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We will challenge the fact that three decades after the fall of the Iron Curtain a great deal of history writing continues to use the bipolar Cold War perspective East and West, Democracy and Dictatorship etc. Our contention is that the differences in the ways that state domination was justified should not hinder comparison, as even dictatorships require a legal framework and some degree of legitimacy. The conference seeks to trace and bring to the surface modes of domination that have often remained outside the success story of the peaceful second half of the 20th century, but in fact continue to have a crucial impact on contemporary Europe.

Violence in Europe: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

We will attempt to weave the scattered research on past European violence into a more coherent picture that has the potential to substantially affect the debates on the memory of the 20th century. We start from the mids because it was then that states could finally reclaim their monopoly over physical violence as the post-war chaos was largely overcome. It is the decisive turning point for the legitimising role of violence, when both capitalist and socialist states began to increasingly define themselves against the negative yardstick of the violent past that encompassed fascism, war, genocide and Stalinism.

It was also in the mids that the welfare state in the West took off, while in the East the de-Stalinisation brought a turn from coercion to more concern with welfare and consumption. We understand state violence both as conduct and the control of violence by the state.

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Our concept of violence places physical force at the centre, yet takes into account narratives that lend physical acts social meaning. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover.

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FAQ Policy. About this book Has violence changed over the centuries?

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Has it always held the same meanings for us? Will it always be a given in society?

The Violent State in Historical Perspective - White Rose University Consortium

Trends in interpersonal violence during wartime and peacetime. The growth of cities: modernization, conflict, aggression.

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Show all. It studies the motives and legitimation strategies for the use of crowd action and simultaneously probes opportunities to overcome physical conflict and the development of alternative ways to overcome conflict.

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

The project consists of three case-studies: Catholic crowd action: the violent protest over public religion in Europe, — Dr. Eveline G. Bouwers Between Brothers and Archenemies. Below you will find a summary of recent activities.