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If she slips up, even in the slightest, it will create a scandal. Scarlett must keep her wild side under wraps, well that is until they are safe in their hotel room.

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Product Details. Average Review. I am standing in a position to run away from the blaring flashing police lights, inject this man in the neck with the so called needle he had venomized prior handing it over to me in the first place. Inject it into his neck, which could have taken away my troubles and fled the scene. To my surprise my high failed me miserably. I collapsed on the nearby corner.

The police caught up with me.

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One handcuffing me, while shoving me in the back of the vehicle and sitting next to me holding my calm. The other two in the front seats, blocked of by metal bars as though I am a vicious dog trying to break free. Waking up to a glorious hangover, with a sudden thud of a door slamming behind me. Finding myself lost in a dark room with only a speck of light peeking through from beneath the door. The air is thick and closing in on me. Feeling my lungs consume with the bittersweet taste of wet and cold mold. Knocking over a plastic bottle of fluid as I struggle to lift myself off this spongy object I have appeared to have slept on the night before.

Where am I? Thinking to myself as the shuffling of feet trespass from outside the door.

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Pulling myself towards it, I bang on the heavy metal door and hurt my wrist in the process. And who the hell does he think he is? His large bulky body blocks my path and suddenly he shoves me back to the cradle where I laid the night before, while locking the door behind him. Unable to physically see anything as I lift my head, I hear him unbuckle his belt of his pants. Suddenly it had been pulled off and swung at me, leaving only just a few inches of my face I was able to protect it, by lifting my hands and bending over the belt comes slapping against my back, the second time.

Are my hallucinations going off on me right now? Questioning my every move.

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I need to scream, the burning sensation on my back is literally killing me. All I see is pure darkness, sweating in buckets and vomiting my lungs out. My head is pulsating with pain and all I could think of is missing home. Dreaming of how life would be if he was still here and how innocent I would have been. I am consumed with everything I have ever told him, yet I wake up flooded with tears.

Unable to understand why this sad excuse of a man continues to scream at me. Clearly my emotions are all over the place, because I know why I fell into this trap in the first place. Search Search. Fandoms More Fandoms. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack!