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I am such a good boy; I don't need a crate and am potty trained! What do you say? Is there room on your couch and in your heart for this 31lb love bug? Bain here and I am on a top secret mission: find my forever home! I am looking for some place that will allow me to run off some of this energy, so a fenced in yard or a super active person would be great!

I am good with other dogs so a fur sibling or two would work! I am crate and house trained too! I am a snuggly guy waiting on that someone who will help me close this mission! Hi, I am Buddy. I am potty trained and do not require a crate! I mostly like to lay around on a nice, soft bed unless I am running the fence playing with the neighbor dog. I do well with other dogs I live with 2 others right now and love running the fence with the neighbor dog but I would prefer not to have a puppy that jumps on me a lot. I do not do well with cats.

I do okay with kids but would prefer a home with older children who would respect my boundaries. I only bark when I am playing with the neighbor dog or if I want to come back inside after playing. I do well in the car. I just need a soft place to lay my head for the remainder of my years, and I'm hoping your couch is that place! Brilliant, Beautiful, Bindy! That would be me! I am a two year old Lab mix.

I tip that scale at 41lbs. My favorite things to do are playing, running in the yard with a privacy fence , riding in the car, snuggling, and going on walks! I also love to please my humans. I am a smart cookie and have graduated from the prison program. This program teaches me all kinds of tricks as well as how to be the best companion ever!

My forever home will need to be willing to practice these tricks so I do not forget any! I am great with kids and other dogs. You can never go wrong with adopting a brilliant dog like me! Dog Young Female Medium Boxer. Who couldn't use a goofy girl in their life? All you have to do is click that adopt me button and we could be forever friends but first let me tell you about me! I am Jade! I am a 9 month old, 50lb Boxer mix! I love to give kisses and play with my toys!

I would be great in a home with another dog and cats! I will need a home without small kiddos. I graduated from the prison training program, and while there I learned all kinds of tricks! I have a lot of energy and will need a privacy fenced in yard! I would love an active human or humans to help burn my energy too! I cannot wait to fill your home with goofy moments and love!

I know all the basic training necessary to make a great companion. I will need a family willing to continue my training, I sure don't want to forget all that I'm learning! What if I told you that happiness was only a click away? That I could be yours forever as soon as the adoption is final! I know sounds great! I am Duke Benjamin! As soon as you meet me, your life will never be the same. I am a 43lb, American Staffordshire terrier.

I am 4 years old and only get cuter with age! I love to go on long walks and give hugs! Snuggling is another thing I just can't seem to get enough of! I am good with kids but am looking to be an only fur child! I am such a smart boy and am house and crate trained. I am a quirky guy who is ready to find that forever home everyone keeps talking about! Are you ready to click your way into forever happiness? You will need to start with "Adopt Me! Dog Young Male Medium Pointer. You need to be quick. Go ahead and apply for me, Rick! I am a two year old pointer mix. I must say I am about as handsome as they come!

My absolute favorite things to do are spending time with my humans and playing with my toys! It really doesn't get better than that, does it? I would love someone who will be active with me! We could go out in our privacy fenced in yard and play fetch until the sun goes down. I love to chase birds and think I could rock going hunting for them! I will just need a bit more training. It would even be great to have another dog to play with us but please no pesky cats. They don't seem to like to play our dog games. I am crate and house trained!

Now that you know more about me, I'm sure it's an easy pick! Remember my name is Rick! Here is a quick word from prison I am in here learning a lot of neat tricks that I cannot wait to show you : Rick as I said is one of the most happiest souls I have had the pleasure to meet. He is a contagious happy and smiles guy.

He greets everyone like they are the most important person in the world and brings out more smiles, I wish I could bottle him and spread him all around. What a great world it would be If only I could view the world through the eyes of Rick. Everyone loves him! Rick is doing wonderful, he is social, friendly and confident. Hey there! My name is Osiris. I am a one year old catahoula hound mix weighing in at about 60 pounds. I am a playful, energetic pup who is busy learning my manners and commands all while having a good time.

I am house trained and mostly crate trained. I would love a backyard to play in with a furry brother or sister. I am good with kids, in fact I think they are a lot of fun. So if you think you can find the diamond in me, fill out that application! I have my head in the game and am focusing on one goal! That is to make you fill out that application! Coach has put me in and I am ready to play the most important match of my life!

My name is Finn and my number is I was drafted as a lab mix. I am the perfect midfielder at 45lbs. I am looking for a teammate with another dog and no young kids. Felines are fine as long as they are dog savvy! Those things are crazy looking. I have already tackled and won against house training! I have a few tricks up my sleeve too!

I can sit, stay, leave it and wait! I like to use these as an advantage to make my human extra happy! When I am not on the forever home pitch, I like to play fetch, tug-of-war and show off my leash skills, just to keep me my figure! I don't want to brag but I am the tug-of-war champion in my foster home! I am looking for a fenced in playing field so no apartments. I am currently looking for my forever best friend and I sure hope it is you! My name is Audrey! I am a 9 year old, 55lb Heeler mix.

Even though I am considered a senior, I still have many miles left in me!

I love to be active. I am good with other dogs but I don't need one in my forever home. I had a growth removed from my hip. The vet says it came out clean, but a recurrence is not impossible, and bears watching. She was not sure if it was cancerous or not. Fill out that app and I promise the years will go by, and our friendship will never die! Dog Adult Male Large Mastiff.

I don't want to be late! I am Tate and I am looking for a forever date to love me always! I caught you just in time. Get ready to hear about your new furry 4-legged mate I am a handsome 2. I am a sweet boy who is looking for someone to have some cuddles and adventures with! I worked hard on my training in the Pups for Parole program, and graduated with honors. I am house and crate trained. I would love to be the only apple in your eye so no other dogs please! I will be graduating with my basic manners and obedience.

Pretty cool, right? I would love an active home where I could come along for some fun. I can see us hitting up the parks, some hiking trails, and of course the couch. Oh we are going to have such a fabulous life together! Ok, you can go ahead and fill out that application now. This is going to be so great! Dog Senior Male Large Husky.

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Hi my name is Kugo! I am a Husky mix with a lot of love to give. I really love to cuddle and play with other dogs! I know how to sit and not to pull on my leash when we are walking. I am great around kiddos but I have not had the pleasure of meeting a cat yet. I am potty trained and also enjoy spending time in my kennel.

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I am an older dog, 9 years old. I am still very playful and I love to fetch and play with ropes. I only eat grain free foods because of a food allergy. I have some spots where my fur is still growing back but I am still pretty handsome and I just keep getting cuter! Dog Adult Male Medium Collie.

Why so serious? Your new best friend, Joker, is just a click away! I may be named after a villain but there is nothing but good in this heart of mine!


I am a six year old Collie mix. I love to hang out with my human! I am quite the social butterfly. I am good with cats and people but can be picky with my dog friends! Nothing against them but a home without another canine would be best! I am a smart boy too! I am next in line to graduate the Pups for Parole program. They have taught me so many neat tricks! I am also house and crate trained! I am ready to hear the click that will start our forever! Let us put a smile on that face!

I will be available for adoption once I graduate in a few weeks, but you can apply for me now! Upon graduation, I will have all the basic training necessary to make a great companion. Dog Young Male Medium Hound. Who is a 60 pound, 11 month old ball of furry fun? Who is anxiously awaiting his forever family to come find him? The answer to all of these questions is me!

I am a lover of all-dogs, adults, and kids. But I am a smart boy who is eager to please my people. I would love a big back yard to run around in, no apartment living for me. Hopefully my family will take me on walks, runs, or even hikes. I am up for all of it! I am house trained, mastering the crate training bit, and working on leash skills. I cannot wait to get to know you! My name is Wendy and I am a female black cat with some specs of white. I'm a fun loving gal who will always pick cuddling up with pets over anything.

My likes consist of being petted, brushing up against humans to get pets, and snuggling while you're sleeping to be loved on. I may need some time to warm up but once I do there's no stopping us. So won't you take me home so we can get to know each other better? My adoption fee is sponsored. Fill out an application at rescueonespringfield. I am Artemis, a pretty pitty girl. I have been blessing this world with my presence for 2 years and am 40lbs. I am a smart girl, knowing how to sit and am house and crate trained!

I have a lot of energy so being able to run around a fenced in yard would be ideal! I am a playful girl and would love to have a playful fur sibling! I am telling you, we would be great friends! Just fill out that application now! Dog Young Male Medium Beagle. You're a sweet one, Mr.

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Grinch and I totally am a sweetheart! I am a 9 month old, 46lb. I am enlisted in some puppy trainings; where to potty , and loving the crate I am a smart fella so this will be a breeze! I have these cool roommates that are other dogs! They are so much fun! I am needing a fenced in yard so no pesky apartments please! I am loving the good life and cannot wait to share it with you! I'm bringing my A-game! I'm Ellen, an 8 year old, 60 pound lab mix and I'm looking for a forever family to do victory laps with!

I have great etiquette, am house trained, crate trained, and know how to sit and lay down. I only have 3 feet but it doesn't slow me down at all! I enjoy going on walks, playing, and snuggling with my humans. I have the energy of all those young pups out there! I do well with cats, as long as they don't mind me getting in their zone to give them kisses, and older, respectful kids. I am looking to have only one other calm, submissive doggy friend in my home. If you're ready to swing into the new year with this ace then fill out your app now!

Everyone is crazy over Kaya! Mostly because I am a 2 year old, 53lb. I was busted out of animal control by my new peeps here at Rescue One and I am never looking back! I've got my eyes on the future. I see a big fenced yard, tons of games of fetch I'm really good at fetch by the way , a best friend to go on fun walks and hikes with, and then snuggles up on the couch while we take a little snooze. I am a fabulous girl who is house trained and working on my crate training.

I don't like to spend a long time without my buds so I would really like a forever best bud who is not gone very long during the day. I am good with cats, other dogs and older kiddos! I'm telling you, I'm a fun, energetic, super loving girl who is ready to bring a lifetime of smiles your way! Dog, Adult, Female, Small Chihuahua. Dog Adult Female Small Chihuahua. Hear yee, hear yee the princess has arrived!

Well my name really is Princess Angel, to be exact! I am a 3 year old Chihuahua mix! I am looking for my palace that is kid free but other fur babies are fine! My royal family will need to be okay with taking me out on a leash especially when it is cold out! I am needing a family who will have patience with me as it can take me a bit to warm up to all the residents in the home!

If you would like to add this princess to your castle, fill out the application today! Dog Young Male Medium Boxer. I'm a 30 pound, 8 month old boxer mix, and I would love to be your newest best friend! I'm new to the good life and I'm still a bit shy so I am hoping my new family can help me learn about how great life can be! I'm working really hard on potty training and crate training and so far it's going really well! I get along well with others- cats and dogs! In fact, I'd really love to have a fur sibling to play with and help me gain confidence as well as a fenced in yard so I can run and play.

Our Current Adoptables – Rescue One

I would do fine with kids too! What are you waiting for? Put in an app for me so we can start our adventure already!!! The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, and the wind is blowing through my hair! I'm thinking about the perfect day when I get to meet you! Hi, I'm Chewy! I'm crate trained and leash trained. I get along well with other dogs too! I absolutely love my squeaky toy and I want to take it everywhere I go!

I would love an active family and a fenced in yard to run and play fetch with you! I can be a bit shy when I first meet people but once I get to know you, I'll be your best playful cuddle bug! If you're looking for a pup who can make each day better than the day before then I'm your pal! Fill out an app now so we can start snuggling!!! Searching for my forever bud aka the Rossi Posse!

To hold the title of Rossi Posse President for life, one must understand what an awesome privilege it is! I am such a wonderful fella! I am house trained and even know how to "sit" and "lay down. I'm a smart boy who is eager to please my posse. I am very nervous and timid at first, but once I am comfortable with you, it's all play-time and snuggles. I am going to need someone who will work on socializing me and exposing me to new things. I want a strong, loving leader to help me gain confidence as we go on our adventures through life together.

Because I can be a bit nervous at first, I need a home with a privacy fence so I can stay safe and have some fun with my buds in the yard. I am good with large dogs and cats. I actually would prefer a home where I can have a submissive, playful dog sibling! I think a home with children or teens may be too chaotic for me right now, so I would like a calmer household to call my own.

I am a fun, playful guy who is also a hardcore fan of naps. If you would like the honor of joining the Rossi Posse and loving me forever and ever, fill out that adoption application! Why are dogs like phones? Because they have collar IDs!!! Ok, ok, so I may not be the best at telling jokes but I'm pretty great at winning hearts! I want to be the reason you laugh and smile! I may be small now but soon I'll grow up to be a medium-sized pup! I really love to run and play and snuggle the days away! I hope you like to play too! I'm still trying to figure out this house training so I'll need you to be patient with me and teach me the ropes!

I am already crate trained. I'm pretty special if I do say so myself! Barnaby Jones here and I've got a case to solve I'm a 5 year old, 43lb. In order to solve this case, I need your help. The clues I have so far are as follows I need a lot of help building my confidence. Right now, I 'm a pretty nervous fella, but I do love kids. I am good on a leash and would love to show you on some walks. I am potty trained and crate trained! My best friend will have a nice fenced in yard! After spending a year on concrete floors at the pound, I am loving the feeling of the grass under my paws and my back as I roll around and explore.

I may be a bit timid, but I am also very affectionate once I'm comfortable. I am a sweet, fun boy who needs a forever best friend to adore me, teach me, play with me, understand me, and include me. I know my life just got pretty great, but with my best friend by my side, it will be amazing! Dog Adult Male Medium Terrier.

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After spending a long time living on my own my heroes finally coaxed me in to the trap and let me tell you Well, besides dogs. I am a 3 year old, 45 lbs wiggle-butt as my foster mom likes to call me. I'm very submissive, not one to fight or react to confrontation at all. Right now I'm still working on overcoming my fears from the time I lived on the streets but I learn quickly especially being around other dogs which is why I really need fur-siblings to show me it's ok to be a normal dog!

Since I love to be outside so much I do need a fenced in yard, too! Will you be my hero and best friend for life?? You know that feeling in the morning, when you take the first sip of coffee and you feel like you can conquer the world? Well that is exactly how I am going to feel, as soon as you adopt me! My name is Mocha! I am a beautiful 7 month old Aussie mix! I am a smart gal and know all my basic commands! I am even house trained! I am the perfect lady when left out of the crate when you leave, but would prefer someone home a lot!

I need a calm and quiet home. I can be extremely fearful of strangers and will need time to warm up to you. I promise though we will become best friends soon! I would love a home with another dog as long as they are submissive! Of course we would need a big yard to run and play in as well! No apartment living for me; I want my own yard!

My forever home would need be free of small kids. Are you ready to conquer this thing called forever? Sweetest of the sweet could be yours to keep! My name is Dulce and I am a 3 year old, 40lb. I LOVE people. You guys just make me so happy! I cannot help but wiggle my little booty and follow you to the moon and back! I am a smartie and very attentive.

I have this house training stuff down. I am working hard on getting the crate training down. I even know some basic commands! I get along with kids, cats, and other dogs! I will just need proper intros with the fur siblings. I'm a true lover, but I am a bit shy at first. Once I relax, it's all cuddles, snuggles, and sunshine! Ready to show me the sweet life? Fill out that adoption application! Dog, Senior, Female, Medium Shepherd. Dog Senior Female Medium Shepherd. I am hoping my bestie is you!

My heart is just as big as any ole pup! I am known as a shepherd mix. I am such a smart gal! I know sit, lay down, and speak! I know I sound like a great catch but there is more! I am also amazing with other dogs and need a fenced in yard! I am looking for a home without small kids. I know what you are thinking, forever cannot start quick enough but it can as soon as you fill out the application!

I will be waiting! Dog, Young, Female, Medium Shepherd. Dog Young Female Medium Shepherd. My name is Reece and I am ready to hop on into your heart! I am a beautiful two year old Shepherd mix. I weigh 42lbs and every pound is just as sweet as the next! Seriously though I am a sweetheart through and through. I am also very playful and great with other dogs my size or smaller and kids! However I will be looking for a home free of cats.

I am one smart cookie too! I know some cool commands like sit, come, and crate! That is right, I am crate trained and house trained! I am Cowboy Red! I am looking for my forever partner! I am a three year old red Heeler mix. I am a handsome medium sized fella weighing 36 lbs. I can be good with other dogs but will need proper introductions. I am working on my basic commands!

I know sit already! I am the perfect gentleman on a leash and love to be around my humans. I am currently being treated for those things called heart worms I will be ready in about 2 months! I am hoping to find those forever people to ride off into the sunset set with. I'm definitely a keeper! My name is Kaytie and I am sure to soon be crazy over you! I'm a 5 year old, 80lb. Once I am comfortable, I'm loyal and loving! I do want my new forever human to show me they can handle being the leader of the pack and I can just be a dog and relax.

I am very sweet, but I can also be protective. I am incredibly smart and would love to learn more fun things with you. I already know how to sit and shake. I even have that house training stuff down, too! I do not require a crate! I am not a good friend for cats or other dogs. I just want all your love all the time! I would be tail-wagging happy if I got to live in a home with a 6ft privacy fence. Little kids seem to be too much for me right now, but I may be ok with older respectful children in a fairly calm home.

I enjoy spending most of my day chilling on the bed just hanging out. My forever best friend is someone who is strong, has lots of patience, and is over-flowing with love for me. What do you think? Can you see a spot in your kind-heart for sweet Kaytie? Friendly, fabulous, Floki! I am a handsome 9 month old guy, ready to steal some hearts! I am a Border Collie mix and weigh around 40lbs. While I am fabulous with other dogs, I would be great as your one and only fur baby! I like kids and think my forever home could have at least one! I am already house and crate trained! I can be a shy guy but I just know once I come out of my shell, we would be best friends forever!

Shimmer and shine, it is time to make you mine!! My name is Shimma and I am ready for my forever home! I am a pretty pitty mix. I am 30lbs with love in every ounce but at 6 months old, I will get a bit bigger! I am great with other dogs but am asking for no cats in my forever home. I am working on learning my commands, house training and crate training. Add a little Shimma to your life and fill out your application! I am looking for that forever kind of love I am Bear! I can be your teddy bear, sugar bear, and snuggle bear!

I am a handsome two year old Heeler mix. I weigh about 60lbs. I can be a bit leery of strangers especially men at first but once I know you are good people, let the snuggles begin! I am great with other dogs but would need a home without cats. I would love a big fenced in yard to run around in! I am house trained and crate trained. I know a few commands and am working on more! I am ready for my forever love! I really hope that is you! Move over Naomi Campbell My name also happens to be Naomi but I'm way more awesome than that other Naomi.

I'm a beautiful, 2 year old, 50lb. I am more than just good looks; I'm a quick learning cutie pie. I am great on a leash although I do not want to live in any apartments I know some basic commands like "sit" and "down. I'm a delightful little social butterfly and I get along well with other dogs and respectful children. I love people! I need my forever best friends to be a fun, active family who will take me along for all their adventures! If you think you can cut it as my entourage and handle my instagram, please put in an application for me and my people will get back to you.

Kisses, Naomi! It sounds like you are in trouble Lucky for you I am here! I am Carebear and I would love to be your forever friend! I am a large guy at 70lbs. I am a cuddly Great Pyrenees mix when inside the house but once I am outside I am playful and energetic! I would love to have another dog friend to play with in our securely fenced in yard. I am house and crate trained too! This one year old guy is ready to take all your troubles away Dog Young Female Medium Husky.

You just found your forever bestie! I am Myka! I am looking to be your one and only fur baby! Other dogs are cool but I want all of your snuggles and love! I am great with dog savvy cats. I am a smart gal who is house trained and working diligently on crate training. I am perfect on the leash. I will go in my crate but love to talk to you once I am inside. It is a Husky thing I am two years old and about 40lbs. I will need a privacy fence so no apartments please. A girl has to maintain her summer body somehow right?!?

If you believe in magic and forever, fill out the app today! Spring into love when you adopt me, Willow! I am a gorgeous two year old French Foxhound mix! I am around 60lbs of love! I am an energetic pup so a fence would be great! I am perfect on a leash though so it is not required as long as walks are involved. As long as I get some time with you and the great outdoors, I will be a happy pup! I would love a home with some older kids and another male dog that is my size or bigger!

The smell of love is in the air, or maybe that is just your application heading this way! Magnificent, musical, Matilda! That is me! I am a cute little year old Boxer mix, if I do say so myself. I am around 60lbs and I am pretty sure every pound is full of love. I love kids and other dogs! I will need an active home and a fenced in yard! An apartment could be okay as long as we take a lot of walks! I am crate and house trained.

I do have some work to do on my leash training but it is a working progress! I know all my basic commands. I am ready for our forever to start now! Fill out the application and let the snuggles begin! Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting my forever home! My name is Elmer and I am 4 month old Shar Pei mix. I love to cuddle and am super mellow. Being just a young pup means I am looking for a family to help teach me the ways of puppyhood! I will need training on house manners. I am good on a leash.

I do have the crate and house training down though! I am great with other dogs and cats! I need a home with another dog and a fence. Now if you will be vewy vewy quiet and fill out that app, you would make me the happiest pup ever! My name is Fudd! I am here to catch that thing called a forever home! I am a handsome 3 month old wiggle butt mixed with a little Shar Pei! I will need a forever home full of love and patience! I am after all learning about house manners!

I have mastered crate and house training though! I am hoping for a family full of cuddles too!

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I am great with other dogs and cats. I need a home with another dog and a fenced in yard. Now who is ready for some puppy breath?!?! You would be nutty to not make me your forever buddy! I am Snickerz, a handsome 13 year old Yorkie! I am on the small size at 11lbs. I have lost a lot of my teeth and my vision isn't what it used to be but I have a lot of love and snuggles to give! I am house trained and do not require a crate! I get along great with other calm dogs. I would love a yard to explore with you, of course!

So do not be nutty, make this senior guy your buddy! Dashing Dixon here looking for my forever home! I am a year old Bassador ready to change the lives of my forever family! I am only 35lbs and I believe it is all filled with love. I have enough energy to go around and will need a family as active as I am! If you have a fenced in yard, it will need to be privacy, but I could even do okay in an apartment I am house trained and working on crate training! So far I have not met a creature I did not like Could I be the missing piece to make life complete?

Fill out an application today! Dog, Young, Female, Large Shepherd. Dog Young Female Large Shepherd. I am Eleanor, a beautiful year old Shepherd mix. I am a 75lb gal but am needing to gain a few. I am a sweetheart and get along with other dogs and cats! I have a medium energy level right now but I am on kennel rest. I have those things called heartworms I know but I am getting treatment! I will be finished with all that around the end of June!

I am looking for a home with a fence! I could do an apartment if the family is active! You need to fill out the application so we can start cuddling until the end of time! My name is Sam. I also go by "Sam I am. I am a young brown tabby. I have stubby legs, they tell me I won't be tall. I am a schmoozer, I love scratches on my head. JoJo returned to public school briefly, attending third grade for a semester, and it was just enough time for her to figure out the basis of her entire brand: PeaceOutHaterz.

Seeing the student crying at a party later that year, though, changed her. JoJo returned to home-schooling, and soon after, the Siwas relaunched their original mission: stardom. Unbeknownst to JoJo, Jessalyn submitted tapes of her dancing. The reality competition gave them a taste of fame, but the Siwa women wanted more. JoJo loved being on set every day, seeing how a television series was made. On Dance Moms , the behind-the-scenes drama between the imperious stage parents was the center of the series, and like her daughter, Jessalyn became a controversial figure for her cocksure, competitive nature.

On TV, she declared the type of ruthless, fame-hungry thoughts typically left unsaid in Omaha audition waiting rooms, bluntly telling the other moms and dancers when JoJo had bested them during competitions. She let viewers into her life as a touring competitive dancer, answering fan questions with total openness and embracing viral food challenges like other kids her age. Simultaneously, JoJo and Jessalyn grew even closer. The family reunited in after Jayden finished high school to live in the colorful Sherman Oaks home. The move out west and early reality-TV fame were always meant to be a springboard for bigger and better things.

While Siwa dominated the stage and reality television, Caryn Sterling, her current manager, was building what she saw as the unique skill set needed to make the dancer into what she is now. Jessalyn and JoJo met Sterling in spring At the time, Sterling was selling jewelry created by her daughter.

She also had a signature look: the bows and the Lisa Frank-esque color-vomit fashion sense. Siwa just happened to be pitched right when brands, networks, and record labels were learning that the young audiences they were hungry to attract were looking more and more toward social media. She was just beginning to make her mark. Along with dancing, it has remained a constant in her career. She asked H. Nickelodeon was noticing a similar trend during its consumer products research. At Disney, near-hits like Zendaya and Bella Thorne became better known outside of their work with the once-vital teen star machine.

Nickelodeon began trafficking in nostalgia, acquiring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and turning the hit film School of Rock into a television series. Like any good influencer in this age, the wearable items are mass-produced versions of what she wears onscreen and onstage. She lives, breathes, and literally drinks her own brand. I watch everything with hawk eyes. Even with her Nickelodeon product deal, Siwa was technically a free agent and appeared on shows across both Nick and Disney until March , when she finally signed an overall talent deal with Nickelodeon. Siwa, instead, functions like a saleswoman, proving to the world that the teen dream machine is alive, well and, most importantly, keeping up.

Programming her own channel also means she can tackle controversies surrounding her business ventures head-on. She addressed the issue semi-professionally, kicking things off with some ill-advised laughter. The first time Nickelodeon wanted to have a meeting, they asked Jessalynn to come without JoJo. The duo have vowed for full business transparency, meaning that no meetings are taken without both mom and daughter present.

As Kaufman recalls of that first meeting, JoJo sat at the head of the table, taking photos of each slide. She wants to understand why one T-shirt sold better than another. She thought this was so important, how these decisions were gonna get made, that she called. We had a conference call with JoJo, the designer and the director, Nickelodeon, and ourselves. We talked through each and every one. And she built that by being herself.

Small changes are already being made to help her grow up as needed; her stylist has started introducing touches of black to her wardrobe. Since her first viewing, she has watched the film nine times. Kids, when he was in school, called him Bucky because of his teeth.

To me, he was perfect, and I would love him, and I would be his best friend if he was still here today.