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This is an attempt to remind himself and his ex! He downplays the importance of his previous relationship. If he acts as though his relationship with his girlfriend of three years that broke up 8 weeks ago was nothing, it should be cause for concern. If he pulls this one out after a messy breakup and a few short dates with you, time to back off.

Any relationship without kids or other baggage should have a period where the couple goes no contact to emotionally detach from their identity together, even if they become friends later. If kids or other issues are present, conversations with the ex can be kept occasional and professional, still allowing both partners time to grieve and reform their identities outside of the relationship.

Your relationship is mostly physical. Amidst all the things men miss following a breakup — one catches them by surprise. A comforting, feminine presence in their lives is something whose absence few men realize the impact of until they find themselves without the comfort they so took for granted. To feel it again, men will look to the easiest source of feminine comfort they have at hand.

The most obvious — long-term female friends.

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He shows jealousy towards her or you. Back off and give him time to work through his feelings first. He may also exhibit jealousy towards you.

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Be willing to look inward, and not just outward, about how to cope with the end of a relationship. The beginning of a new relationship may seem outwardly like you've moved on, but it's important to address how you're really feeling. If you're still in love and thinking about your ex, jumping into a relationship or having sex out of spite might be harmful to you in the long run. Don't use or abuse another guy just to get back at your ex. Write down what you're feeling.

8 Signs you are in a rebound relationship - and need to introspect

Expressing yourself through words can help you with the healing process. It can be scary when you're alone or don't have a significant other. But it's far worse to hurt a new guy's feelings or pretend that you're over someone. Let out your feelings through writing so that you can move on in a real and honest way.

5 More Signs You're His REBOUND [Rebound Girlfriend]

Use this only for your private thoughts. Avoid sharing it in public spaces such as an online blog or other social media. Writing can be cathartic or a form of emotional release. It helps you to understand what you're feeling rather than pushing away or masking your feelings. Though writing can be helpful, avoid spending too much time on venting. Thirty minutes of writing a day should suffice. Ask yourself questions. If you're starting to date again, but still hung up on the previous ex, then it's important to ask yourself what you're feeling.

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  • Find out more about what your intentions are and why you're acting this way. This is helpful to understand whether you're really into a guy, or just trying to forget your ex for a little while. Ask yourself: [3] Are you seeking out this new guy because you feel lonely or because you enjoy his company?

    Are you afraid of being single? When you allow yourself to think about the break up, what do you feel? Sad, mad, heartbroken, sick, etc.

    Tactics to Avoid a Rebound Relationship

    Do you fantasize often about running into your ex with your new date? Are you dating to seemingly show off that you've moved on? Are you more focused on what others think rather than who you're actually dating? When you think about your ex are you able to wish him well despite what you've been through? Do you always talk about your ex with your new guy? Are you focused on making comparisons between your new guy and your ex? Do you still feel lonely or sad even when you are with your new guy? Seek support from friends and family. Before you try to figure out if the new guy is your next best thing, talk with people that you trust.

    Get their advice about what they've been through after a relationship ends. They may help you to understand the situation better. Don't feel like you're worthless or unlovable just because of this break-up. Everyone has had some kind of loss before. You're not alone. Make an active choice to find true friends rather than just another relationship. Avoid clinging onto someone new to make you feel better about yourself. Friends who care about you will be more reliable and supportive during a difficult time. Method 2.

    Evaluate your social media use.

    How to tell if you're rebounding or ready for a new relationship

    In our modern age, ending a relationship may still have loose ends with regards to social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you're still "friends" with your ex via social media, assess how often you find yourself on their feed. Are you constantly checking on what they're doing? Social media sites often give false impressions of real life. They tend to focus on the positive, happy times.

    But real life is not what's on Instagram. Avoid spending time looking at your ex's feed or the feeds of your ex's friends.

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    If you can't be present with your new guy, you're likely still hung up on the old one. I have had instances where I believed I would never date again. And times when mere weeks after a break-up I fell hard for someone new who I assumed because of the time frame would turn out to be a rebound fling and instead became my boyfriend for two years. Danielle Sepulveres December 31, am. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. By Danielle Sepulveres. Popular in Love and Other Near Disasters. Close Share options.