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Architecture follows these statements and is trynig to give form to inteweaving dualities of this social programme.

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Its goal is to lend a helping hand to mothers with young children in social difficulties. The content is divided between institutional and technical part of the programme on one side and communal and private areas for residents on the other side. Design of the house is based on a co-living concept, where private and social slide closer and thus offer a new learning experience in social skills and personal growth with the emphasis on forming new relations while still maintaining a sense of privacy and shelter.

The spontaneous growth of otherwise planned suburban area, framed by more short-therm commercial development and contrasted by constancy and tranquility of cementery and nearby park acts as a decisive role in design of the building. Materials and form follow the directive of clearly stating the uniqueness of the programme while still trying to be incorporated in the suburban tissue.

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Concept - context and strategy Context is formed mainly on the programme and its location. Architecture follows these dualities and uses material, form and structure to tell and protect the stories that live inside. First set of challenges is in the relation of institutional setup of rules for the programme in contrast to everyday needs of mothers, kids and employees using the building.

It is addressed with a co-living concept of the Home. Large communal areas in ground floor offer flexibility and a sense of community. Mote withdrawn areas on the higher floors offer more or complete privacy. Clients usual demands of robust, economical construction were almost in direct contrast to users needs of homely and sustainable feel of spaces. Second set of challenges was in decomposition of suburban fabric with relations between large scale commercial development and small scale residential short term reality contrasted with strong symbolic statement of eternity in nearby cemetery and commanding views of the Alps.

The resulting architecture is defined with delicate interaction of two volumes that differ in materials and with subtle differences generate similar but emotionally quite different ambients. But based on specifics of intended use we limited our use on natural materials. Wood is used in most instances wooden railings, wooden roof construction, flooring, ceiling, doors, windows and most of the furniture. Areas with more frequent use have more robust materials aluminum roof, teraco flooring, concrete kitchen counters, stainless steel railings, steel clad walls as bulletin boards The construction is mainly in concrete bearing walls and floors and partly wooden roof construction.

The double ventilated facade embraces the house from two sides, with two materials. Strong but delicately formed concrete on the northern and street side and double glass facade on southern and park side.

Finishes are based on natural states of materials — wood is oiled, the concrete is sanded or polished. And, even though everybody is really friendly in Canada, it is just a "hello. That helps to really bond with other moms because they are dealing with the same things. At the same time, I saw a spark of hope for me because I was looking forward to all the interactions I would have with other moms with similar experiences — that has been one of my favourite parts of this program!

After we did the [HIPPY] program, a few months later, the teacher at preschool told me he made a really big improvement in a really short time. I was really proud that the program made a big difference for him.

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Donate Now. We believe mothers are the catalyst for change within their families and communities. Motivated by a desire to secure the best possible future for their children, with support, mothers can overcome many obstacles. Remarkable Stories of Change. A relentless mother raising two children experiencing unique challenges Athena Read More.

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A single mother who is proud of herself of raising her son alone Sylvie Read More. Sarah Read More. Help Support Our Programs. Words of Inspiration.

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Integrating into Canada "HIPPY has been a great guide in my life and has helped me integrate into Canada where I am far from my family, need to speak a different language and learn new customs. Finding Her Passion "I found my purpose and my passion. Send to Email Address.

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