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Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Two days ago, Greg got an invitation in his email from someone he didn't know. This invitation was to a Halloween party in the local graveyard. His friend Kurt received the same invitation. Now, it's close to midnight on Halloween night and they're driving out to the graveyard.

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Halloween Stories: Invitation – Review

Dave Ehlert. Everything Costs. By the time Saturday rolled around, I was anxious and stressed. It made me clumsy at work and I was spilling popcorn and soda all over the floor behind the concession stand.

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The fear of having to go to the party made me shape up pretty quickly. You need to spend time with people your own age. Just stay for a couple hours, ok? Kaylyn lived in a large McMansion in a gated community. Mom parked at the end of her long driveway and waved me into the back to change into my costume. Now hurry! I must have stayed there for almost an hour, kicking my feet against the gravel and trying to will myself to head up to the party.

My anxiety kept me in place. I could only imagine what people would think if they saw me just standing in the dark by myself. Music, soft and seasonally spooky, drifted down the drive to greet me as I turned and trudged reluctantly towards the house. It was set far back, well away from the road and neighbors, and surprisingly dark, the only light coming from the open garage.

In the glow of the single, naked bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling, I saw a girl bent over an apple bobbing bucket. Her back was to me and she was facedown in the bucket, her arms at her side. How long had it been since I walked up? Thirty seconds? A minute? And why was she out here doing this by herself? My heartbeat was starting to quicken. I imagined this turning into some kind of scene out of Carrie, where this had all been set up as a trap to embarrass me somehow.

I carefully scanned the garage for any hiding spots that people could jump out at me from.

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I inched forward, my breathing loud and shaky in my ears, and reached for her as my eyes darted back and forth from her to the room around us. No one leapt out. No one shouted or laughed at me. There were no phones shoved in my face to film my reaction. Piper simply slid sideways when I gently shook her shoulder and fell to the floor. Her face was a swollen, shiny mess of blisters.

Some had already split and thin streams of blood dripped down her cheeks like tears. Her lips were cracked and oozing. Her staring, sightless eyes so red. I screamed and reeled back, bumping into the bobbing bucket. Some of the liquid sloshed upwards and a drop splashed against the back of my hand. My skin turned bright pink where it had landed. The same slow, creepy Halloween music was playing throughout the house and the kitchen that I stepped into was dimly lit with strings of pumpkin lights.

Candles that smelled strongly of pumpkin spice burned on every counter. I put a hand over my mouth and stumbled forward. There were muffled voices coming from the next room and I called for them, begging them to come to me. Jenna was the first person I saw. She had worn her black cat costume, just like she said she would.

She was up against the far wall, held in place by a single, large spike driven through the back of her neck. A piece of paper was taped to the wall beside her. In front of her, Beni, Rod, and Shea were staggering around. They were making terrible, wet gurgling sounds and moaning as they bumped into each other, the walls, the furniture. They each had a nail through their right hands. I gasped and Shea turned towards me.

Deep, angry gouges covered her eye sockets. She was weeping blood and ichor. She opened her mouth and wailed, revealing the torn stump of her tongue and sending a spray of red down her chin. A few drops scattered across my front and I tripped over myself to back away.

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My phone was still in my work pants. They kept making those awful sounds and shuffling around, too caught up in their shock and pain. I was just running, looking for a phone. I dashed up the nearby steps, shouting for Kaylyn or anyone else. I never even crossed my mind that whoever had done this to my classmates could still be inside.

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The upstairs opened into a loft. A card table had been set up with a piece of paper in the middle of it that said, Spin the bottle. An empty wine bottle was lying on its side on top of it. Four more of my classmates were seated around it. Raquel, Brian, Jason, and Monique. Three of them were slumped forward, covered in deep gashes. Blood stained their costumes and pooled around their feet in dark puddles.

They each had knives duct taped between their hands. Brian was half out of his chair. His glasses were hanging from one ear. In the middle of his forehead was a single bullet hole. A fifth chair had been knocked over and my gaze followed the trail of blood that led away from it, down the hall. I felt along the wall for a switch with shaking fingers and turned the light on.

Brooks was sitting against a door not far from me. His head was tilted low against his chest, but he was still breathing in short, shallow gasps. Like the other, he was covered in deep cuts and had his hands taped around a knife. Those were the rules. They had a mask on. Raquel stabbed me first. Then I stabbed Monique. They were my friends.

I rocked back on my heels, my vision blurring behind confused, frightened tears. Leaning heavily on the wall for support, I pulled myself to my feet again, all the whole staring at Brooks.