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With perseverance and hard work, I continuously shape myself to become a better consultant. The Recruit gives me the chance to rediscover my passion in communications. The first-hand experience of managing communications for several respected clients, and the comprehensive mentorship from the best consultants in Maverick has become an added value to my professional skills. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Apr 09, Ellen McNett rated it really liked it Shelves: The Recruit is an almost typical book about an almost typical seventeen-year-old Australian girl named Jaz short for Jasmine. She has a strong kick-ass personality, is not very popular at school and hates the other well-liked, rich students. She usually hangs out with her two best friends, the clever Anna and the handsome Taylor, whom she fancies a lot, but does not dare ask out given they have known each other since they were kids. Jaz is in her last year at school and wonders what she will do once school is over.

She lives with her mum Tasha, stepfather Paul and younger stepbrother Simon. Her father died when she was a toddler and she does not remember him. One day, a yummy bloke comes to The Ring. He is very well-shaped and smoking hot. His name is Ryan Fletcher and he is a few years older than she. Ryan is very secretive and quite mysterious and Jaz would love to know more about him.

The first half of the book is quite slow, we share the daily life of a teenager and nothing really exciting happens. But, just when I thought it would get boring, something happens and then, I got stuck into the book and could not leave it until I was done with it. Since this book is the first in a series, I understand the need for setting up all the characters, their life and their environment, so it is understandable that the beginning of the book should be quite slow and uneventful.

I really wanted to know more about Jaz and Ryan and wanted to see what would happen, so I just kept reading. Though the plot is quite obvious and not really surprising, the characters are very realistic and I enjoyed spending time with them and seeing them grow together. I will probably read the second volume of this series, since I now have open questions about what will happen next to our heroine and her friends. This book is not my favourite, but it was still pleasant to read through.

So, if you enjoy a pretty simple Young Adult novel with no complicated plot twist, I would recommend it to you. Mar 28, Michelle rated it really liked it. Deciding what books I want to read depends on a few factors. If it's not an author on my automatic buy list then I go by book cover, and synopsis.

What drew me to The Recruit was the synopsis, after reading it I knew I had to get hold of this book. Jasmine, or Jaz to her friends, is a street smart, battle ready teenager. She can box, fight, and fence like nobody, and her skills come in handy when she saves her arch nemesis from being dragged down a dark alley in the first chapter of the book. If Deciding what books I want to read depends on a few factors.

If you want to introduce a brand new character to this world THIS is a way to do it, and ensure you have the attention of the reader immediately. On the outside Jasmine is an average teenager, she hangs with her friends Anna and Taylor, goes to school, but also goes to The Ring, a boxing club that is run by her friends relative, Pax.

Jasmine has come to this club so often that when Pax is away, Jasmine is one of the few to hold the keys to the building. The Recruit was a quick read for me, and that was just because I could not read fast enough, I needed to know who this mysterious Ryan was and how he knew Pax, I wondered if Taylor would ever know what Jaz felt about him, and I was constantly trying to guess what Jaz would do when she left school. When we first meet Ryan I didn't know how to take him, he knew Pax but seemed surprised to find Jaz, and as Jaz and Ryan slowly become closer in the back of my mind I felt like he was hiding something from Jaz about her father, I got the feeling that he somehow knew who her Dad was.

The moment I began to like him was hen he rode in like a knight in shining armor in his car and saved Jaz's life. I will also admit to having my heart in my throat at this moment, no matter how great Jaz's skills are I just couldn't see a wait out of this situation for her.

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The pacing of The Recruit was steady and didn't feel rushed, the passage of time clear and explained and the plot definitely kept me reading. I like to pretend I am good at connecting dots, but most of the time it has to be staring me right in the face before I actually make the connection. The Recruit is the first book I have read by Fiona, and I found myself quickly falling into this world. While a lot of the questions I had were resolved, there was still one that I needed to know more about.

I can't wait to read the next installment and find out what Jaz has to do and if this question is answered for me. Jan 05, Melinda Howard rated it it was ok Shelves: coming-of-age , contemporary , death , on-overdrive , politics , romance , school , sport. Jan 12, Tarnparit rated it did not like it. It was really slow and poorly written. I expected more from it, a huge let down. It would be better described as a juvenile fiction book.

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May 24, Valerie rated it liked it Shelves: reads , young-adult. The cover, to me, screams adult book. The blurb says YA. The story had me confused between middle grade and adult. I'll tell ya. The book is set in Australia and I will admit to cultural differences. Not so much that I didn't get things, just enough to give me pause a few times. It might explain my biggest issue with the book. I'm not sure what high school students are like at a private school in Australia b 3 stars - I expected to like this one more This book gave me a lot of mixed messages.

I'm not sure what high school students are like at a private school in Australia but I do know what high school students from a public school are like in the US. And this isn't like it. The relationships screamed middle grade to me. Yet at the same time, Jaz is dealing with adult issues. I was just really confused and uncomfortable with it.

Jaz is a strong girl that kicks behinds and asks questions later. She brings the hurt.

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She's very drawn to weapons and fighting. She's also in love with her best friend, though he's oblivious. She's also involved with "running" the ring a gym while the owner is out of town. I found this strange. She's been working there since she was It felt too convenient as a plot element. When Ryan shows up at the ring, he gains her attention with his muscles and good looks. He's in his mid twenties, which didn't go with her age of Their connection made the book feel like NA. It was very confusing. I really liked Taylor and Anna despite their flatness. There was a lot of potential with them that I don't think every was realized.

I guess that's how I felt about the whole thing. There was potential there. I liked the premise, though I think it should have been NA through and through. But the whole thing just didn't satisfy me. I found myself longing for it to be over and not in a good way. I just wanted more. I'm not sure who would enjoy this book.

Perhaps a YA would enjoy it. Oct 22, Tanya rated it it was amazing. It was fantastic to read this first in a series from Fiona Palmer. Jaz is a tomboy, her Mum never talks about her real father, but her Step dad has been amazing ever since he and her Mum married when Jaz was young. Jaz is a bad ass kicking but type of girl who loves her Docs and hoodies.

She has been a regular at The Ring since her Mum took her as a toddler, it's her second home. Now she It was fantastic to read this first in a series from Fiona Palmer. Now she can box with the best of them. Her world is turned upside down when Ryan walks in, a double for Stephen Amell in the Arrow. Now that was a great visual.

Ryan is HOT, but keeps conversation to a minimum and his secret double life even closer to his chest. After Ryan turns up to a Fencing Tournament , only to see Jaz take out the title, he has the beginning of an idea that she just may make the perfect recruit for the secret government agency he works for. I loved getting to know Jaz's two best friends, computer techno wiz Anna, beautiful but always hiding behind her computer screen, and top rifleman Taylor, rich but down to earth, who Jaz has had a crush on since Freshman year.

Can't wait to read e second in this series. Jan 15, Emmie rated it really liked it. This series is a comfort read for me. The good guys are good the bad guys are bad the main character can trust her friends. There is still sweetness and action, questions and answers enough to keep things interesting and moving. The writing is different but it works well. This series is all I have read by Fiona Palmer but I come back every so often because good books are like friends. Jun 04, Luna rated it really liked it.

I'm pretty sure Jaz is the daughter of Salvatore Di Luca. I think the author made a mistake because it's so easy to connect the dots! She should have use another last name in order to be surprising. Anyways, I liked this book and I'm gonna read the others It looks like they're different from my usual type of novel. Mar 24, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley-reads , review-requests , romantic-suspense , ya. This one wasn't quite what I expected in that it was just the opening number to the rest of the series and only tells the first part of the story.

There isn't a cliff hanger or anything drastic like that. It literally just ends at a good stopping point. I like where the story is going and look forward to what comes next. The story is set in Perth, Australia and centers around the life of Jaz Thomas, a seventeen year old girl.

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She is in her last year of school, hangs out on the outskirts of the teen scene with her geeky friend Anna and their more popular friend Taylor, keeping up with her fighting skills and yoga at the older gym that is like her second home, and just trying to figure out what she'll do when school is out. Her worst worries are a snotty rich, popular girl in the school crowd and getting Taylor's attention. Recruit.2002 Видео в группе: Movies ONline -

She is a member of a blended family in that her mom married her step-dad when she was a toddler and she has a half-brother. The family are typical suburban middle class and caring, but for all that, Jaz feels out of sync.

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Her mom won't speak of her birth dad though Jaz has the feeling that love wasn't the problem and all she knows of him is a St. Michael's pendant with Salvatore on the back. Lately, Jaz's focus is getting with Taylor and him asking her to the school ball and running the old gym, The Ring, while the owner, an old friend, is away. Her uncomplicated life is invaded slowly by more exciting things when a guy slightly older than her and edgier comes to the gym to work out.

Later she meets up with him as a bouncer at a bar and he has her do a curious task for him that he claims is part of some mysterious work he does- like undercover stuff. It is after he sees her fight skills and other similar physical talents with gun and rapier that he lets her in on the secret of a special off the books government organization that works to stop seedy crime by infiltrating the criminals' networks.

"The Recruit"

Ryan wants Jaz to become the newest recruit, but he doesn't push her. He shows her what she's in for if she chooses to sign up. It will involve keeping her job secret from everyone and cause her to live a double life. Meanwhile, as she dwells on this big decision, her life moves along. The story is told all from Jasmine's point of view.

Her narrative voice and thoughts were interesting and enjoyable. She is at that cusp of adulthood where she teeters between typical teen worries and new, more mature thinking. The plot and pacing are more of an easy flow with just a few spikes of dangerous elements. The book felt like a long intro and set up.

It got slow at times for me, but never quite drifted over the line into boring. I have a suspicion that several of the little tantalizing things are foreshadowing for what is to come and that is a lot of the reason that I was okay with the less edgy, more laid-back tone of the story.

I've even made a few guesses to where its going based on the clues that were dropped. There was an emphasis on establishing Jaz's character and history, her relationships with her friends, her abilities, and that tenuous thing she had going with Ryan. There is enough of Ryan in the story to get a feel for him, but there is a lot left in the shadows too. I am eager to see where things go with Jaz, Ryan, Taylor and Anna's story.

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For the non-Australian audience like myself, you will get a slight foreign feel in social culture of Jaz's world, but its in context so it wasn't difficult to follow. Personally, I enjoyed it and noted all the similarities and differences to my own American teen culture. As to YA warnings, there is mild language use so the book can be read by younger teens through adults. It's possible things will get a bit grittier in later books as Jaz gets more involved in all the cloak and dagger stuff, but this one isn't that violent.

I also wonder if Jaz's story will drift into more of a New Adult level with each succeeding book. My thanks to Escape Publishing and Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review. Apr 19, Johanna rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult. Thank you so much! When I first saw the cover of The Recruit, I thought it was pretty, and the blurb sounded interesting too, so why not give it a chance? So I requested it and read it in one day. Overall, it wasn't completely disappointing but not truly fascinating either, so rather a decent, light and quick read.

If that's what you're looking for, go ahead and read this review or skip it altogether and just get the book. The Recruit is a contemporary romance mixed up with some secret agent trope and only the hint of a love triangle, though you can't really call it that. Jaz, our female MC, has always been a very sportsy person. The Ring, her gym, is like a second home to her and its owner Pax even lets her deal with things when he's away on one of his week-long tours. The plot is very straight and simple. There are no subplots or overly complex characterizations.

In the beginning, I thought I could really like this book a lot because of the light and funny writing style. But in the end, everything was just too superficial for my taste. A lot of the dialogue was very unnatural and didn't feel authentic. Characters would say things to each other that made me wonder and think "Whoa..

I really liked that Jaz was such a though heroine, trained in martial arts since she was only a year old. She could kick some serious ass and also used her abilities to help others. Jaz was very confident, straight-forward and highly competitive which was benefitial for all the sports she played. Taylor and Anna, her best friends, also seemed like very nice persons even though they stayed flat as characters throughout the book.

I really liked the idea of Ryan, his bad-boy vibe combined with the innate goodness was very appealing. His opening up to Jaz was just way too quick. It felt like the author couldn't decide whether this was to be a YA or a NA book. There was Jaz, not yet eighteen years old, supposedly still watched over by her mother but her mom isn't really aware of anything going on in her life. She's planning her prom and has problems with the "popular crowd" like about every other girl in high school. But on the other hand, she's permanently lusting after guys and pretty much drooling all over their muscles which feels like it should rather belong into a NA book.

That's pretty shallow, if not even pathetic for a young woman. And what is this book supposed to tell teenagers? That it is cool to skip school when you'd rather go shopping or work out? That all that's important in a man are muscles and nicely shaped arms? I also had a problem with the handling of guns.

In my country, it's not usual at all to handle guns or own them. Only few people do and definitely ONLY adults. It was very disconcerting to read how Jaz would get all hot for a guy who could hit the targets perfectly or that she's been training with guns since she was All in all, The Recruit was a decent book with some very good ideas for plot but in my eyes it still needs a bit time and work to mature and grow.

Mar 28, Carrie Slager rated it really liked it Shelves: reviews-for-authors-publishers. I was both pleasantly surprised and slightly disappointed by The Recruit. On one h [Full disclosure: I was approached by the publisher and accepted a free ebook through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. On one hand, I was surprised that the romance element was actually somewhat realistic and that the heroine was well fleshed-out.

On the other hand, it was disappointing that I could predict almost every supposed plot twist throughout the whole novel. She likes to kick butt and is actually very good at it. She grows throughout the book, both in her love of Ryan and in her personal life. Ryan, the secret agent, is an okay character. The main disappointment for me was the lack of surprises in the plot. Pretty much everything was hinted at so obviously that you could see the next plot twist coming a mile away. There was nothing new or innovative about the whole thing; most tropes were simply played straight.

No, what disappointed me was the predictability of the plot. Basically, this was an okay book for me. I give this book 3.