the Change.

Hunted and alone, she finds refuge in the most unexpected of places, only to find that she is in more danger than ever. This book is usually read by students in years 9, 10 and above. Bushfire rescue While trying to stop cattle rustlers from stealing a stud bull, an injured Sam is isolated in the mountains during a horrific bushfire. To survive, he must rely on his courage, ingenuity and the help of Chainsaw, a mad old rodeo bull.

Cairo Jim amidst the petticoats of Artemis Amidst the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, Captain Neptune Bone has unearthed an incredible relic which promises him supernatural powers. Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood after the puce empress A mysterious man inexplicably disappears mid-flight on the way to Shanghai.

The strange object he thrusts into the flight attendant's hand leads Jocelyn Osgood, Cairo Jim and Joan Twilight on a search for a priceless, Chinese antiquity. They seek out Professor Snerdforst and discover the hammer is more than a dusty relic.


Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood in bedlam from Bollywood Cairo Jim and his friends, including Valkyrian Airways flight attendant Jocelyn Osgood, must uncover yet another mystery of history when they become embroiled in the shooting of an Indian film. Cairo Jim and the alabastron of the forgotten gods A seemingly ordinary vase is stolen from the Greek Archaeological Museum by a figure swathed in mystery.

But the vase, an ancient alabastron, holds a potent force that must not be allowed to escape. Cairo Jim, that well-known archaeologist and little-known poet, must find out where they came from and why they are shown in such outrageous positions. They search for them in the labyrinth but discover more than they could predict. Cairo Jim and the lagoon of tidal magnificence The kidnapping of the entire Turkish women's Olympic Tent Erection Team sparks an adventure which includes archaeological investigations by Cairo Jim and his off-beat team.

Cairo Jim and the quest for the quetzal queen Cairo Jim must solve the riddle of the sudden and unexplained disappearance of paintings of the legendary quetzal queen. The paintings are not the only thing to disappear, so has Fifi Glusac, contortionist and harmonica player. Cairo Jim and the rorting of Rameses' regalia A very exciting hieroglyphics discovery, in the Temple of Hathor at Dendara, sends Cairo Jim and friends off in pursuit of the secret of turning ordinary metals into gold.

Cairo Jim and the sumptuous stash of Silenus Cairo Jim and his friends set out to stop Captain Neptune F Bone in his greedy pursuit to dominate the world's total gold resources, and to save King Midas's daughter. Cairo Jim and the sunken sarcophagus of Sekheret When Captain Neptune Bone disappears in the Red Sea while diving for a lost sarcophagus of a Pharaoh, Cairo Jim is called in to try and help find him in the dark and watery depths.

Cairo Jim and the tyrannical bauble of Tiberius Cairo Jim and his friends are sent to Rome to get to the bottom of an act of felony when a priceless and mysterious artefact, the Imperishable Bauble, is discovered to be missing. Cairo Jim and the xylophones above Zarundi Jocelyn Osgood, friend of Cairo Jim, becomes embroiled in the theft of a priceless, royal tiara. She is thrown into a world of chaos and mystery in Zarundi, Africa. Cairo Jim at the crossroads of Orpheus In the dusty ruins of the ancient House of the Perfumer at Pompeii, astonishing discoveries are taking place.

Long forgotten perfumes are being reinvented. But, when one of these whiffs of wonderment, believed to have legendary hypnotic powers, goes missing, it is up to that well-known archaeologist, Cairo Jim, and his friends to try and stop a rush of evil. The treacherous and devious Captain Neptune Bone is after the same priceless treasure. Cairo Jim on the trail to ChaCha Muchos Cairo Jim, archaeologist and failed poet, discovers he is not the only one on the dangerour trail to ChaCha Muchos, a mysterious city deep in dark Peru.

Cairo Jim series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Go to the Series lists for individual book titles. Camel rider Set in the panic and confusion of a wartime attack, two boys from different cultures must rely on each other to survive in the desert. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above. Camp crazy Daks and his mates are camping. No parents, just four mates alone with nature.

But then they find a hidden camp. Is it the legendary Jungle Jim or someone much more sinister. Camp croc Camp Trib is legendary and Daks is finally there after years of waiting. So, too, are some wildlife smugglers. It's a jungle out there and Daks and his mates are in for an unexpected adventure at camp. Perhaps, they should be more afraid of the smugglers than the wildlife. Cardboard palace, A Jorge is from Romania.

When he was very young, his parents sold him to Bill, a controller, who keeps Jorge in a small hut in a shanty town on the outskirts of Paris with other children. Jorge is forced to steal to stay alive and to give everything to Bill. When Jorge meets Australian chef Ricky, he finally has hope of redemption. But he must also save his friends Ada and Gino, before Bill finds out. Carnage One missing, presumed dead. Two in trouble with the law. Only four remain to solve the Second Sign. Too late, they learned that the First Sign predicted catastrophic attacks which have left Egypt in chaos.

Yasmin is missing. Many more lives are at stake. If you could be a hero, would you DARE? Seven Signs. Seven days to save the world. Carnivorous carnival, The The Baudelaire orphans are falsely accused of murder. On the run from Count Olaf, they disguise themselves in a carnival as entertainers. Caro was here One match, one chance, she thinks. Make it count. Skipping school to lead a group of friends - and enemies - on an adult-free excursion to an island in Sydney Harbour is Caro's idea of a twelfth birthday outing.

Marooned overnight? She can handle that too. But the challenges multiply. They're not alone on the island, and Caro must save her friends from life-threatening danger. Case of the getaway gold, The Anna and Tim find the real thief of the getaway gold. Cat at the wall, The On Israeli's West Bank, a cat sneaks into a small Palestinian house that has just been commandeered by two Israeli soldiers. The house seems empty until the cat realises that a little boy is hiding beneath the floorboards. This is no ordinary cat and she wonders what to do. When the boy's teacher comes looking for him, tensions rise quickly and, as Israeli tanks approach, the cat realises she must diffuse the situation.

Cat kin, The Ben and Tiffany overcome their own problems when they take on the human vermin of London using their amazing martial arts skills. These skills, learnt from the unnervingly cat-like and unlikely Mrs Powell, come from an age of cat-worship. Catch the Zolt Dom's family owe an ancient debt to a secretive organisation known simply as The Debt.

Now that Dom is 15, it is his turn to make the six Instalments required from each Silvagni male or sacrifice a pound of flesh in payment. Dom's first challenge is to catch the Zolt, a year-old Facebook bandit who has a penchant for stealing light aircraft from wealthy Gold Coast residents.

Catwoman: Soulstealer When the Bat's away, the Cat will play. It's time to see how many lives this cat really has. She quickly discovers that with Batman off on a vital mission, Batwing is left to hold back the tide of notorious criminals. Gotham City is ripe for the taking. Meanwhile, Luke Fox wants to prove he has what it takes to help people in his role as Batwing. He targets a new thief on the prowl who seems cleverer than most. She has teamed up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and together they are wreaking havoc.

This Catwoman may be Batwing's undoing. Usually read by students in years 9, 10 and above. Cay, The A classic story of race relations, shipwrecks and survival when a young boy and an older man find themselves stranded on an isolated cay in the middle of the ocean. Chanters of Tremaris series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Charlie and the karaoke cockroaches "I didn't want the exterminator to be flattened by a flying sink. I just wanted a home for the cockroaches. You've just checked into a crummy old hotel on a deserted highway. The problem? You can't check out -- ever! Child of the cloud Deep in the heart of Aladrya stands a mighty mountain. Rising high above the clouds, its rocky crags and windswept cliffs are home to four species of birds. With only three days left until the full moon feast, Whisker's rescue mission hangs in the balance. Even if he can reach the mountain alive, he still has to outwit and out-fly the dreaded birds of prey.

Chronicles of ancient darkness series In the pre-agricultural Stone Age, a boy called Torak struggles against the forces of evil that killed his father. She's reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister's sudden illness. But when her life becomes entwined with the handsome Prince Kai's, she finds herself at the centre of a violent struggle between the desires of an evil queen - and a dangerous temptation.

Cinder is caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal. Now she must uncover secrets about her mysterious past in order to protect Earth's future.

City of Ember, The Endless darkness is threatening the underground city of Ember. Food is in short supply, corruption is spreading and the lights keep failing. Soon Ember could be engulfed by darkness. Lina and Doon must find a way to escape before the lights go out forever. City of lies The Keeper Trilogy - Book 2. Goldie Roth is a trained thief and a skilled liar. She's supposed to be one of the Keepers of the mysterious Museum of Dunt but she will not leave her sick parents. But, when Toadspit's sister is stolen, he and Goldie follow the child-stealers.

She discovers some dangerous secrets that the child-stealers will kill to protect. Goldie needs all her skills as a thief and a liar if she is to survive and save her friends. City of orphans trilogy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

City of secret rivers, The Hyacinth is not at all pleased to move to London with her mother, partly because she still hopes her parents might get back together. Even her love of history does not make London more appealing, even less so when she opens her grandmother's farewell gift of a book titled A History of the Sewers of London which she is bored enough to actually read , although she is puzzled, intrigued and a little anxious when the accompanying card foretells terrible danger, with no clue as to what it might be.

She soon discovers a world of magic and strange creatures and places. All is definitely not what it seems and it is not at all certain whom she can trust. With her mother's life at stake Hyacinth must use all her skills to find the right path to prevent a catastrophe. The Hall of Horrors is open. Step into the nightmare! Mickey and Amanda are put in charge of their vacationing neighbors' cat, Bella. All they have to do is make sure she has enough to eat and doesn't destroy the house. Seems simple enough.

But Bella escapes from the house and disappears. Mickey thinks she may have been hit by a car but there is no body. Amanda has an idea to replace the cat with a look-alike from the local pet store Cat Heaven. They find a cat that looks exactly like Bella, but the clerk won't sell it to them, so they decide to steal it. Big mistake! These cats are more than they seem to be. Clearheart Ella is the Clearheart, part human and part magical.

She is striving to learn how to fly so she can win the skateboarding championship, but the Duke has a dastardly plan to invade Magus which Ella must foil. Climb a lonely hill A prospecting holiday turns into a struggle for survival for two children when their car crashes in an isolated place in the bush, killing their uncle. Cogheart Lily's dad, the inventor, has gone missing. He may even be dead! But Lily doesn't believe it and her mechanical fox, Malkin, has heard whispers about a new invention her dad was working on before he vanished, that may hold the key finding him.

But the mission to return Lily's father won't be easy or safe and just who are those creepy mirror-eyed men? Comradeship: stories of friendship and recreation in wartime Millions of Australians have been affected by war. Many servicemen and servicewomen have faced extraordinary dangers, while their loved ones waiting at home suffered months, and even years, of uncertainty.

Yet, despite the difficulties, a strong sense of shared experience, friendship, and camaraderie often developed. Conspiracy black ops: Endgame Shadow Island's volcano is erupting and Cal and Ryan are trapped on the island with the evil Damien Thoroughgood, who will stop at nothing to fulfil his deadly plan. After surviving in the jungle and outwitting his enemy for so long, Cal risks losing his brother and everything he's worked towards.

Cal must make a difficult decision to save his brother's life and try to stop Damien from unleashing earth-shattering evil. Conspiracy black ops: Hunted Cal is undercover and evading search parties, planning rescue missions and sneaking through a maze of hidden tunnels is an average day for Cal as he evades capture. Conspiracy black ops: Missing Cal agrees to work as an undercover agent to find his twin and on an island for troubled twins he faces his most heart-stopping challenges yet.

Conspiracy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Conspiracy April A high-speed chase gone wrong leaves Cal exposed to certain capture by Oriana's thugs. He knows if they succeed, any hope of seeing Gabbi alive again is remote. He has to get away but he can't just leave a man to drown. Conspiracy August Buried alive in a coffin, Cal's chances of survival are running out as fast as the air around him.

Thanks to his unknown attackers, he's lost the Jewel and the Riddle, and now his life hangs in the balance. Six feet under. Boges and Winter are frantically trying to find him before it's too late. Conspiracy December It's December, the final month in the deadly day countdown. Cal desperately needs to get to Ireland but, with airport security at an all-time high, escaping the country seems impossible. He must reach the Ormond Singularity before midnight. One thing's for sure, people will lose their lives in the fight to the end.

Conspiracy February Callum has survived January, on the run from villains and criminals chasing the secret they believe he possesses, the key to vast fortune for his family. Callum's sister has been viciously attacked and the police believe Callum is responsible.

The mystery is deepened by his suspicions of Winter. Conspiracy January Callum Ormond is jolted out of his ordinary school and family life by a series of events where at least one villain is after his life and his family secret. The problem is that Callum does not even know the secret himself. He only knows that his dad, who died in mysterious circumstances, has left him a puzzle to solve. Conspiracy July Breaking out of the fishing net is the least of Cal's worries.

All kinds of perils await him on deck. He dodges the cops but becomes indebted to a boat captain. He must learn more about Piers Ormond's will but is stuck carting fish to earn back his freedom. Cal may have a chance if he can find his great-aunt. Conspiracy June With seconds to spare, Cal escapes from the burning wreck of the Orca. Helicopters search from the sky, while Oriana's thugs chase on foot.

Cal must dodge the cops and crims, and return to his pursuit of the Ormond Jewel. Convinced Sligo has the Jewel, Cal embarks on a dangerous break-in mission to retrieve it. Conspiracy Malice Callum, Boges and Winter lived through the days it took to solve the Ormond Singularity then barely escaped from a lunatic bent on revenge. Now a deadly secret from Winter's mysterious past has come to haunt them. The countdown begins again. Conspiracy March Trapped, with a train bearing down on him, Cal's chances of survival look grim.

The cops and criminal gangs are unrelenting, they want him behind bars or dead. The stakes are getting higher but all the clues to the Ormond Singularity just lead to more puzzles, and more danger. Conspiracy May The sound of screaming fills the air. Cal's identity has been stripped from him and he's been locked up in an asylum where danger lurks on both sides of the bars. He has no idea who has put him there but the doctors are convinced that Cal is delusional, and have no intention of setting him free.

Conspiracy November The deadline of the 31st of December is fast approaching and Cal's enemies are closing in on all sides. Even the notorious Toecutter Durham has emerged from the underworld to join the hunt. With so many answers finally imminent, it's crucial that Cal dodges danger and stays alive.

Conspiracy October A gun shot rings out as Cal hides from his stalkers. The hostile desert seems determined to become Cal's final resting place. Back in the city, an impossible job looms. To break into Oriana's safe at Zurich Bank, Boges needs to make a perfect copy of her fingerprint, and they need her PIN identification. Conspiracy Revenge After three hundred and sixty-five days on the run, Cal Ormond is finally back with family and friends, and life seems good.

But, one night, Cal receives a mysterious message. He doesn't know if it's a real warning or a hoax. Conspiracy September Convinced Oriana was behind his little sister's kidnapping, Cal teams up with Boges to pull off a plan to extract vital information out of her. Together, they plant a listening bug in Oriana's house by firing it through her window with an air rifle, hoping his would-be killer will reveal the location of the precious Jewel and Riddle. Cool coding This book is the perfect addition to any home or school. Coding is a subject we all have questions about, and this handy little book is beautifully laid out to dip into - either to find the answer to a question or to browse.

Written in neat little chunks with fun facts, colourful illustrations and careful definitions. There are even links and exercises to continue with once you've finished reading the book. Coraline There is something strange about Coraline's new home. It's not the mist, or the cat that always seems to be watching her, nor the signs of danger that Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, her new neighbours, read in the tea leaves.

It's the other house - the one behind the old door in the drawing room. Another mother and father with black-button eyes and papery skin are waiting for Coraline to join them there. And they want her to stay with them. For ever. She knows that if she ventures through that door, she may never come back. Corby Flood Corby Flood and her large family are aboard a shabby cruise ship on their way to a new school.

Armed with her trusty travel advisory, Corby learns about all the exotic ports along the coast while keeping an eye on the other passengers, the sinister Brotherhood of the Clowns, the unintelligible Hattenswillers, the mysterious man from Cabin 2 and the smarmy lieutenant. Most worying, though, is the creature in the crate. Countdown to danger series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Countdown to danger: Bullet train disaster You're strapped tightly into your seat on the bullet train. The mountain track is so steep, the aisle is a staircase. As the train accelerates at top speed, a passenger slips out of his seat and begins to fall to the back of the train. He will probably die. It's time to decide whether to unstrap yourself to save him or stay in your seat. Countdown the minutes towards your survival or demise.

Countdown to danger: Deadly heist You are standing inside a busy city bank, wary of three suspicious people you just saw come in. Suddenly an ear-splitting scream makes you jump. The alarm starts ringing. One of the suspicious trio, a man, has pulled a grenade out of his bag. The woman has just melted the security camera with her laser shooter. You must choose whether you get down on the floor like they ask or try to escape while their backs are turned. You choose if you live or die. Countdown to danger: Shockwave You're swimming through the ocean, trying to escape dangerous mercenaries who have planted a bomb on the mainland.

Behind you, getting closer, is the largest shark you've ever seen. An explosion rips out from the shoreline and a massive wave flings you closer to the stunned shark's open mouth. You don't have much time and you need to get to land. It's time to decide whether to keep swimming or climb onto the shark's back and ride to shore. Crane Five brothers were taught a different animal style of Kung-fu by the Grandmaster and each one uses it throughout their adventures.

This is Hok's story, one of the brothers, who travels alone to the Shaolin temple where a secret is finally revealed to all. Really Heavy Metal. You and your friends decide to check out a new part of town. Of course, you decide to go and see what's up. The old man who lives there tells you hes looking for help cleaning out his garage. And you find a secret room. Inside there's a robot and mirrors and all kinds of great stuff.

If you look in the mirrors you'll find yourself in a place where everything is backwards. If you turn on the robot you'll be walking in a metal wonderland. Can you get back before you become a pile of nuts and bolts? Together, they're plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army. Their best hope lies with Cress, a girl imprisoned on a satellite since childhood who's only ever had her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker.

Unfortunately, she's just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice. When a daring rescue of Cress goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a higher price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to Emperor Kai.

Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only hope the world has. Crimes of Grindelwald, The: The original screenplay J. Rowling's five-film Fantastic Beasts adventure series continues with the original screenplay for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escapes custody and sets about gathering followers, most unsuspecting of his true agenda: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all nonmagical beings.

In an effort to thwart Grindelwald's plans, Albus Dumbledore enlists Newt, his former Hogwarts student, who agrees to help once again, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest friends and family, in an increasingly divided wizarding world. Crimewave While Zander lies dying on the ground, the rest of the DARE Seven are left to defend themselves with only small zap guns against a massive swarm of crazed robot animals-monkeys, tigers, growling lions, wolves, gorillas, and more. It sounds like an awesome video game With the increasing intensity of The Signmaker's sinister scheme, the next sign will lead to something even more dangerous than facing a pack of deadly robots.

Three days left to save the world. Crocodile attack Exciting story of a fourteen year old boy and his two year old cousin who are kidnapped by a robber in Queensland during a cyclone. When the getaway car crashes into the raging Crocodile River, they must face many ordeals to survive. Crocodile attack In a true story, a twelve year old girl receives a reward for bravery following a crocodile attack in the Northern Territory.

Fact and opinion surrounding the story are explored in reports, maps, signs, letters, newspaper articles and storytelling. Crocodile tears Alex Rider's new year has started badly. A chance meeting with Desmond MCain, the dynamic chief of an international charity, First Aid, leads to several attempts on Alex's life. A journalist is threatening to expose him and someone is manipulating him in a deadly game.

Life is uncertain and violent. Alone, out-numbered and with no means of escape, Alex is really in trouble and facing a certain and horrific death. Crossfire Luke is interested in guns and hunting but it is the emotional crossfire between his divorced parents that has him trapped. Crossing Cara lives in the shadow of the Wall, a wall which protects its citizens from the outside world.

By following the government's rules, Cara and her sister are safe, even when their parents are away doing important work for the government. When Cara befriends Leon and Ava, she begins to question what she has always known. Ava doesn't seem to think the rules are all that important. Perhaps that is why she disappears. Curds and whey mystery, The Miss Muffet, yes the one in that nursery rhyme, doesn't have one problem - she has thousands, all of them with 8 legs. Harry Pigg is on the case and unfortunately he hates spiders, but he needs the work.

She has left behind a curse, and the evil monsters she constructed still lurk amongst the trees. A young servant girl unwittingly has been called into service of Aleida only to discover a cursed mistress and an angry warlock who are more powerful than Elodie could ever have imagined. But who sent the letter offering the position to Elodie, and now that she's here, is danger and power better than the home she left where her step father terrorised her and treated her as a slave?

All Elodie knows is that her new mistress needs her, Aleida is weak from the curse and the warlock will destroy them both if they do not repay the dead witch's debt. It is not long before Elodie is battling terrors that she could never have imagined existed, both her and Aleida standing together against unspeakable evil that only they can stop.

In this special "Power Play" edition, readers choose unique power objects to take with them on a hiking adventure through a wild wilderness that is home to the spirit of Evil Bear! Curse of the creeping coffin, The A "Give Yourself Goosebumps" story You're off to visit your grandmother, whose house backs up to a graveyard.

At first the tombstones seem far away. But every day they move a little closer. Then you discover the headstones are disappearing. But the dead aren't gone -- their ghosts are moving. Right into your grandmother's house! If you decide to stay, you must battle a warrior ghost. If you decide to run, one of the kid ghosts follows you home. Will you be haunted Cut out, The Fero isn't a spy. But, he looks exactly like Troy Maschenov, a ruthless enemy agent. What starts out as mistaken identity quickly turns into a complicated and dangerous plan.

Fero is recruited to fight for his country. He has to impersonate Troy, enter enemy territory, hunt down a missing agent and bring her home in time to prevent a devastating terror attack. Hastily trained, loaded up with gadgets and smuggled across the border, Fero discovers the truth about espionage.

Getting in is easy. Getting out alive is hard. Danger time A "Give Yourself Goosebumps" story. You should've never gone into the creepy clock store. But it's too late to change your mind -- and the owner, Chronos, needs your help. Can you figure out how to get back to your own time Dangerous days of Daniel X, The Fifteen year old alien hunter, Daniel X, is on a mission to finish the job that killed his parents. He wants to wipe out the world's most bloodthirsty aliens on The List. With telepathy and the ability to transform and create, Daniel's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

But, as he battles towards his top target, Daniel can't forget that, on their lists, there's only one name at the top, and that's his.

  1. Macaire, Robert?
  2. Macaulay, Fannie Caldwell.
  3. Une Balade à Cannes (Un Jour sur la Côte dAzur t. 2) (French Edition).
  4. Macaire, Robert!
  5. The Forgotten Blessing: Ancient Words That Heal Generational Wounds.
  6. Scholastic Canada | Open a World of Possible;
  7. Leseentwicklung und Fremdverstehen (German Edition).

Trouble has found Fletcher since his father died in mysterious circumstances. Hired by rising cricket star Tom Baker to retrieve a lucky pig's foot, given to him by Don Bradman, Fletcher finds himself fighting for his life in the dangerous underworld of Australian sport. To crack this case, he'll need to battle killer sea wasps, a ruthless hitman and a deranged tennis prodigy.

Daniel X: watch the skies Daniel X has his work cut out for him. A teenage alien hunter, he has a deadly list of evil predators to eliminate and, while he's made it all look easy so far, much darker days await him. Next on his list is Number Five, an unsightly and terrifying alien, who is watching Daniel as intently as Daniel has been tracking him. Danny Allen was here Danny, his brother and sister and their friend, Mark, get up to all sorts of hilarious, hair-raising mischief.

But, Danny and his family must face the biggest challenge of all, life without their farm. Danny the champion of the world Danny loves his life with his dad in the little gypsy caravan. His dad never runs out of wonderful stories. When Danny discovers his father' s secret, he' s off on the adventure of a lifetime, involving an hilarious pheasant-snatching expedition, and a daring plot to get the better of the horrible Mr Victor Hazell. Dark giants, The When some unauthorised guests arrive through the gateway, chaos breaks loose and threatens to spoil Amelia's birthday.

What are they looking for and can Charlie stop them before it's too late? Dark is rising series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Legends also known as terrifying, human-eating monsters have invaded the town of Darkmouth and aim to conquer the world. But don't panic!

Booklist ( by Genre - Adventure fiction) : NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

The last remaining Legend Hunter - Finn - will protect us. Finn, twelve-years-old, loves animals, he's not a natural fighter, but he tries really, really hard, and we all know good intentions are the best weapons against a hungry Minotaur, right? On second thoughts, panic. Darkmouth series NEW Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function at the top of the screen. Darkmouth: Chaos descends The adventures of Fin the unlikely, uncertain and completely reluctant monster hunter continue and things just keep getting worse.

Not only are people disappearing but it looks like a full scale monster invasion is on the way. Will Fin and his friends be able to halt the monster attack or are we all doomed? Darkmouth: Hero rising Finn's world just keeps getting more and more dangerous. Being a monster hunter is in the family after all and in this fourth book of the Darkmouth series Finn is finally accepting this fact. But now that he has been cast out of Darkmouth as a traitor and the people he thought he could trust are turning out to be as treacherous as the monsters he hunts, Finn has other things on his mind.

Not least of all, the rise of an ancient power that is threatening to end the entire universe. Darkmouth: Worlds Explode The adventures of the most unfortunate Legend Hunter ever to don fighting armour and pick up a Dessicator continues. On a list of things Finn never thought he'd wish for, a gateway bursting open in Darkmouth was right up there. But that's about his only hope for finding his missing father. He's searched for a map, he's followed Steve into dead ends, but found nothing.

And he's still got homework to do. But soon Finn and Emmie must face bizarre Legends, a ravenous world and a face from the past as they go where no Legend Hunter has gone before. Or, at least, where no legend Hunter has gone before and returned with their limbs in the correct order. Deadly experiments of Dr. Your Life! Top secret and dangerous. That's what your mom, a famous scientist calls the research she's been doing at the labs of Dr.

You're dying to know what it's all about. Then one day you get lost in the labs. Before you know it, you've become a human guinea pig in Dr. Eeek's deadly experiments! If you choose one lab, you'll meet a dog wearing sneakers. He's half dog, half kid. And now he's after you! If you choose another lab, you get lost in a maze--a maze that just happens to be the home of an enormous rat! Dear Olly The stories of a young man, his little sister and a baby swallow are intertwined simply to reveal the high price a young man pays when he gives up a lucrative career in vet science to bring joy and laughter to orphans in Africa.

The values he puts on love, laughter and the chance to see gorillas in the wild make it all worth it. Death cure, The The time for Wocked's lies is over, but the truth could be more dangerous than Thomas could ever imagine. Includes some violence. Decision: Stories of leadership in the services We all make decisions every day that shape the lives we lead. In times of war, decision-making can take on a greater significance. Many Australians over the past century of service have demonstrated leadership with the decisions they have made.

You're headed to a South American jungle with your nature-study class. Everything seems pretty cool at first, but then you start to get bored. Where's the beach? Last edited by sakura-panda; at PM. Sapphire Lt. Myers Jr. Moon Master Vampire for Hire 16 - J. The Ranger Objective David Rivers 0. Richards ??. Last edited by Quake; Yesterday at AM.

Le Guin, The Other Wind. Still mulling over goals Barlough January Jeter February Jeter March Beijing Coma - Ma Jian March Pachinko - Min Jin Lee March Secret Lives - E. Benson March Evans February The Blotting Book - E. The Cat-Nappers - P. Wodehouse March The Claverings - Anthony Trollope April Castle Richmond - Anthony Trollope April The Bertrams - Anthony Trollope April Orley Farm - Anthony Trollope May Troubles The Empire Trilogy 1 - J. Farrell May Esslemont May Last edited by Indio; at PM. Reason: list update. Arlidge 3. Die of Shame: Mark Billingham 5.

Last edited by Polarpenguin; at PM. February Read 31 books. March Read 17 books. April Read 18 books. May Read 21 books. June Read 33 books. Last edited by library addict; at AM. The 19th book in the "Jack Reacher" series, and an enjoyable romp, as always. This one sees Reacher on the trail of an assassin targetting a meeting of the G20 in London.

Wallace Budge. Part of my on-going and VERY long term! The Book of the Dead is a collection of ancient Egyptian funerary "spells" to provide the deceased person with the information required to safely navigate the perils of the underworld and reach the "Field of Reeds" - a heavenly analogue of Egypt - where he or she could spend eternity in an idyllic existence while other people did all the work. Fascinating, although definitely not a book to read from cover to cover in a single read.

Next on the list is "The Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse", which will be something completely different and new to me. A collection of short stories set in the world of elves, bards, etc, encountered in her "Bedlam's Bard" and "Serrated Eges" series. Bought from Baen in , and very enjoyable. The 11th book in the "George Gently" series. This one has Gently investigating the murder of the owner of a boatyard on the Norfolk Broads.

Enjoyable, as always. Highly recommended. Books This comprises the first third of the Baen "Conrad Starguard" omnibus that I bought in A very enjoyable time travel romp about a young engineer accidentally transported back to 13th century Poland, and his attempts to kick-start an early industrial revolution to hold off the Mongol invasion he knows will be coming in a few years' time. Extremely enjoyable. I'm now completely up-to-date with the Jack Reacher series, which I've very much enjoyed.

This comprises the middle third of the Baen "Conrad Starguard" omnibus that I bought in , and continues the story of a young engineer accidentally transported back to 13th century Poland, and his attempts to kick-start an early industrial revolution to hold off the Mongol invasion he knows will be coming in a few years' time. His latest release. Set, as always, in the world of horse racing, this one features a "trouble shooter" hired by a wealthy Arab Sheikh to investigate the death of one of his best horses at a fire at a training stable in Newmarket.

Excellent, and highly recommended. I actually borrowed this one from the library because the ebook is still too expensive. Doubtless the price will fall when the paperback is released later this year. This comprises the final third of the Baen "Conrad Starguard" omnibus that I bought in The first book of his that I've read, and a very enjoyable example of hard SF "space opera" on an epic scale.

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