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  7. USA | 1928 | 102 min |.

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Street Angel (1928)

May 1, Street-Angel submitted a deviation. Hibanacon 2 : Second Stage Badge Art badge uk art hibanacon convention. It is a canonized leftist film combining Hollywood and Soviet film techniques with traditional Chinese narrative arts. Scholar Laikwan Pang argues that there are traces of Soviet influence in Street Angel such as the excessive use of quick cuts of close-ups and the opening sequence.

These techniques are often seen in other classic films such as City Scenes , Dushi fengguang in Praised for its portrayal of the downtrodden in Shanghai at the time of its release, Street Angel is now considered one of the classics of the "leftist" filmmaking period that reached its peak in the s. During the s, Chinese filmmakers were inclined to view cinema as a western invention.

Music Box Theatre

Despite this view, filmmakers felt the need to incorporate indigenous and cultural elements that would be deemed more appropriate for Chinese audiences, mostly through the form of music. As one of the early sound films in China, Street Angel is often praised for its innovative use of music, as well as its unique mix of melodrama and comedy.

One sequence in particular, where Xiao Chen and his friends attempt to act as barbers, reveals a moment of slapstick or physical comedy in the otherwise dreary third act.

There are also several musical interludes, sung by Zhou Xuan Xiao Hong. Sung by star Zhou Xuan, these songs became popular and are still recognized as expressions of the turbulent s era of Chinese history, two of the most famous songs in modern Chinese culture. The use of these popular songs, amongst other popular songs of its time, were used to express and emphasize national Chinese characteristics, distinguishing itself from the West.

Street Angel

In doing so, the film describes the suffering of the people at the time. Because the footage was played alongside the performance of a love song, the film was able to deliver a message condemning the Japanese invasion without arousing the censors. According to scholar Jean Ma, the differences in the two songs present two different fates for Xiao Hong.

She could become either the possession of the wealthy teahouse client or the lover of the poor musician. There are also differences in the film's thematic articulation of the songs as Xiao Hong offers her values and affections in her performance of "The Wandering Songstress", but she shows more resistance in her performance of the "Song of the Four Seasons".

Street Angel (1928), by Frank Borzage (Full Movie)

Street Angels mimics street theatre with its primary focus placed on windows and balconies demonstrating a constant interaction between interior and exterior spaces. Street Angels like other movies of this time period place an emphasis on realistic setting.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mingxing Film Company. Cinema Journal.