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She was not alone, and she was not the first to wonder why there was not more information or awareness of this. It only takes about 3 minutes for their oxygen to drop to fatal levels. In her research, she discovered that literally any bag with food in it can cause suffocation and needs to be out of reach for your dog.

She never imagined this could happen, and you may not have either.

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I pray none of you ever have to experience your heart breaking this way. We love you papas; you were the best boy in the whole world, and we will remember our good times forever.

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This heartbreaking story has gone viral with over , shares. Be sure to put all food in a cabinet and out of reach for your pet when you leave the room or house. Dogs are very intelligent and love to eat, so they will amaze you at what they are able to get to. When you are finished with a bag, cut the bottom off and place in the trash.

Beloved Dog Suffocated To Death When He Tried To Eat The Crumbs In An Empty Chip Bag

Make sure your dog cannot get into the trash. Baby locks work great if you have a curious pup. I sat down with the kids, gave the baby his banana and immediately heard shrieking and yelling coming from Thing 1 and Thing2. Apparently, in his near starved state, Thing 2 had taken such a huge bite of his hotdog that it just got away from him. It will never come out! I have ketchup all over my shirt all the time.

We just bought these. I calmed Thing 1 and Thing 2 down, helped Thing 1 out of her pants, and headed to the bathroom to begin soaking the pants in cold water. You bad boy! I hungry! Petey eat my hotdog!!!!!! I want a hotdog!!!!!!!

Petey Greene

Just then, Thing 4 began screaming, so as not to be outdone by Thing 3. How dare I leave him in the middle of dinner.

His fat cheeks need nourishment too, you know. I left the pants in the sink and reluctantly returned to the scene to find Things 3 and 4 crying; and Petey, well, I think he was smiling.

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I walked over to comfort Thing 3 only to discover that he too was covered in ketchup. Now pause here a minute. There are 2 foods that I cannot stand…hotdogs and ketchup. The hotdogs and ketchup are now even farther down on my list after tonight. So, I stripped Thing 3 of his pants, walked to the refrigerator, pulled out another hotdog and plopped it in the microwave.