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Martin S. His commitment to the investigation of the workings of motion has led to the development of fluoroscopy. In turn, this research generated a vast collection of X-ray movies of animals in motion at the Institute.

Weimar – Goethe, Schiller & Co

His findings on the locomotion of animals, especially that of dogs, have had considerable influence on the way it is viewed in veterinary medicine. The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is the only traditional university in the German state of Thuringia with 10 faculties covering all disciplines.

It was founded in and today offers a broad range of almost different study programmes ranging from archaeology to Studies in Economics. The student body comprises about 18, students who, in various rankings and studies, have time and again born testimony to the good academic and study conditions at their university. The Friedrich Schiller University is characterized by high and strong research dynamics. It has been a long tradition at the university to work interdisciplinarily, and close cooperation with non-university research institutions and the industry have always had great importance.

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  • Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena).

Special attention and support is given to young scientists and academics at the University of Jena. With it's nationwide recognized Graduate Academy, the Friedrich Schiller University puts great emphasis on optimal qualifications and the highest possible quality standards. The more than cooperation agreements with universities around the world underline the international orientation of the Friedrich Schiller University who has also been able to build up a reputation of preserving culture thanks to its 42 collections and museums.

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Source: University of Jena. Looking at bones, joints or muscles, their function is not necessarily clear from their form. In this video, he explains how locomotion, how animals and humans move, influences all locomotor operators. To examine the function of form the researchers need to study form during motion. This gives them the opportunity to study the three-dimensional function of limbs.

Their findings have multiple implications, for instance in the development of treatments in veterinary medicine. Embedded video code.

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Publication Researcher Institution Beyond. Area of Research Evolutionary Biology. Academic and Professional Positions. Andrada, L. Reinhardt, K. Lucas and Martin S. Get Full Access. In post-World War II Germany, the tune carried with it the stigma of its Nazi patronage, until a remarkable cleansing occurred. The piece chosen was Ninth Symphony, with one little alteration: freude joy was replaced by freiheit freedom. Some say the song caught on there during World War I, when German prisoners of war staged a performance of the Ninth.

Whatever its origins, it has become a holiday tradition there, to the extent that a 10,strong Number Nine Chorus gathers every year in Osaka to perform it. We may never find out why our unknown singer in Munich decided to use it as shorthand for his feelings at that moment. Maybe it was because the tune has been the European anthem since Or, just maybe, he was hoping that there would be a few among those who had just arrived in a strange land who recognized the tune and felt more at home.

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